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October 15, 2018


Learn? Not from her,

i'm pretty sure she didn't make up the numbers that went into that graph

I left out SS. I believe in means testing social security, including tiered payments.


Marty: I am not in favor of single payer for everyone, I am in favor of means tested Medicare as a solution for covering 100% of citizens.

"Means-testing" requires some sort of documentation, and some sort of bureaucracy to review it. Your "means" are not as straightforward to verify as your age. Is Marty advocating FOR more bureaucracy?

An age-independent Medicare "buy-in" option would be much less bureaucratic, but it of course sounds too much like a "public option", which would hurt the fee-fees of free-marketeers as well as the profits of their beloved insurance companies.

I am opposed to the sledge hammer Consumer regulations put in place by the Obama administration. Reasonable protections are fine, saving stupid, greedy people from themselves is not our job. In fact, the myth of government protection tends to exacerbate most peoples gullibility.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation allowed people to be "gullible" enough to NOT rush to withdraw their bank deposits at the first sign of trouble. But surely FDIC is "reasonable", while anti-usury efforts are not, since only "stupid, greedy people" fall prey to slick Free Market "financial engineers".

I am not against all environmental protections, nor is any Republican I know.

You should get out more.

I believe in the requirement for a picture id to vote, I do believe the state id required should be free if not a drivers license

So, no vote-by-mail, and absentee ballots have to be obtained in person. Anyway, how would you get the Red States to hand out free IDs to everybody? By statute, or by Amendment?

I will go Marty one better and advocate for a National ID Card, without which you would not only be barred from voting but from buying a gun, opening a bank account, renting a car, or even (to make the god-botherers happy) getting an abortion.

I am not a huge proponent of special circumstance sentencing, if the tougher sentence is appropriate it is appropriate to protect everyone.

Random graffiti on a park bench, random graffiti on a synagogue, swastikas on a park bench, and swastikas on a synagogue are all simple vandalism, right?

Oh, well, I know I'm just wasting pixels. Asking Marty to "learn something" is like asking water to flow uphill: first you have to pressurize it, then you have to shove it through a narrow pipe. Which is hard to do across the internet.


"I am not against all environmental protections, nor is any Republican I know."

mp doesn't know Mohammed bin Salman either

Neither of us knew Teddy Roosevelt.

He was a Progressive RINO. Alive today and the republican Bundys, Inhofes, Cruz's, Barrasso' and Lee's of the vermin underworld would shoot him in the head.

Tell me republicans favor environmental regulation at the local level.

Bullshit. They stand athwart all regulation, the easier to shoot them in the balls.

Yeah hsh, I also believe we should expand ss so it is an actual means tested retirement plan.

Essentially, I believe we should ensure a reasonable standard of living for every child and every senior. Discuss reasonable.

Essentially, I believe we should ensure a reasonable standard of living for every child and every senior. Discuss reasonable.

Admirable. But in practice this could be more easily accomplished via the taxing power.

How's this....every Republican should be required to pee in a cup to get their hands on a ballot.

Reasonable protections are fine

Discuss reasonable.

If you want SS to continue as a program that keeps a lot of people who are past their working age out of poverty, then you should not support (R)'s. They want to either eliminate it, or scale it back to a point where that goal will not be met.

"We don't have the money!". We don't have the money because we pissed it away. And we don't have the money because every time the (R)'s gain sufficient power, they blow up the budget so that the nation sinks deeper and deeper and deeper into debt.

So, some people get tax cuts, and some special people get really really big tax cuts, and within a month or two (R) leadership begins the chant of "entitlement reform" - because the national debt is rising.

Because, wars and tax cuts.

It's fine to talk about what you want and don't want on a blog. The people you support will be happy to see millions of people reduced to poverty.

So, maybe stop supporting them.

"Essentially, I believe we should ensure a reasonable standard of living for every child and every senior. Discuss reasonable."

Send one case of Ensure annually to every man, woman and child in the country.

Give mp his customary cut to refurbish the gold leaf on his shitter.

One case for ALL of them. Sell tickets to the biting and kicking scrum over the single case and send the revenue to Lockheed Martin.

Also, let Sheldon Adelson, AMWAY, and the Devos family act as middlemen distributors for the single case. Don't tax the markups, which will ensure the 24 bottles in the case will be sold for steep markups in the black market and the bottles be refilled with republican piss for the intended beneficiaries.

That's the conservative discussion.

Tomorrow we'll discuss the American options.

..there is almost no policy solution the Democrats offer that doesn't cripple our economic and international security over time.

I don't expect us to agree on policy Marty, but "over time" democracy can do its best on that. Right now, you have a President who is crippling the international security of the US every day he remains in office. Every foreign government knows what Trump is and what sort of Party he leads. They know not to share secrets with the US, because Trump may not keep them secret. Worse, they know never again to share a secret with the US, lest another Trump be elected. The only way to rescue the situation is to reform the Republican Party so that such a disaster can never happen again. Starting now.

Trump has done a bang-up job of showing the world that the US really shouldn't be trusted on anything. because so much power is in the hands of the President and the US election system is vulnerable to spasms of idiocy from the Stupid Party, other countries can't even could on continuity of policy from us. (but remember, BUSINESSES HATE UNCERTAINTY DERPDERPDERP)

Putin got his wish: Trump fucked us, globally.

thanks GOP, you're the best.

now go soak your head.

Karen Housley, republican racist c*ck, looks to the alpha chimp for something more than sex:

Housley's platform, made of leaves and sticks and her own feces:

Housley, unavailable for comment and requiring extensive time to scratch her monkey ass, sends out her spokeschimp, who goes ape shit over allegations that Tom Delay fathered Housley's verminous ape children:

Survivors of republican chimp attacks recount their suffering:

Not Marty's monkeys. He doesn't know them.

No russell. They want to means test, a curse word for every Democrat. They arent happy to make anyone poor.

On the other hand, no one wants what I want to do. So I have to pick on other policies.

How every Mafioso Don shows up in their Court appearances:

How Republicans murder those outside their chimp troupe, and even some inside their troupe:

Sound effects for the aftermath of the upcoming election:

For anyone actually interested in discussing healthcare, going thru the New Yorker's articles on it, especially by Atul Gawande

I recommend this one especially

This atlantic article explains clearly why means testing is basically dealing with the wrong problem

No russell.

Go look at the entitlement reform legislation proposed in the House this year.

Then come back and show all of us where it's about means testing SS.

the GOP is Trump. "conservatism" is Trump.

the "oh he's not a real conservative. he's not a real Republican" days are long gone. the party is Trump. the movement is Trump.

Marty has made his choice.

I don't mind if he's made his choice, that's his business.

But don't come here and insult by telling me up is down.

You dont get to decide what I've chosen.

"Decide"? No. Judge? Youbetcha.


The Road to Hell is Paved With Means Testing.

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