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October 12, 2018




The conservative movement, that dead murderous thing, took a page from the old Brill Building songwriting factory in which folks like Carole King, Randy Newman, and Laura Nyro toiled away at desks and pianos churning out hits.

Just so the conservative scriptwriters churning out the melodies of hate .. the lyrics changed slightly for each broadcast venue and each rotten, rat-fucking republican crooner of hate ... for every occasion.

THIS script has all the earmarks of something written before the bombs were mailed.

Here, something is about to happen. When it does, sing this into the mic.


sez Mr Body Slam.

Au contraire, dumbass, violence is the central tenet and prime mover of American history since the beginning of assholes using violence to stand athwart and the next tidal wave of violence will dwarf anything America has ever imagined.

Well of course

See, some people really do pay attention to true leadership.

Warning: graphic content


I am despairing that this hasn't been dominating the news cycle for the past three years especially since we're directly involved.

Finally there seems to be some movement on part of the US regarding Yemen - let's hope for the best:


All it seems to take is 40 children blown up on a school bus, a prominent journalist strangled in a Saudi consulate and 13 million on the brink of starvation...

A good analysis here:


Maybe it's just me. But it kinda looks like the root cause of the civil war in Yemen is the joining of Aden and Yemen. Separate them again, and much of the religious split fades away.

Of course, these days splitting up an existing country (outside Eastern Europe, anyway) isn't looked on with much favor, to put it mildly. Else Somaliland would be recognized.


The girl in that famous photo died - because the family didn't have any money. Is Yemen even mentioned in the midterms?

Is Yemen even mentioned in the midterms?

Yes. i'm not sure where the idea came from that Yemen is never mentioned.

Thank you, novakant.

Not to be ungrateful to novakant, but I saw the NYT article that he posted prior to when he posted it. Of course, nobody here (or anyone who is sentient) is apathetic about the famine in Yemen. Or the reasons for it.

novakant wants to "mention" it. But does he want to discuss it? Because discussing it leads to attempting to understand the dynamics of Saudia Arabia/Yemen/Iran/US/UK/Europe. Does novakant want to discuss that? My guess is that novakant wants to "mention" it, not discuss it.

Also, novakant is on record saying that he wouldn't have supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections. Therefore, novakant is a Trump supporter.

No thanks, novakant. Count, I'm requesting that you explain why you would thank anyone who would have enabled Trump.

Hope I'm being polite enough.

Sorry for the typos.

I'm not splaining nothing, Ricky.

Not surprised.

novakant, are you still riding your bike around London? How's the weather there? What are you doing about famine victims, and refugees? If it's constructive work, we need to know so that we can take some inspiration.

What are you doing?

novakant is sleeping. My guess is that he'll be absent for awhile.

So it's been a day.

novakant is a Russian troll. Quit thanking him.

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