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August 08, 2018


MCCraven sad that Brennan’s integrity has never been questioned by people who know him. Sounds like a bubble to me.

Brennan is also the man who said that in some given year—I forget which one—drone strikes hadn’t killed a single civilian. Sure.

There are innumerable reasons for despising Trump, but the way Brennan’s record has gone down the memory hole on the liberal side is almost a textbook case of a bubble. What is even funnier is that the National Review site put up a piece reminding people of Brennan’s lies. I don’t follow NR much, but doubt they cared that the CIA was spying on the Democrats in Congress when they were investigating the CIA’s use of torture.

MCCraven said, not sad. The typo actually changed the meaning.

Maybe the liberal bubble is believing that number will fall below 60%

Oh I’m sure it won’t.

The gop is a cult.

Oh I’m sure it won’t.

Then maybe the liberal bubble is thinking there's no chance it'll go below 60%. But, if you even entertain the idea the you are, yourself, in a bubble, you're probably in less of a bubble than someone who is utterly convinced that they can't possibly be in a bubble. That's kind of what makes it a bubble, or at least a really well-sealed one.

For every bubble there is a corresponding anti- bubble. Except perhaps for the bubble which includes all other bubbles.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...

cleek, how dare you deviate from the doctrine of monobubblism?

I think cleek's just being meta.

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