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July 09, 2018


Another fascinating look at migrant players from The Guardian:

In total 23 players – exactly 50% – in Didier Deschamps’ and Roberto Martínez’s squads – can trace their ancestry to Africa. In countries where the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development estimates that 6.8% and 12.1% respectively of the population is comprised of migrants, it is an astounding statistic that indicates just how important integration has been.

I read somewhere about a soccor player in Liverpool who was Muslim and a great player--and how this made him a hero and also helped reduce anti-Muslim feeling in Liverpoo. cant remember where I lread that, though

wonkie: Mohamed Salah.
I'm not a soccer fan, but I heard about Salah on the radio. Great story.

I'm supposed to be working with an English (or is the correct term "British"?) editor, but he can't get anything done and will be useless until this World Cup stuff is over.

The editor is likely British by politics, but English by team affiliation. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all have their own FAs.

23 players – exactly 50% – in Didier Deschamps’ and Roberto Martínez’s squads – can trace their ancestry to Africa.

And over a quarter of the England squad is from Yorkshire, a county which comprises around 10% of England’s population:

Aye up! Well chuffed ta ear tha! Tykes in a fine fettle, by gum!

(any native speakers are welcome to correct that)

Speaking as a part-time denizen of the North Country, Yorkshire section, known to its inhabitants as God's Own Country, I would have written your opening "Eh oop!"

GfrNC, Ta muchly!

So it seems that the key to making money betting on the WC is to put your money on the opposite side of Ugh's preferences...

Both France and Belgium came into the semifinal with a plan in place and both sides stuck to their plans. France dared Belgium to seize their chance and Belgium got the opportunity more than once, but never quite got a grip. Deschamps side definitely earned their result with their consistency and composure, but I will miss Belgium's adventurousness in the final.

After watching France in the second half today I've changed my opinion on their participation in the final.

Courtois comment that the French played anti-football reminded me of the famous clash between the Netherlands and West Germany in 1974, and the crazy things going on behind the scenes there as detailed (perhaps a bit embellished?) in this Sabotage Times article. It's a very '70s story.

Whether the story was true or not, and it has never been proven either way, it has been said that Johan Cruyff’s wife kept him on the telephone all night. “Players wives were coming on the phone and asking, ‘What’s going on, I thought you were playing football, not swimming in hotel pools with naked German girls’,” says journalist Auke Kok, “The worst was Danny Cruyff as she just kept calling and calling.”

Two juicy matches to go.

I said "this Sabotage Times article.

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