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June 24, 2018


I wish I could channel my WWII hero father about what to do right now, as we fight fascism here. The choice was easy for him - join the anti-fascist United States Army [Air Corps]. The result for him and his friends was not so easy. Half of the folks he trained with died. I'm pretty sure that reality set in for him pretty early - about the hard implications of that easy choice.

We have a hard choice, in that we don't know what to do to be effective. Nobody is leading us. It's unlikely that our sign holding will result in our being shot (or even arrested). But if we sign up for being shot or arrested, what kind of odds do we have for changing anything?

WWII folks weren't facing very good odds at first, but they got better. It was because there were governments doing the right thing with military force. That's why I think military force, and intervention in bad situations can be helpful.

The 2018 elections will be the defining moment. I don't see a way out of this if we lose, except to fight for principle, and extinction. No other country will come to our rescue. We'll either be like Syria, or a forever Nazi Germany.

A little Russian pop music to execute election-stealing republican mp traitors by:


The midterms are going to be a wash. Even should Democrats get a small House majority, and maybe the caucus a little bit left (not at all certain) Speaker Joe Crowley will keep them in line and the canes off the floor.

Votes and elections won't save us*, too much money for them.

What made the good stuff, the supermajorities in the 60s possible? The boomers, the kids couldn't vote til the 70s

*Somebody discussing the big sort asked if a red state ever flipped blue. Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, I forget the other one. All involved Democratic migration. California might also count.

Racist republican confederate animal, elected and re-elected by republican scum, predicts his approaching death:


If Maxine Waters has not shot every republican asshole in the head in this country by now after their racist cocksuckin attacks on her all these years, I doubt she can be counted on to start any violence this late in the day.


Mp is going to provide Secret Service protection to Huckabee. What's the dining etiquette for this. She can wait in the armored car while they finish their drinks, or do we have to kick the whole crew to the curb?

This is very authoritarian eastern block of them, just as republicans intend to make us over in that image, you c&nts.

The Stasi pretty much ate where they wanted and didn't expect a bill.

They were big tippers the next day, like the Mafia, when they were turned away.

Wired Magazine - ICE is Everywhere: Using Library Science to Map the Separation Crisis.

This is bigger and worse than most people imagine.

Where was the Secret Service when republican gunmen were shooting up Hillary Clinton's rapey pizza joint?

As President, I will dispatch the Secret Service to escort Central American kids across the border into this country. Each child will replace a prominent republican as American citizen, the republicans separated from their families and escorted to the border and given a swift kick in the pants to their preferred fascist shithole.

As well, I will accord every federal employee an escort of two Secret Service agents each to protect them from murderous republican harassment.

Those republicans who have infested the federal workforce will be cavity searched, defenestration and forced to undergo sexual reassignment surgery, but with the genitals of a different species than human.

All republicans will be audited by an IRS agent quarterly, and the Secret Service will ride shotgun on those missions. They'll have collection quotas in arrears going back to the Reagan tax cuts.

The Republican Party just found THE venue for their conventions, retreats, and policy confabs. There will so much unplanned parenthood, they 'll get tired of unplanned parenthood.

Republicans refuse birth control like condoms, so I'm not so sure the girls in the Nevada cat houses will agree to service them at any price. Maybe the Kochs and the other megabuck republican filth will subsidize the importation of immigrant women who may not be so picky and cheaper to boot.


Poor, poor Rod Dreher. He's going to be so busy manning the doors to the Benedict Option to weed out the LGBT crowd AND the mp evangelicals, it's gonna be like a Texas high school, too many entrances.

I'm not yet ready to get arrested.

don't worry about it. you're doing way more than most folks. thank you.

What happens if a single immigrant child is molested or murdered while in secret custody?

Trump is the trailblazer, he is the Christopher Columbus of honest politics.

given columbus' actual history, perhaps truer than not.

Boston city hall plaza, 11 AM Saturday 6/30. MA Senate wants to limit police involvement in ICE operations, Charlie B says he'll veto it.

if you want to let the governor know you disagree, come on down.

it's all about showing up.

sapient, thank you for the reminder.

Holy shit


I'm crying

Goddamn I hate them so much, because they say there are our friends and then eat our livers.

The Democratic Money Machine and those who supported them will get their just rewards.


Cynical Democratic Party Identity Politics

"Despite all that, virtually the entire Democratic establishment has united behind the white male incumbent, and virtually none is supporting the woman of color who is challenging him. Yesterday, the very same Gillibrand who has a PAC to support female candidates and who endorsed Cuomo over Nixon announced that she was supporting Crowley over Ocasio-Cortez"

Christopher Columbus.

Weren't he and his band of welfare sailors the first of the illegal immigrant rapists?

They were like MS-13, wreaking havoc on hard-working real Americans while talking funny.

Day Five: No congratulations yet from LGM for the first black woman on the NYT column pages.

I want to see them crying.

No comment over there on the primaries tonight

This is freaking huge! The 4th most powerful Democratic member in the house got beaten by the DSA. In NY, against the entire MoneyDem establishment.

We will write the history of the Obama and Clinton years. We will save the nation from Trumpism.

We will make your names curses for generations.

No we will not let you jump on our freedom train.

One victory doesn’t make a revolution bob. But I am glad she won. Openly pro Palestinian too. That’s unusual.

As for LGM, I assume they would be on her side on issues, but they have their shibboleths and petty feuds to uphold. Glenn is considered totally evil there, and he gave a very sympathetic interview to Ocasio-Cortez. That will require finessing.

Look again at the crying children and excluded Arabs and the broken alliances and repeat after me...

Bernie would have won.

Good on Ocasio-Cortez. Sounds like the other powerful Dem deserved to lose. Took his opponent for granted, and his constituents.

Have no idea what it means in the general.

I'm stuck in the Newark Airport overnight because of a canceled flight. Second Southwest plane of mine in a year I've witnessed being towed away from the gate because it was broken. At least I wasn't sucked out the window.

I guess those corporate tax cuts aren't finding their way into capital improvements.

Anyway, ran across this quote, somewhat paraphrased in one of the Patrick Melrose novels by Edward St. Aubyn I' m reading.


Bon appetite and choke on it republicans.

I was pleased about Ocasion-Cortez as well, but bob mcmanus already said that the elections don't matter.

Also, I went under the house and had a look at the pipes and unfortunately, the pipe which took all of our content and comments directly to LGM is blocked up and the intertubes expert who looked at it said that it would take at least a year to fix. So, bob mcmanus, you may want to take your complaints about LGM directly to them as they are not going to be transferred from here.

And the likely seven Alitos we will be watching for a lifetime. I think Ginzburg will get exhausted at 5-3.

Almost as good as Ocasio-Cortez!


Medical, but that's a lot better law than I was expecting. Texas allows only for epilepsy with insane roadblocks, nothing really, like Florida.

bob mcmanus already said that the elections don't matter.

Yeah, I noticed that. Somehow elections don't matter, and everyone in office is equally bad. Until suddenly someone running isn't.

I'd offer 10 to 1 that, if one of these folks he is suddenly glad to see win actually gains office, he'll be bad mouthing them just like every other elected official. I would, except I can't see winning a sucker bet from anyone hete....

The Politico story is interesting, as it appeared that Crowley barely appeared in his own campaign (while spending a lot of money...):

And Crowley, whose district stretches through parts of Queens and the Bronx and includes some of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the nation, seemed wholly unprepared for the challenge. He skipped one debate with Ocasio-Cortez, sending a surrogate in his stead.

The day before the primary his office was not even certain when he would be in the district.

One person familiar with Crowley’s campaign told POLITICO it would have been impossible to predict the upset.

“He did everything you could do. I don’t know that he missed it. I got bombarded with mail, and phone calls and door-knocks. Every tool in the toolbox was used by him,” the person said. "It’s just that he personifies the institution, he is the institution, and this is an anti-establishment movement right now.”...

This speaks to our recent restaurant debate...

He said recent calls by party leaders for civility did not sit well with voters who see the Trump administration as a direct threat.

"All through the party people are seeing things they’ve never seen in their lives and the notion that we should be told how to act by leaders who have never had these things happen to their communities at a moment like this — people are fed up," Kwatra said.

We will write the history of the Obama and Clinton years. We will save the nation from Trumpism.

We will make your names curses for generations.

No we will not let you jump on our freedom train...

How do you win if you reject half of the party ?

I am not known for my optimism, and moneydems might have made a difference, but I was reading today guesses on how many of the 5-4 decisions moderate Merrick Garland would have been on the Republican side.

Matt Stoller Twitter has a list of all the contributors to Crowley's campaign.

"Crowley donors who lost tonight: Facebook, Google, Blackrock, Humana, Raytheon, Capitol One, AFLAC, Microsoft, CIGNA, TD Bank, H&R Block, Salesforce dot com, United Technology, Deloitte, Covington and Burling, Anheuser-Busch, Honeywell..." ..six-seven more paragraphs are just a sample

How do you win if you reject half of the party ?

Stoller: "6. Instead of a negotiated majority coalition, it will be a bitter open intra-party generational overthrow."

The Clintonites should have voluntarily moved to the back of the bus after driving it off a cliff. They showed zero remorse or shame, and try to bury their guilt in do-goodism. That is why I keep saying:

Bernie would have won.

Glenn is considered totally evil there, and he gave a very sympathetic interview to Ocasio-Cortez.

Not just Greenwald.

Ocasio-Cortez was a Bernie organizer, and a member of DSA.

Do you read LGM comments? Cornel West is a major player in the DSA. After what has been said about him, the Clintonites will have to come begging.

Well, the elderly Oklahomans can toke up as they stand in the ten-year queue for elderly services in that tax-starved state run by murderers.

I happen to think Bernie would have lost the general election, and if not, then shot dead by a republican who couldn't handle the taxes.

Plus the spectacle of socialist authoritarian Putin going full bore against socialist egalitarian Sanders on behalf of his boy mp.

Decent point regarding Garland. Obama bending over backwards and grasping the nettle of moderation would have backfired, as it always does when we orally service conservatives.

We know why McConnell refused Obama's polite request to have the Senate examine Russian intervention and the stealing of a Presidential election.


The executions will take years to complete.

Here's how Korea plays out. Mp will limp into 2020 with the full horror of his treason exposed by the fired Mueller and company. As the election nears, besides Russia sending threatening signals via its military around the world regarding the inadvisability of NOT re-electing mp, and mp's deplorable cadres burn restaurants to the ground around the country who have refused service to vermin, and James Mattiis is confined to his home without secret service protection because of death threats from conservative cocksuckers for quitting and abandoning mp in 2019, Kim Jong-un, with a nod from mp a and his traitors will begin splashing missiles into the ocean near Guam, Hawaii, and The West Coast with messages that more will hit the mainland if the Democratic candidate, already in hiding because of a series of assassination attempts by former ICE employees now formed into a right wing militia, is elected, and he will only heed mp's imposition of U.S. Power over him and embrace full scale nuclear holocaust if the Democrat is elected.

All that for a measly KFC in North Korea emblazoned with mp's feces trademark.

Republicans will find this eminently reasonable and the vile Murdoch base will hoist placards of a mp/Kim Jong un ticket as blood lust is appealed to across the country.

You watch.

Nothing like a sleepless night in the airport amid the deafening noise of the cleaning crews under blazing lighting with nary a bar open to fry the synapses.

See y'all in the funniest papers.

In other primary news, Ben Jealous won...

...and Emily Sirota beat an incumbent.

(David) Sirota (husband) is a name that could be recognized, from calumny and contempt in the usual places. I have read him for 15 years.

2018 is too close to make much difference, and Trump will get re-elected as long as the dollar dems are in charge, so the next few years can be spent destroying them.

When Bernie overwhelmingly won young women of color, the writing was on the wall. I know I never hesitated about which side I should morally be on. The kids are always allright.

Good night.

No, good morning.

Janie asked about openly gay politicians, there is Jared Polis


ocasia-cortez won the ny 14th, which is the east bronx and north central queens. an america, but maybe not an average america.

nonetheless, well done. sounds like crowley got lazy. don't think we can afford lazy people right now.

The list of openly LGBT US congresspersons compared with UK MPs on Wikipedia is notably short.

And I like ‘Anthony Bacon... Independent...1593’:

people are fed up

ya think?

I think we can probably all agree on this....
@realDonaldTrump at 10:18 p.m.: “Wow! Big Trump Hater Congressman Joe Crowley, who many expected was going to take Nancy Pelosi’s place, just LOST his primary election. In other words, he’s out! That is a big one that nobody saw happening. Perhaps he should have been nicer, and more respectful, to his President!”

THIS TAKE is unlikely to get repeated by many people who understand what happened last night...

This should have been the less self-referential link:

A bit off topic, but this happened, about an hour away from where I live


That's a horrifying story, lj. Let's be careful out there.

On another note, Count, that quotation you linked is from one of my favourite short poems, Auden's Musee des Beaux Arts.


lj referred in the past to someone "going on with their doggy life" and I asked him if he was quoting this poem, and he said he was and that it was one of his faves too.

And speaking of poets, as a last word on the Malcolm Tucker conversation, I regard him (or Armando Ianucci who mainly wrote the scripts) as a kind of poet himself. My favourite quotation (which I know I have quoted here before), as someone hovered by his open door:

Come the fuck in, or fuck the fuck off.

Go DSM. The path to victory for an insurgent Left is to take over the Democratic Party...not via 3rd party vanity campaigns or insignificant onanistic ideological purity parties masquerading as "the working class".

Congratulations, Ocasio-Cortez!

Bernie might have won.

PS: Looks like Staten Island Rethuglican primary voters didn't go for full bore batshit fascism. Good on them as well. Baby steps.

Jeff Sessions adressing some clacque of conservatives and speaking of the opposition to US immigration policy:

“The rhetoric we hear from the other side on this issue, as on many others, has become radicalized,” Sessions said. “We hear views on television today that are on the lunatic fringe, frankly.”

“And what is perhaps more galling is the hypocrisy,” he continued. “These same people live in gated communities, many of them, and are featured at events where you have to have an ID to even come in and hear them speak. They like a little security around themselves.”

“And if you try to scale the fence, believe me, they’d be even too happy to have you arrested and separated from your children,” he said. The room erupted into laughter and cheers.

“They want borders in their lives, but not in yours,” he concluded.

you only wish your opposition was a bunch of talking heads on the TV.

I oppose you. I do not live in a gated community. No ID is required to hear me speak. I have no particular security around myself, and do not need one.

I lived in a Dominican neighborhood for about 7 years. I work, every single day, with immigrants from central and south america, from south asia, and from Russia. None of that is or was, frankly, anything remotely like a big deal.

Why can't we have a civil national dialog about these things? Why the incivility?

Because the AG is a bigoted little piss ant, who thinks the only people he has to answer to are other bigoted little piss ants, including his boss.

These are horrible people. That's why we can't have a polite and thoughtful conversation.

Don't jump off the roof, (R)'s. You're gonna hurt yourselves.

Or, go right ahead. I'd say "not my circus", but actually it kinda is. So if you jump, we're going to hold you to account.

Do as you wish. Just save the whining if people are angry at you and don't invite you to their dinner parties. At least you're not in a fucking cage.

Enjoy your tax cuts.

the Stupid Party is about to kill the US's largest nail manufacturer!

Mid-Continent, described as the largest nail manufacturer in the United States, had been importing Mexican steel to turn into nails state-side. The company, which was started in 1987 by two local brothers, said sales plummeted by 50 percent in just two weeks after it raised prices to cope with the elevated steel costs.

Mid-Continent spokesman James Glassman told CNN that the company is now “on the brink of extinction” unless the Commerce Department grants its request for a tariff exclusion.

As things currently stand, Glassman said the firm could shutter its doors as early as Labor Day. Another option on the table is relocating to Mexico, he said.


MAGA to the max!

oops..typo. should be "DSA" not "DSM". Where is my editor?

They like a little security around themselves.

Maybe because of the number of RWNJs in this country.

“And if you try to scale the fence, believe me, they’d be even too happy to have you arrested and separated from your children,” he said.

Trespassing on private property isn't the same as a border crossing. And they aren't going to stick your kid in a camp without bothering to make sure they know who the kid's parents are.

I'm not really sure why I'm bothering to respond to this stupidity. I blame the internets.

Everyone who doesn't support Trump and his policies is a coastal liberal elitist who lives in a gated community and is a total freaking hypocrite because they don't want to live near brown people either, they just want to force you to do so with their tyrannical socialist ways.

That, apparently, is Sessions' reality. Or, the one he is selling to his audience.

Don't jump off the roof, (R)'s. You're gonna hurt yourselves.

Enjoy your tax cut.

Well, the Janus decision is far from a shocker but is an indication as to how far this horror is likely to run.

Labor's Choice After Janus ...Jacobin

Obama's decision to minimize the stimulus, make most of it tax cuts, flip to austerity and the Fed hiring freeze while we were still in a recession and not push for help for the states was devastating.

"Absolute numbers don’t tell the main story, however. To get a clearer sense of the attack on public employment, we need to look at the share of public employment in total employment. As of today that share is barely 15 percent, a sharp drop from the roughly 17.5 percent share it reached in mid-2010, not to mention the all-time high of over 19 percent reached in 1975. You have to go all the way back to 1960 to find a share that low."

Democrats raise taxes to create good government jobs. Or they used to.

guesses on how many of the 5-4 decisions moderate Merrick Garland would have been on the Republican side.

For sure:
a) a lot fewer than Gorsuch
b) since he's a lot older, for rather fewer years than Gorsuch

Note also that, while Garland would probably have been confirmed if it came to a vote (which is why McConnell was careful not to let that happen), someone far more liberal might well not have made it past the Senate.

guesses on how many of the 5-4 decisions moderate Merrick Garland would have been on the Republican side.

Trump boosterism continues apace.

Way off topic (but hey, it's my topic!):

A federal judge in California ruled that children of illegal immigrants separated from their parents must be returned to their families within 30 days. Judge Dana Sabraw also said children under five must be placed back with parents within 14 days. The ruling, which applies countrywide, bars the Trump administration from splitting more families—though it had already backed away from that.
Of course there is the small difficulty that the administration has no way of even tracking which children go with which parents. So compliance may be . . . challenging.

They are after my union first. Next they will come for my retirement. I am not in a mood to compromise or be civil any longer.

I think we are heading toward serious civil unrest in the US. I'd been thinking the sort of thing we saw in the '60s, but I'm more convinced now that this is going to be more like the unrest at the end of the 19th C. and up to the New Deal. Things are going to get ugly.

Nous, that's what I was thinking when I said upthread (or in another thread) that personally I was just hoping you could avoid a civil war....

"Obama's decision to minimize the stimulus"

Yet another lie.

Was Obama some perfect Christ-like (if you're into that sort of thing) figure? No. There are plenty of things he did worthy of criticism - some worthy of harsh criticism. But he was also significantly constrained in many ways, most notably by an overtly and proudly obstructionist Republican-led congress.

(Just for fun, try making the case to Marty that Obama was too meek in his exercise of power as president.)

Breaking news: Justice Kennedy just announced his retirement.

I'm hoping that the US can avoid civil war as well, but I think we already have one foot over the line for at least a year now:

Is America Headed for a New Kind of Civil War

I don't expect any armies in the field contesting our national sovereignty, but I do see the possibility of widespread unrest and the continuing erosion of social cohesion. What I can't predict is what this will do to the idea of a union of states.

Jeffrey Toobin: "Anthony Kennedy is retiring. Abortion will be illegal in twenty states in 18 months."

Will they hold off until after the elections? Of course, so much for the enthusiasm gap.

Too bad Janice Rogers Brown is 68. Like I said, Ginzburg is a little frail to suffer being on the bad end of 6 assholes for years. So Trump will likely have another shot in 2020. Then 7-2.

This all can be stopped dead in its tracks.
Just not legally or peacefully.

Article I, section 5 of the Constitution requires that a quorum (51 senators) be present for the Senate to conduct business.

IIRC, Dixiecrats shut down the Senate for six months in 1964, if Schumer tells us nothing can be done. Yeah, they will have 52 or 54, but sickness, out of town etc in practice it is very hard without Democratic help.

Should have done it for Garland.

Kennedy just announced his retirement

come on, Giant Meteor

And for those dreaming of packing the Court, expanding the number of Circuit Courts, and other great ideas...

...its gonna take a lot more than 51 unless you think types like Manchin, Tester etc will climb aboard.

30% of Democratic House members come from 2 states, NY and Cal.

You want power in America, you need people in states, like 30 of them. Enjoy your coasts.

Bob, some days you sound like a (far right) Republican.

you need people in states, like 30 of them. Enjoy your coasts.

ain't that the truth.

maybe all of us liberals should invade a 100 mile wide swath at the 100th meridian, from CA to MX.

and then spread out from there.

probably some good real estate deals. don't know if there's much for good deli.

you can get ry cooder to sing my eulogy....

maybe all of us liberals should invade a 100 mile wide swath at the 100th meridian, from CA to MX.

Libertarians are concentrating on New Hampshire.

Libertarians are concentrating on New Hampshire.

Yes, and generally annoying everyone. :)

They can all pick NH option #2. (I kid.)

the next obvious question is will a Trump SCOTUS nominee get a vote.

The argument presented in the linked article is that the mid-terms are coming up. Personally, I'd say that we should wait until the Mueller investigation has a resolution.

fuck the GOP.


The TPM article rather misses the salient point. Which is, will Senator Flake's insistence on no judicial nominees approved until the family separation situation is dealt (including reuniting the children with their families) with extend to a Supreme Court nominee? If a Trump nominee is going to be stopped, that is where it will have to happen.

Obama's decision to minimize the stimulus, make most of it tax cuts,

Obama had to make some concessions to get people like Snowe aboard. It would have been better if hadn't had to, but that was the reality.

I think Obama made a political mistake when he said something like the stimulus was just the right size. It was too small, and he should have said so.

His subsequent embrace of austerity was a mistake - a bad one.

Well, enough recriminations, and maybe I can forgive the people who voted for Clinton in the primaries and gave us Trump.

I guess there is an alternative to Democrats moving back to flyover country to get back to 30 states and 60 Senator.

If you think Dems can get radical (court-packing) stuff done with 53 Senators check out Russell link at 4:23. Look at the Dems who voted for Gorsuch, and the ones who onboard for a vote this year. Cantwell, Klobuchar, Manchin, Hirono, and you think Leahy will be on board?

A maybe more attractive alternative is for all Dems to move to the coasts

...and secede. There are mountains to help in the military defense.

I'd say Texas has a coast and it does, but we are pushing toward another 110 degree heat index today and Portland at 76 today is looking kinda attractive. Besides other attractions for this old man. Cough cough.

Perhaps someone in Texas, who has a first-hand view, can say how likely it looks that Senator Cruz will get voted out. From the outside, it looks marginal . . . but then so did the idea of a Democrat winning a Senate seat in Alabama (done) or Tennessee (looking pretty possible).

Michelle Goldberg, from an interview, h/t Digby:

I think a lot of people feel sort of harassed because this false equivalency that has dominated so much of the coverage of the Trump administration --- that basically equates an actor saying a bad word with white nationalists marching around with semi-automatic weapons on their backs and saying 'oh look, both sides are participating in the death of civility' --- is maddening to people. And it also maddening to people to constantly be told to worry about not just their own actions and the results of their own actions buy how will their actions influence some imaginary Trump voter who they're trying to win over in the mid-terms.

I think people can't live like that. They can't live in the way we're constantly overly solicitous of the feelings of these alienated white people and contemptuous of the feelings of the majority of the people who find this administration intolerable.

I have nothing to add.

I would say that there are, indeed, alienated white people who can be won over. After all, they voted for Obama, so they are arguably persuadable.

That isn't to disagree with Russell's view that the nut cases marching around with their AKs are lost causes. The only option with them is to outlive them, 'cause they ain't gonna change. (Well I suppose that, in the shorter term, we could get some sane gun control laws to disarm them. Which would be progress, but wouldn't change any hearts and minds.)

I think there are lots of people who can be won over.

I'm tired of it being the responsibility of people like me to make that happen, by somehow not offending them by expressing the fact that I'm bloody well pissed off that they voted for Donald Trump.

They fucked up. They're not children, they have minds and agency, and they should be big enough people to figure that out. It's not my job to make Trump supporters feel better about themselves and their own decisions. Stop supporting Trump, then you'll feel better about yourself.

I don't really feel obligated to not do or say things that are going to make Trump supporters feel uncomfortable. And there are millions and millions and millions of people who feel exactly the way I do. 10 million more people voted against Trump than voted for him. There may be folks who voted for him who would not do so today, I am damned sure that there are no folks who voted against him who would vote for him now.

People who voted for Trump *should feel uncomfortable*. It was a bad decision. I'm not going to run around looking for opportunities to get in their face, neither am I going to go out of my way to tailor what I do or say to avoid bugging them.

Trump and his crew have done not one thing to accommodate or consider anyone else or anyone else's point of view, about anything. He is a rude, crass, vulgar, vain, bullying ass, and his people appear to either find that enjoyable, or insufficient reason to withdraw their support. Because tax cuts or some other bullshit.

I owe them nothing, as far as I can tell.

FWIW, this is a twitter thread that hilzoy retweeted giving a recommended strategy for the midterms, specifically because of the Kennedy resignation:


Authoritarian anti-revolutionaries will always blame the people on their own side before they blame the politicians.

No, in the 60s and 70s we did not quiver and cry:

"omigod omigod Nixon, Reagan...we just have to protect John Stennis and James Eastland."

James Eastland

Alexandra Petri on civility.

"omigod omigod Nixon, Reagan...we just have to protect John Stennis and James Eastland."

I was there, bob. Nobody of any importance in the Democratic Party was saying that as I recall, especially any self-identified liberal. Maybe a cite or two would jog my memory.


Hmm, hilzoy not much of a quiverer or crier as far as I can tell....

2016 was our 1968 redux. I was not about to demand that african-americans or anti-war protesters support and protect Southern Democrat Hawks. Nothing more offensive.

Clinton was our Humphrey, Sanders our McCarthy.

We lost, We all lost. It's over. National power will never be ours again. They will take everything.

I want Ocasio-Cortez and DSA to win mostly for revenge and spite. They won't fix anything.

After 1968, some got crazy violent, some went to communes in the country, some emigrated, some burrowed deep into local politics and issues. We didn't dream of ending the wars, racism, or economic injustice. We knew we were lost.

Obama was out last chance. We needed to start screaming at him the day after inauguration. Instead we just kept on worshiping the guy...

...cause we work for them, right? Rank and file lives to serve the rich and powerful, when they smile at us instead of sneering, right? I don't understand deference at all.

I have had mainstream Democrats blaming me for their failures for fifty freaking years. They have been kicking down my whole life. They blamed me in 1968. They blamed me in 1980. They blamed me in 2000. And now they are trying to blame me and shame me for 2016, 2018, and 2020.

And yet I still voted a straight-D ticket for all those years.

I want [hilzoy] to admit it's her fault, that she is to blame for Trump. Cause it's true.



Nobody of any importance in the Democratic Party was saying that

It was irony. Of course they didn't it would been evil and immoral.

So don't ask it of me this time either.

hairshirt, let me tell you a secret:

"They don't really care, do u?"

It's not about anything but bare knuckled power with R's. Dems run the gamut, but they all have an end result in mind of "better for all". Not so with R's.

If we (meaning anyone left of Jeff Flake) ever, ever, ever get power again (unlikely, and thanks a lot Leftier than Thou's), we need to be a hegemon. Yes, folks. A hegemon. If we can't do that, we can give it to Gilead.

and thanks a lot Leftier than Thou's


In any case, maybe it did happen. You go ahead and review the Democratic Party history, 1969-1973, inclusive. I don't remember everything George Meany and Richard Daley and Muskie and Frank Church and the Diciecrats said. I vaguely remember they weren't happy with the takeover and the convention.

I don't expect mainstream Democrats to be happy this time. I don't care.

Somebody in connection with Ocasio-Cortez mentioned Elizabeth Holtzman. Look her up. I remember her. And Drinan.

And it's not going to do any good. The Reps will keep the Senate, get Trump re-elected, and get two more justices.

[hilzoy] and the mainstream are just trying to deflect the blame, like they always have, always will.

bob mcmanus :) I [really] don't care[, do u?].

An interesting article about that.

Bye, that bob! Not looking at you again this evening!

Lots of people worrying about Kennedy's retirement on a variety of cases. Mine is Massachusetts v. EPA, where he was the swing vote that decided CO2 could be regulated under the Clean Air Act. There's a variety of cases in process where a slightly different SCOTUS could decide that Massachusetts was wrongly decided (which Alito and Thomas have maintained in various dissents).

No, in the 60s and 70s we did not quiver and cry:
I vaguely remember they weren't happy with the takeover and the convention.

Really, bob mcmanus, you must have been 10, 12 years old at the time? Pull the other leg.

I'd have been more impressed if you'd have posted something, anything about Ocasio-Cortez. It looks to me that you are just hopping on after all the hard work is done. Why don't you write her and tell her elections don't matter?

You'll also note that I edited your comments. If you continue to post real life names for people who have chosen a pseudonym, you will be banned from this blog.

Lots of people worrying about Kennedy's retirement on a variety of cases. Mine is Massachusetts v. EPA,

Thank you, Michael, for documenting the reality of this. The deep depression that a lot of us have experienced just took another negative 50 degrees today.

With all that we stand to lose, which is everything, we still need to fight for the future. Hilzoy reminds us to protect our Senate. We also need to use whatever lower court leverage we still have to protect the vulnerable.

Really, bob mcmanus, you must have been 10, 12 years old at the time? Pull the other leg.

I am not sure how you got this impression. If it is my fault, I am a little vague to avoid getting doxxed, but I'm almost 68.

I guess I shouldn't link to the Wikipedia entry.

" [Real Name] blogged until 2009 under the pseudonym "hilzoy" at the well-known blogs Obsidian Wings[2] and "Political Animal"[3] (the blog of The Washington Monthly magazine)

Hostile and unfair lj

House rules bob mcmanus, follow them or be banned. I'm not here to be your friend.

No, in the 60s and 70s we did not quiver and cry

no, you saved your quivering and crying for now.


and we mostly all know who hilzoy is, you're not enlightening anybody here. it's just rude to dox people, full stop.

you read a lot of books, but seem to be lacking is some basic social skills. if i may say so.

It is obviously such public knowledge at this point that it is no longer a matter of protecting pseudonymity but expressing affection and familiarity, which I don't think is appropriate in my case.

Try googling "hilzoy" and then accuse me of doxxing.

I want [hilzoy] to admit it's her fault, that she is to blame for Trump

this is just stupid.

c'mon man, you can do better work than this.

bob mcmanus, I don't know why you think I would care what you think using the name hilzoy implies, or why we should worry about you somehow being forced to express affection and familiarity against your will. This is the last word on this, unless you have something else to say, which would then be your last word here.

c'mon man, you can do better work than this.

Were you here in Feb-Mar 2009, when I was trying to get the crowd to pressure Obama to go after the banksters, for instance, and all I got was:"We must support Obama."

Fuck it. I never expected to last long, and came back as a lark.

[hilzoy] is a public figure who is not here , never shows, and has two very public personas and is not around to tell us which is way cool at any given moment.

bye bob mcmanus

While a few of you have written offlist concerning bob mcmanus, I'd prefer to avoid any post-mortems or other comments. I personally don't think bob mcmanus deserves another second of anyone's time here.

I also realize that there is a small chance that he did not see my last comment. Tant pis pour lui.


the hilzoy thing got him banned?

Anyway, I actually came back to post this link to what I consider by far the best political ad I have ever seen. The substance is great, the photography is great, the children are adorable, I love the quick little subway platform scene where she changes shoes and even the music is great. But back to substance. She is talking about Crowley in particular, but yes, there are two different sorts of Democrats. Crowley is the one endorsed by all the establishment figures. I never understood the enthusiasm over Obama once I actually looked at what the guy said. He was just a screen and people projected their illusions on him. Ocasio- Cortez seems to be what people imagined about Obama. Her 30 minute interview with Greenwald is on substance not something I can imagine any prominent Democrat ever saying. She is an Hispanic female Bernie bro.


The Greenwald interview


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