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June 30, 2018


At my local Keeping Families Together rally (Dublin, CA). Expected attendance: 200; rough headcount: 350.

Best sign: the one lady's back reading


we were at the boston city hall plaza rally. i don't know how many folks were there - five thousand?

some counter protest, but overall no problems.

favorite sign was on a sandwich board worn by a small dog:

"vote (and pet barkley)"

pretty large latin presence, with flags from honduras and el salvador.

also a red flag with a white field in an upper corner, with a green pine tree in the white field, which was a revolutionary era new england battle flag. a marker of regional sensibility at odds with that of the nation as a whole.

there was also an action at the ICE detention center in south boston. don't know how that went.

there is another ICE facility down in Dartmouth, south of the city. don't know if anything was scheduled for there.

some pictures of boston coutesy of local NPR affiliate WBUR.

A few others from Augusta are here (click the pic):

June 30 2018 protest in Augusta

This is the reality of Trump ‘liberating’ towns from ‘MS13’...


Slide thru to #2

Count -- #2 was good, if depressing. I laughed out loud at #4, the "All Things Considered" one. Thanks for the link.

100 protestor at the south Boston ice detention facility, 20 arrests, which is reasonable since that was a civil disobedience action.

as always, the comments are charming.

No surprises in the comments. Not even how much they parallel (except for being marginally more civil) the comments made about civil rights protesters. At least for those familiar with history or old enough to remember.

I wonder of it's a culture-of-bigotry thing. Or maybe failure of imagination -- although I suppose reactionaries aren't much on innovation.

Seems like the demonstrations yesterday were scattered, but well-attended in local forums. The demonstration in Farmville, Va., today had about a hundred people, I would guess.

A lot of people of good will out there.

Since this is the open thread for politics, I put this up


I had the impression that the biggest factor was neither ethnic nor ideological. It was simply that Crowley had allowed himself to get out of touch with the people in his district.

Maybe too long without a serious challenger. Maybe too caught up with being part of the Congressional leadership. But either way, not maintaining his connections.

In case you missed this last week, or simply failed to pick up on the details.

This is the folks at ICE who actually do things like go after MS-13, human trafficers and other criminals. Asking to be separated from ICE because Trump administration priorities regarding immigration are leaving them starved for funds to do their job. Think about that one the next time Trump accuses someone criticizing ICE of loving MS-13.

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