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April 20, 2018


Is this the time when it is appropriate to mention that Hitler loved his dog?

godwinned ya'

Open Thread -- In the on-going compilation of
You Can't Make This Stuff Up

One of the Republican Senate candidates in West Virginia is Don Blankenship. Who is recently out of prison, where he was doing time for violating worker safety regulation in his mine. For obvious reasons, he is not the darling of the Republican establishment.

He has just struck back at the establishment by denouncing Senate Majority Leader McConnell for conflict of interest . . . because "his father-in-law is a wealthy Chinaperson." (In case anyone has missed it, Mrs. McConnell is Elaine Chao, the Secretary of Transportation. She was brought to the US as a child from China.)

So far, so xenophobic. Hardly worthy of mention. The You Can't Make This Stuff Up part comes from the fact that Blankenship's own fiancee was also born in China! Which would seem to make his prospective father-in-law a "Chinaperson", too.

One should accept truthful criticism no matter what the source—

Here is Frum on Trump—

But here is something Frum would never say. A different war criminal steps up.

Confirming Trump critic Vladimir Putin’s remarks

I’d rather stick this in a more recent open thread, but this seems to be itge most recent one. Anyway, here is, for a change, an optimistic view of America’s future by James Fallows about how local communities are bypassing our national political dysfunction

His book is coming out, so because of the novelty of his theme I expect it will get some attention in the press and maybe some discussion, so you can beat the rush here.

You know, novakant, it's perfectly possible to be extremely worried about and horrified by Trump's Iran stance, Israel stance etc (and I am), and still welcome and see the value of articulate and potentially persuasive Trump critics like Frum who nonetheless disagree on these points. However, for those who are all-or-nothing, I can see this is not viable. But rather than trying to bludgeon those of us who do not agree with your approach, I imagine you take comfort from those like the author of your Salon piece who evidently feels exactly as you do. Good. Each to their own.

yes, nobody pays attention to Trump's foreign policy. you got us!

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