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April 03, 2018


I put up a new open thread - just FYI

Cohen was a 'national deputy finance chairman' of the RNC.

And still us. Unless he resigned last night.

We're already under Martial Law

Shaun King says "they knew about our trip! they called me by name!".

back in the 80's, back when I had hair and St Ronnie was POTUS, friends of mine were involved with the Catholic Worker stuff in and around NY. Among other things, they engaged in non-violent demonstrations against our policies in Central and South America.

One one occasion, my buddy and a guy I will call John Smith took the White House tour with the intent of kneeling on the White House lawn upon their exit and praying publicly for an end to our policies. This wasn't any kind of publicly announced thing, it was planned within a closely held group of people, and intended to be kind of a pop-up protest.

They walk in to the White House, a guy in a suit and earpiece and sunglasses walks over and says, "Good day Mr. Smith, it's good to see you, we've been expecting you".

Just to f*** with his head.

At this kind of level, we've been a police state, or at least a surveillance state, for a really long time. At least beginning with the Cold War, probably beginning with George Washington.

Just saying.

Also, if Mueller is prevented from completing his work, it will not go without a response.

Also just saying.

Interesting that Russell is an audiophile, if I may use that word.

I have had a limited budget because of th putting-a-kid-through-college thing, and also because my wife does not share my love for music. Which includes both how it sounds and what is being played.

My stuff is mostly crap, but decent vinyl played through a decent cartridge on a decent table (table & cartridge together I may have a few hundred bucks invested in, mostly decades ago) through serviceable speakers and amplified by a decent mid-70s amp sounds to me worlds better than some CDs played through Martin Logan stuff costing tens of thousands.

Which is not to say that you can’t get GOOD sound out of a system like that. Just that it’s harder and costs a lot more.

No, I don’t often get the whole soundstage-and-depth effect that you can get from such a system, if you do it right. But most source material these days isn’t recorded in a way that lends itself to so-called imaging, anyway.

So, a lot of audiophiles seek out source material that IS recorded that way, even if it’s stuff that isn’t strictly up their alley, musically speaking.

That’s just not for me at all. It’s also not for my wallet, either.

There is still tons of stuff that I don’t have in my collection that I ought to have. Mahavishnu Orchestra is one of those I have noticed recently as being conspicuously absent. And I don’t have any Cobham at all, and no McLaughlin other than Friday Night In San Francisco (which IMO is a must-have; I don’t care who you are). So Mahavishnu Orchestra should cover some of that.

Now, back to work

decent vinyl played through a decent cartridge on a decent table (table & cartridge together I may have a few hundred bucks invested in, mostly decades ago) through serviceable speakers and amplified by a decent mid-70s amp

sounds like proper kit to me.

if I could get my wife and my combined music libraries in vinyl, i'd probably go that way. no small part of my rig is an attempt to get as close to an analog sound as I can.

human ears are an analog instrument.

Someone made a comment about earlier DACs. In addition to that problem (not pretending I was even aware of it), some of the early recordings were digitized in a way that was...not good. One album in particular, Little Feat Waiting for Columbus...was absolute crap on CD. This was a live album that was recorded extraordinarily well, so...I wound up tossing it.

I bought it again years later. Maybe 15 years later. Whole different recording. Much better; not far from analog.

And then some recordings sound as if they have been completely re-equalized. Yessongs is one of those. I think they tried to punch up the bass some. Not good.

I have heard some CD recording that were really, really good, when played back through audiophile gear. Paul Simon’s Graceland sounds absolutely fantastic through ~$20k worth of gear. Quad electrostatics, Martin Logan preamp. Not sure who did the power amp. CD player was...I think he referred to it a “Two Brothers”, but I am damned if I can find a reference.

I swear you could hear the air moving through the throat passages of Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

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