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March 09, 2018


IMO Tillerson only looked reasonable when compared to Trump and some of the other bozos.

Glad you've conceded "bozos" since Nazis is too dear.

That and the fact that so many of them seem to lack even the wit necessary to be a Nazi.

Hmmm.. Only bozos. Not to worry. Just clowns.

Just clowns.

Funny bozos!

Precision in language. Always welcome!

Cruel bozos, certainly. But if they were brighter, it would be even worse.


"An exhaustive Senate report on the program described the frightening toll inflicted. At one point, the report said, Zubaida was left “completely unresponsive, with bubbles rising through his open, full mouth.”

Internal CIA memos cited in a Senate report on the agency’s interrogation program described agency officials who witnessed the treatment as distraught and concerned about its legality. “Several on the team [were] profoundly affected,” one agency employee wrote, “. . . some to the point of tears and choking up.”

wj, my point is pretending that what's going on is not what it is.

They are nazis (glad to use a small n - that's for you GftNC). Not "bozos".

And my point is that they are worse than nazis.

"nazi" isn't actually the bottom of the barrel. And these guys are closer to that bottom (wherever it is).

Perhaps we could agree on "scum of the earth"...?

I'll go with your 9:03 pm, wj. Thanks.

lying republican vermin called out:


I've been thinking that immigrant families having their children kidnapped from them, as during the days of slavery and as practiced by enemies such as ISIS, and deported, could make common cause with right wing filth like the Oath Keepers and other militias, and the Bundy family, and most of the white supremacist republican cocksuckers in this piteous excuse for country who despise all gummint and the rule of law.

I mean, it would be counter-intuitive in many ways, and we know what those are.

But, after all, both share a hatred and fear of federal power and jackbooted and armed federal agents (who knew there so many right wing vermin among federal employees; I thought all of them were lazy, overpaid, fag liberal snowflakes from listening to republican haters hate them all these decades).

It is odd, this docility from the immigrant community.

You'd think the right wing militias could lend a hand ... and some automatic weaponry and ammo.

Maybe team up with MS-13 to liberate these children from detention centers.

You want the real news, tune in to Moscow:


mp is theirs! they own t, r, and u, too.

Every registered republican, every mp voter, every conservative, every piece of crap who thwarted the election of Hillary Clinton, many things she is, but not a traitor, all of you dupes and fellow traveler turncoats, you fucking Dreyfus', the tens of millions of you, are from this day forward eternal suspects, the enemy under every bed, moles, double agents in league with Putin's government.

You will be fired from your jobs, blackballed, denied housing, shunned, harassed, labeled as traitors. You will have to wear a patch on your clothing identifying your iffy natures and loyalties to the United States of America, you sellouts.

You will report your whereabouts and activities to the authorities weekly.

We'll bug you, photograph you, tail you, and we'll thwart any of your attempts to enjoy the American dream, you borchst-guzzling, cabbage-eating Cossacks, you spying KGB murderers and election thieves.

That plan McCarthy and John Birch had for liberals since the early 1950's?

Now it's your turn.


the bar these days is:

are you using your office to make hotel development deals in other countries?

are you accepting money from other governments to buy a million dollars worth of rugs?

are you offering to kidnap foreign nationals and render them to countries that want to imprison them? for $15M, natch?

tillerson had minimal qualifications and was in over his head. nonetheless, he was not nakedly out for his own advantage.

in context, he was a standout.

also, i'm generally not on board with the "nazis" thing. the nazis were the product of a particular place and time. when people say "nazi", everyone's mind immediately turns to stiff-arm salutes and jackboots. it's too obvious.

it remains to be seen what Trump et al turn out to be. we breed our own strains of noxious diseases over here in the good old USA.

It is odd, this docility from the immigrant community.

No, it's not.

unlike all of the folks who wave their guns around and threaten insurrecton, immigrants in general actually love this country and have endured no small degree of sacrifice to be here.

they're not docile, they're grateful.

too bad we can't find it in ourselves to reciprocate.

also, i'm generally not on board with the "nazis" thing. the nazis were the product of a particular place and time. when people say "nazi", everyone's mind immediately turns to stiff-arm salutes and jackboots. it's too obvious.

As a German I agree. I also do not like it when nazism and fascism are used simply as synonyms. There were some specific differences (duly noted at the time). Tendencies of the US Right are more towards the latter than the former but with more old-conservative elements* in it than classical fascism retained.

*for wj et al.: I deliberately say 'elements of'. More raisins in a cake than bulk substance.

I'm seeing a report on the PA-18 Congressional special election. It says that, at 100% of the precincts reporting, Lamb is up by about 600 votes out of 227,000 cast. Sufficiently razor thin that I expect a recount. But in a district that Trump carried by 20%, definitely a straw in the wind.

It is odd, this docility from the immigrant community.

It's not odd if you think that they have two challenges that contradict each other-to become 'American' (whatever the hell that means) and to try and keep their own identity. Unfortunately, what it means to be American is never set and so you have guys with names like von Spakovsky telling us about massive voter fraud while Kobach's team simultaneously makes the argument that finding 'foreign sounding' names on a spreadsheet is an appropriate metric of voter fraud.

The difference between Nazism and these clowns is that nazis had some logical consistency...

Just a little something for the debate about guns in the classroom. (And yes, I realize I'm speaking to the choir here.)

The teacher wasn't just any old instructor. He was a reserve police officer. And, in 2013, was reserve officer of the year. So, presumably, someone who knew what he was doing. (He was just saying that he was going to check to confirm that the gun was not loaded when it discharged....)

the only way to stop a good guy with a gun is a better guy with a bigger gun

In other news, RIP Stephen Hawking. His serious contributions are well-known, but I liked this:

On June 28, 2009, he threw a party for time travellers.

Surrounded by bottles of champagne and plates of hors d'oeuvres, Professor Hawking waited … and waited … but no-one showed up.

In his television series, he said:

"I have experimental evidence that time travel is not possible.

"I gave a party for time travellers, but I didn’t send out the invitations until after the party."

Perhaps we could agree on "scum of the earth"...?

Fine with me.

As a Trump critic doubtful of the most panicked narratives about this presidency, my watchword thus far has been: It could be worse. But if it eventually does get worse, a week like this one, with a president chafing against his bonds and snapping some of them, is how a descent from farce to tragedy might begin.

From Ross Douthat in this morning's NYT, on the possible consequences of Cohn, Tillerson et al being gone. I can't help feeling that this, together with the humiliating (to Trump) result in Pennsylvania, may lead to truly horrendous actions to try to sway the midterms...

RIP Stephen Hawking. I am surprised at how strong my reaction is. Somewhere in my subconscious I must have decided that since he had beaten odds and expectations for so long, he was going to beat them forever.


Surely, all of these people will be brought into the mp White House before the midterms to secure the base and beat up Larry Kudlow, should he request it:


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