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March 13, 2018


What's cool about these posts is that I keep going off to my local library site to put in requests....

i liked the Stone Sky trilogy. i'd give it a solid B. but i gotta say Jemison's writing style started to grate on me; it's very chatty & bratty at times.

Looks like Stephen Hawking left the mortal plane. He missed the ride on Elon Musk's car to Mars by a few days it seems.
Wouldn't that have been a spectacular combo?

Hadn't seen this thread, when I posted on the other one:

In other news, RIP Stephen Hawking. His serious contributions are well-known, but I liked this:

On June 28, 2009, he threw a party for time travellers. Surrounded by bottles of champagne and plates of hors d'oeuvres, Professor Hawking waited … and waited … but no-one showed up.

In his television series, he said:

"I have experimental evidence that time travel is not possible.

"I gave a party for time travellers, but I didn’t send out the invitations until after the party."

Contrary evidence for time travel: in the late 1960s, Stephen Hawking was give 2 years to live. Half a century later, Stephen Hawking was still occasionally observed, alive and moving about the earth. What else but time travel can explain this? ;-)

did Hawking make it to (American) pi day?

Not sci-fi, but still a book, though I wish it was fiction:

I want to thank Doctor Science for recommending (she was the one, wasn't she?) Edward Baptist's "The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism" some long time ago.

I'm finally reading it, and it is a harrowing story, sumptuously researched and cited, on a par with the best of Holocaust memoirs and histories by writers like Primo Levi.

Without mentioning the word thus far .. I'm 2/3rds thru ... and not attempting to make a case for it, it is the finest marshaling of evidence in support of reparations I've ever read.

This country was built upon, and formed our literal capitalist bones, and profited from unimaginable, inhumane cruelty, on the basis of the perverted ideals of property rights, to an extent that is sickening.

That all of our white forbears were not slaughtered in their beds shows superhuman forbearance on the part of the victims.

The narrative regarding the Presidency of Andrew Jackson is especially apt since we now have a President for whom Jackson, about whom mp owned a coloring book some time in his childhood, is the a hero and role model.

I'll be reading "Sundown Towns" by James Loewen soon as well.


That all of our white forbears were not slaughtered in their beds shows superhuman forbearance on the part of the victims.

That's what many slaveholders and whites in general feared. Either through a slave revolt or being freed, the former slaves would take revenge on their former masters. The slaveholders thought they had a tiger by the tail that they couldn't let go of even if they wanted too.

And that fear appears to have been passed down to their descendants. Even though it has been several generations since their slave-holding ancestors.

Thank you for the recommends. I will be trying some of them out. ARe you familiar with Kate Griffin's Midnight Mayor series? Or the Rivers of London books? I have a fairly narrow niche of fantasy lit; urban British nd contemporary.

Rivers of London is definitely a fave, it only *just* didn't make either list this year. I shall now take a look at The Madness of Angels & see how I like it.

I liked the Charles Stross books unp until the ast one. Too realistic, so I didnt finish it.

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