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February 02, 2018


"Some friends and I were arrested, but let off with a tongue-lashing, in my small college town for constructing and releasing candle-powered hot air balloons, plans for which were featured in the Whole Earth catalog."

This is the Count I love.

He, Trump is more like il Duce than like der Fuehrer. This may have some relevance to the Republicans-as-Nazis meme.

Indeed. But Benito was also a stinking intellectual.
The main parallel I see to Germany is that the conservatives try to make use of the US Nazi equivalents like von Papen and von Schleicher did at the end of the Weimar republic. Then it turned out to be a miscalculation. We have yet to see what will happen in the US.
The main difference I see is that the Nazis (unlike the fascist regimes in other countries) increased social mobility and were serious about having a form of welfare state (however perverted in practice). US conservatives are vehemntly opposed to both.
And the Nazis tried crackpot 'science' for a short amount of time, then dropped it when it failed to produce tangible results (some of the crackpots ended up in jail/camps for wasting government resources). This kind of pragmatism is anathema to the US Right that would rather embrace Lyssenko and his methods. Fittingly, the Koch family was in bed with Stalin (all the good deals with Hitler already taken by other famous US clans).

And the Nazis tried crackpot 'science' for a short amount of time, then dropped it when it failed to produce tangible results.

Unfortunately, they didn't drop all of it.

"The Nazis' extermination programme was carried out in the name of eugenics - but they were by no means the only advocates of racial purification. In this extract from his extraordinary new book, Edwin Black describes how Adolf Hitler's race hatred was underpinned by the work of American eugenicists"
Hitler's debt to America

Eugenics and the Nazis -- the California connection

Hitler's bible: an analysis of the relationship between American and German eugenics in pre-war Nazi Germany.

It's been years since I bothered to watch a rocket launch, but I think I'll check in on the Falcon Heavy's first attempt today (the window is Tuesday, Feb 6, 1:30-4:00 PM EST). Elon Musk is being uncharacteristically cautious about this one.

Kellyanne Corruptway may be running a fentanyl lab IN the White House:


I shall not be governed; I shall be served.

He (they, actually) want government to do things for them. They do not want government to expect anything from them.

But the FSM forbid that the government should do anything for anyone else. Like the poor, or the brown. Not those moochers, unh-uh.

By the way, I don't agree with the two republicans I cited above at 9:04 pm that elections are the way to save America, anymore than I would agree with the script writers of the "The Walking Dead" that the way to resolve the zombie crisis is to allow all beings who can still walk --- the zombie hordes and the minority surviving human beings -- to vote on who should run the country.

Remember what vermin republican hemorrhoid-suffering cowards did to patriot Max Cleland.


We're not doing this anymore. Fuck voting.

It would be hard to fit the slogans on bumper stickers.

"Legless Former Mom Dragging Herself on the Ground with Entrails Hanging Out for President!"

Yes, and if Duckworth ran for President against mp the latter would label her war combat record and injuries "fake news", and he'd say he knows things no one else knows, which he will divulge in a couple of days, Tuesday, maybe Wednesday at the latest.

Killer Mulvaney would coincidentally shutter the agency whose function it is to mandate ramps and other safety features for the disabled, while accepting bribes from elevator manufacturers whose product features elevator-button pads to high to reach for those confined to wheelchairs and a piped-in cackling laugh track loop, and escalators and people movers at airports which he can control from a dashboard at his desk. Anyone with a limp or the elderly step on one of the contraptions, he'd push a button making the steps feature disappear, and making a greased slip and slide on the escalators and causing the people movers come to a jolting full stop, pitching the victims forward on to their faces.

mp would commission a committee led by KellyAnne Dryhump to look into this unfortunate circumstance and she would lock the door to all elevator, escalator and people mover engineers and repair experts, instead opting to staff the committee with the sales staff of "Sam's Gag Store for Sadists" and "Patty's Pratfall Planning For Losers Emporium".

He'd release a memo which designated the last thirty feet of distance entering all workplaces as "crawl space" for the bootstrapless with accompanying cattle prods.

See what happens when we have an election.

Follow-up: liquidated:


From a high of 140-something per share three weeks ago to total liquidation today.

PFFT! Like the chimera of America.

I did not own shares. Have traded it in the past.

the president's lawyers don't want him to talk to mueller because he lies so much that they're afraid he'll perjure himself. perhaps inadvertently, perhaps unnecessarily. just because he can't help himself.

that's what they're leading with. it's the best face they can find to put on the situation.

every day brings a new daily wtf. one of these days i'm gonna shake my head so much i'm gonna hurt myself.

xiv is a highly technical instrument, which goes down and up as market volatility goes up and down. It's not a share in anything. Market volatility explodes in a crash, that's all.

xiv is a highly technical instrument

AKA "gambling"

and we all know what the game is.

XIV is a note. You put in a buy order for 100 of them or a sell order for a 100 of them, so yeah, it's not a share, as in a share of stock.

Basically a short bet against volatility.

All pieces of paper. All electronic blips.

That highly technical instrument completely broke and was liquidated as of this morning. It's been trading continuously for seven years or so and has weathered larger spikes, larger explosions (though not all in one day) in the VIX, the underlying volatility index that the XIV was designed to basically and very complicatedly short.

Merely remarking on the prevalence of financial "instruments" that go pfft in the night, and by the way, the pftt didn't happen during regular trading hours where anyone less than God can get at it and trade it.

It's like owning violin, an instrument, and waking up in the morning to find it has vaporized. There was no expiration date, like an option.

Of course, those who owned it weeks ago at 142 dollars per note after having purchased it at its latest technical breakout just below 50 after mp's election were swanning around feigning intelligence.

A better explanation of what happended:


You'll have to read the faint print without a subscription.


Really, madame?

You don't KNOW if you would go as far as calling Democrats' traitors for not clapping like North Koreans at the lout's oinking?

Bring back caning to the floor of the Senate. The idiot fake streaked-blonde woman can learn that if you are going to talk like a shithead man, you'll have your ass kicked like a shithead man too.

my feeling about stuff like this is as follows.

there is a useful place for financial markets. estimate risk, direct capital to useful purposes.

making money that way involves actual work. you have to do the due diligence to understand the businesses you invest in, pay attention to how they are being managed, pay attention to how they perform over time.

stuff like VIX seem like a kind of second (or third, or fourth) order instrument. based on the dynamics of the primary equity markets, i.e., the investment of capital directly into businesses that provide tangible goods and services.

They have some role in terms of providing hedges for more substantial investments, but they don't actually directly cause capital to be directed to a productive enterprise.

it seems, to me, the naive investor that I truly am, that the actual productive value of stuff like VIX is, at most, limited.

it seems like kind of a side bet.

if people want to make a lot of money investing in equity markets, or directing other people's investments in equity markets, i'm fine with that. but i wish they would commit themselves to the hard work of actually analyzing and understanding the best and most productive places to direct capital, instead of screwing around with trying to game, at multiple levels of indirection, how other people are doing so.

I don't mind handing my money over to people to make productive use of it, because that's not my field and I don't have the chops for it and there is honest good work to be done finding good places for people's money to go.

But I'm sick and tired of the dog-track bullshit. It's not productive, and it puts people's livelihoods at risk.

If you want to gamble, go to Vegas. And do it with your own money.

A word on the term "volatility" as applied to stock market movements.

Like so much else theseadays, it's bullshit.

When the market goes down 1500 points, it's termed by market participants and the utterly useless so-called business journalists, like Maria Bartiromo, Jim Cramer and every other talking head, volatility, as in "a long period of calm was interrupted this week by an outbreak of volatility."

As if the market caught the Ebola virus.

However, when the market rises thousands of points, the same idjits say merely, because rising markets are considered by market participants to be their birthright, "The market went up, or rose, or soared X number of points today. Three cheers for rising Ebola."

No one says the market was volatile on the upside today. No one says "the market has ebola on the upside".

Look, either up AND down movements are both considered legitimate volatility, or how bout this? Shut up!

Like house inflation. "Why, Frank and I made hundreds of thousands on the sale of our house today."

You mean inflation, right?

No, no, we "made" that money.

How about a rising minimum wage?

No, THAT's inflation!

Like the value of your house? What's it called when the value of your house goes down?

Deflation, on account of someone, not us, screwing up. We certainly didn't do anything to deserve deflation, otherwise known as volatility.

But you did something to deserve inflation?

Yeah, we be smart.

What's it called when someone else's wages deflate?

Shitoutaluck for those losers.

I'm not playing anymore, smartaleck.

From that famously business-hostile source, Forbes magazine:

the new chairman of the House Budget Committee, Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR), let it be known that he and his committee had much better things to do than a 2019 budget resolution.
Why would he want to waste time doing Congress' Constitutionally mandated job?

OK, there is the detail that, in doing a budget, they would have to do some actual scoring and projections on the impact of the tax cuts. That could be awkward in the run up to the midterm elections.

Yeah, Womack was the lynching nigger-hater who tried to defund Obama's teleprompter.

Savage blood vengeance is coming for these pigs, these infected rats.

Conservative principles spreading thru government like the Black Death thru Dracula's alimentary canal.


Nobody knows nuttin:


Republicans, all of them, murder without consequence:


Conservative principles spreading thru government like gonorrhea thru a republican sunday school class:


Right wing vermin republican Americans can now be members in good-standing of the National Rifle Association AND the Russian KGB.


Quite the multi-cultural, pan-national conservative murder syndicate republicans have going there.

The Falcon Heavy launch was about as perfect as these things get. Payload in orbit where/when it was supposed to. The two reusable boosters that were supposed to land in Florida touched down within about two seconds of each other right on their targets -- looked like a special effect. The other reusable booster stuck its own landing on the big barge out in the Atlantic.

Liars, fingered by the liars who lied about war last time:


The Count beat me to it: there are now at least two nations in the world where insufficient applause for the Dear Leader is "treason".

Listen up, non-Democrats: if you ever again vote for anybody who does not robustly and forthrightly condemn Corporal Bone Spur, you are -- to coin a phrase -- deplorable.

I don't care if it's in a school board election or in a primary for garbage commissioner. Vote for anybody who is too mealy-mouthed to say the words "Trump is a disgrace and an asshole" and you can stop pretending that you have "principles".


I went out on my balcony to watch the Falcon Heavy. Even with the naked eye 50 miles away from the launch site, it looked bigger and more impressive than a "normal" launch.

I agree with Michael Cain, the video of boosters landing is so perfect it looks like an animated rendering.

Just found this lovely quote (in an Economist blog post on the US Marines posted in Darwin, North Australia). From the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

“If someone is trying to undermine the United States, politically, diplomatically and from a security perspective, the first target would be our network of allies and partners.”
General Dunford was referring to China, of course. But gosh, what American politician does that sound like?

Republicans have come up with a new color-coded system to identity stock market fluctuations/volatility:



Yesterday was nigger day in the market -- Black Monday.

Today's upward volatility in the market is white supremacist animal spirits at work.

Payload in orbit where/when it was supposed to.

The most expensive shipment of a motor vehicle ever.

Enthusiastic applause, transitioning to an ovation....

The most expensive shipment of a motor vehicle ever.

I noticed that the spokespeople in the live feed made reference to the car orbiting the sun for "hundreds of millions of years". Since the car is fully exposed once the fairing was jettisoned, I'm wondering how much material erosion happens after a few million years of exposure to the solar wind. Take the gloss off the paint? Or grind it the whole thing to dust?


I'd like it if Musk opened the front door of his house to let out the cat some months from now and his roadster was sitting at the curb stripped and wheel-less, graffitied nose to tail with Martian hieroglyphics, and a Martian parking ticket on the cracked windshield.

Or maybe it if came crashing through his bedroom roof one night with a note left on the front seat: "Keep your junk to yourself."

I have always found this mass murder bookkeeping interesting. And it is good to see Rummel dissed.


The source I was watching jumped the gun -- the core first-stage booster crashed rather than landing on the target barge. Well, it was a much bigger challenge. Started quite a bit higher and faster than the outside pair. Musk has said that if they salvage any of the video feeds from the crashed booster, they'll put those up.

Not fascist. Not fascist at all.

But what will the uniform look like? Every tinpot dictator (or dictator wannabe) gets a uniform. Heavy on gold braid and lots of self-awarded medals. They're typically really tacky, putting the design right in Trump's wheelhouse.

But what will the uniform look like?

Too bad for Trump that Rehnquist has passed. They could have gone shopping together. He can still consult with Pope Benedict though.

Nobody knows nuttin

The single most astounding display of boneheadedness I have witnessed in my lifetime was Alan Greenspan expressing his amazement that people, in pursuit of big piles of beautiful green money, might act foolishly.

What planet was he born on.

Things like VIX exist because there is always somebody who will sell the cow for a handful of magic beans.

Not fascist at all.

Pity the nation governed by a fool.

Marty once called me out here on ObWi, claiming that I "wanted" to see Trump driven from office.

I actually don't want that. I think the ouster of President Trump will potentially be calamitous for the nation. I don't "want it", I think it is likely to the point of being inevitable. And I think, however harmful it might be, it will be a good thing if it happens.

I think that even if it causes the break up of the nation, it will be a good thing. Because a nation that is happy to be governed by someone like Trump is just not a nation worth having.

Trump is an utterly crap POTUS, because he is an utterly crap person. He has no regard for the office he holds, for its constraints and responsibilities, and for the obligations it places on him. To such an extreme degree that he is likely to, sooner or later, have his ass handed to him. And if that's what happens, it will be his own doing.

If he's tossed out, it will be calamitous. If he stays, it will be calamitous. If he gets tossed out, it will be, completely and entirely, on him.

If you are looking for someone to blame for all of that, look to the people who voted for him.

There are millions and millions of people who look at Trump and say "Well done!". He is their hero. That is the problem. They are the problem.

What I want or what I don't want is not the point. There is nothing whatsoever commendable or worthwhile in the man, and so he will most likely either go, or he will do enormous damage to the nation.

That's the point.

Marty once called me out here on ObWi, claiming that I "wanted" to see Trump driven from office.

I actually don't want that.

I suspect that the only folks who actually want President Trump driven from office (other than by being voted out on 2020) are those who long for a theocracy under President Pence. Which doesn't seem likely to be anybody here.

I have read that the British called off a plan to assassinate Hitler at the last hour because his incompetence was seen as more likely to shorten than prolong the war while a successor might combine the same fanaticism with more military competence.

A bit late, and I'll probably be accused of disrespecting the office of the President, but I wish for the SOTU speech, all the Dems had brought newspapers and started reading them when the speech began...

POTUS Douchebag can have his parade only if he declares victory in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, etc. etc. and those are the troops that are participating.

Grotesque. Which is French for grotesque:


However, once this cloverfield monstrosity is violently and savagely overthrown, I'd like to see America celebrate its very own Bastille Day.

I shall knit and cackle.

Douchebag is French too.

Guillotine has a nice ring to it.

i want to see Trump held accountable. there are are a few mechanisms that can make that happen.

i want his supporters held accountable, too. though i don't know how that can happen doesn't mean i don't want it.


Which makes the worldwide trade war mp also craves much more likely.

A nuclear World War III will soon follow.

Call it accountability.

Neil Farage can suck on his ancestory, or ask them for their papers:


How did Cheddar Man feel about crackers?

One more example about the misuse of the term "volatility":


"Calm" and "Placid" mean markets are rising, their birthright.

The word "Volatility" means markets are falling. Somebody's selling.

Wall Street will do anything to avoid the word "Sell". Thus: we are experiencing "volatility".

We are experiencing "Ebola" We are experiencing "Mayonnaise". We are experiencing "Turbulent Defenestration".

Anything but "selling".

Americans pride themselves on being plainspoken folk.

So when you buy your next new car and you drive it off the lot and some wag comes up to you and says, "Ya know, just driving that thing off the lot dropped the reselling price by a few thousand bucks.", an American will say "Well, perhaps I am experiencing some price mayonnnaise."

Because we tell it like it is.

"How did Cheddar Man feel about crackers?"

He advised tearing down their statuary.

"White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Tuesday that the president met with Mr. Rosenstein “to discuss some of the differences” between the Democratic memo and the Republican document it addresses, which was released last week. She said the White House was “in the middle” of a legal and national-security review of the Democratic memo expected to take “several days,” after which the president would be briefed.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told reporters earlier Tuesday that Mr. Trump hadn’t yet read the Democratic document. “He has it. It’s pretty lengthy,” Mr. Kelly said of the 10-page memo. “We’ll get some people down to brief him on it.”

mp, clutching his crayons, asked if the memo had a coloring section, like the Bible does.

Kelly said no, Mr. Precedent, but in it Adam Schiff volunteered to lay on his back on a float in this year's May Day military parade and lick the underside of your testicles.

mp: That's my boy. OK, release the memo.

The first mp May Day military parade:


Nigel Farage is an arsehole of the most consummate type. We're so happy to be rid of him much more of the time since he achieved his wished-for result in the Brexit vote, just sorry that it means he gets to spread his poisonous fuckwittery round your way (where it can of course continue to do more damage). The fact that Fox News considers him any kind of authority on the UK would be hilarious, if only it wasn't so pathetic/dangerous.

judge finds in favor of sensitive CA cake artist who refused to back a cake for evil gay people.

no mention of whether she also bakes cakes for divorcees or women who speak in church.

The right to First Amendment free speech:


Other notables, who "early on" deserved a hearing:







As it happens, I agree with the Professor. But haven't we already given reasonable constitutional platforms, in the form of a fucking White House Chief of Staff post and editor of Breitbart News, to Steverino's views on all matters.

Is there some "fresh" angle regarding his thinking he is going to reveal at the University of Chicago? Some conversion, perhaps to Tibetan Buddhism or John and Yoko's War Is Over/Give Peace A Chance movement?


So, I think in this case rotting cabbages in the hands of the audience at University of Chicago qualify as speech too.

They should also respectfully and quietly carry on their persons loaded guns into the venue, and the NRA agrees with me, to give equal billing to the Second Amendment, as should have happened when Hitler showed up for his second book signing at the Jesus Not For Jews bookstore some time in the late 1920s.

The American Optometry Institute has extended an invitation for Pol Pot to elaborate on his views regarding astigmatism and eyeglass couture.

With the advent of full scale Twitter bombing, it's difficult to keep abreast of the fire hose posse vomitus of conservative republican lies and threats, but some are still cleaning up the record about conservative republican lying, cheating, and stealing in the past:


wj: I suspect that the only folks who actually want President Trump driven from office (other than by being voted out on 2020) are those who long for a theocracy under President Pence.


Thanks for pointing out the full horror of the GOP's shamelessness.

I'll tell you what, though: as a dyed-in-the-wool yellow-dog Democrat, I am prepared to vote for a Republican for president -- a Republican who runs as an out and proud atheist, that is.

Meantime, while hell remains unfrozen, ITMFA. I would be happy to watch Republican senators and congressmen stand up and clap patriotically at a Christianist SOTU speech. Speaking as a Democrat, I mean.


Someone shouting "YOU LIE!" at Trump during the SOTU would have been within the bounds of bipartisan comity.

And yet, completely redundant.

What's that?


That trickling sound.

Oh that, the pennies on the dollar finally coming to us.

Don't, whatever you do, let you know who see you put them in your pocket. Don't grab your forelocks and ask for more, Oliver.


They're watching.



Cuck murderer Sarah Death Panel wins:


They only defunded the Panels, mind you.

They funded Death with a blank check and gave it a Cabinet position.

Soon, Medicaid patients will have their medical care terminated if they don't suitably polish republican knobs.


I smell burning republican.

Does having the last name "Johnson" refer to some commonly-held genetic stupidity in that clan or is it merely a synonym for that thing they lead with*:


*obviously a shaky theory of mine, given Donald Johnson's model presence on this Earth (leave it alone, sapient ;)), so there must be some other etiology for what ails that end of the Johnson family.

"Adam's new book, Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don't Matter, is both a detailed analysis of how Trump reframed political rhetoric during the 2016 campaign and a guide to how all of us can communicate more effectively and persuasively."
Dilbert's Scott Adams Explains How He Knew Trump Would 'Win Bigly': The cartoonist-turned-political-prognisticator talks about "master persuaders" and winning arguments in a "world where facts don't matter."

I always found the Dilbert cartoons to be insightful and hilarious, mocking as they did standard management and corporate norms.

That he is a full on glibertarian loon is, well, rather a disappointment. Maybe he can get into a 12 step program.

He needs help.

adams thought trump would win because he recognized what he saw as his ability to mesmerize the gullible and work a room.

adams is into mesmerism as a hobby. he uses it to pick up chicks.

"win bigly in a world where facts don't matter" sums it up nicely.

not only do facts not matter, but Trump has a unique ability to mesmerize the press. and it hasn't abated an iota, yet.

even though everybody knows that he's a disaster (even those in the biz of milking "conservative" rubes), nobody will look away.

that doesn't bode well for anyone who ends up running against him.

scott adams.

the elbonians was a funny bit, though.

“Facts don’t matter. Every trained persuader knows that.”

Every sales rep in creation knows this. I mean, there ARE facts, but they aren't enough, because most facts, of you inspect them a little too closely have water damage in the basement, thus the three-martini lunch and Tony Robbins' and Joel Osteen's and Jim Cramer's frozen smiles and net worths and poor Joice Heth*, the latter while both dead and alive.

I've eaten the biggest hamburger in America, because all of them are. I go to four out of five dentists. The fifth one isn't an American. The fifth one gets run out of town on Yelp where every opinion is fact.

The glittering beauty of America is the depth of our bullshit. Our bullshit is exceptional. Without it, America would be a shithole. We skate on great frozen lakes of liquid bullshit polished by the stories we tell each other, zambonies working back and forth mesmerizingly thru the night making the bullshit frictionless.

Adams is enthralled by this. Adams reminds me of this character from Alien, played by Paul Reiser. Bringing the alien spore back to Earth is of deep corporate interest, but most of all, it will help the Reiser character pick up chicks.

Adams has made a great living making fun of bullshit in business and government. Amateur bullshit, that is. Clintonesque bullshit, which is really not the pure American sort because it lacks the enthusiastic, mesmerizing presentation.

Now Adams has spotted a professional.

For the Reiser character and now Adams apparently, that the Alien will eat everyone once transported to a lab outside Bethesda is merely a business school p.r. conundrum, to be addressed by laying down a thick layer of pure American bullshit.

I mean, Steve Mnuchin relates to this, as does his chick.

Adams adds: 'Clinton fans define Trump as Hitler, he reasoned, “and obviously it would be okay to kill anyone who actively supports a genocidal dictator.”

To which the question becomes, "When is it OK to kill anyone who actively supports a genocidal dictator?"

The history of bullshit proves the only approved right time is AFTER the genocide.

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joice_Heth

Every sales rep in creation knows this.

and soon they will know even more!


Techpowerup has published a redacted presentation from an unnamed AI company to an unnamed big-budget multiplayer video-game publisher, setting out a suite of surveillance capitalism tools combined with machine-learning to manipulate players to make them as addicted as possible and drain them of as much money as possible.

The slide deck sets out a suite of persuasion techniques to lure new players to the game by purchasing deep dossiers on their situation, views and social activities, then advertising in highly targeted ways using predictions made by an AI model trained on giant data-sets bought from data-brokers. It details highly invasive techniques involving cellphone location tracking, covert mapping of homes using wifi signal strength, and always-on microphones that analyze incidental noise to deliver realtime intelligence about your activities and pain-points, from menstruation to crying babies to depression.

Major League Baseball this morning announced they will accede to White House demands for the militarization of the game.

Other professional sports are expected to follow baseball's lead.

The traditional nine inning games will be scrapped and replaced by a three-hour parade of military armaments on the field accompanied by flyovers of cruise missiles, anti-terrorist drones and a fleet of nuclear-tipped blimps in the shape of mp's fat republican ass.

There will no kneeling, not even for the outfielders to tie their shoes. In fact, there will be no sitting either for the fans, no seats, standing only.

Martial music will keep a steady drumbeat for the
synchronized proceedings. Military marching bands will form themselves into the shapes of nuclear mushroom clouds as they tootle out "Beat Me Daddy And Forget the Eight To the Bar".

All is not lost for the sport itself, however, as the traditional seventh stretch during which America the Beautiful is now played will be converted into a 15-minute respite in which fans who have dared to sit or kneel are "invited" down onto the filed to play a short simulated inning of baseball.

However, instead of regulation baseballs, the offending fans will suit up and stand in against 100 mph major league fastballs, but the projectile will instead be hand grenades with the pin pulled. No base on balls permitted.

Ground crews will use a meat wagon to clear the field of unwanted debris and then the military processions will continue to a spectacular finale in which Justin Timberlake is shot point blank by an anti-aircraft weapon to general approval.

Dilbert and this guy walk into a bar together carrying a canoe. Dilbert says to the guy, "If I didn't find you so actively fascinating, I might have to kill you. As it is, let's start a pass-through corporation together."


I try to keep up, I really do.


The entire country smells of elderberries. Yet another impediment to farting in the republicans' general direction.

Boiling oil from the ramparts. Snipers. Watchtowers. Catapults. Moats. No taco windows for the right wing vermin.

Blow it up. All of it.

There will no kneeling

Count, you can't be serious! Surely there can be kneeling if the Great Leader puts in an appearance! And genuflecting, too!

Extra mayo with that:


Might be testing Monday's bottom. Up to the robots.

Regarding my name, there are a fair number of not terribly bright relatively famous people who share it. I have trouble thinking of a counterexample. Probably the Johnson noise guy wasn't a total moron.

I don't actually care much about russiagate. And most of Trump's actual policies and "successes", such as they are, happen to be boilerplate horrible Republican notions. One or two are bipartisan horrible notions, like the idea that we should keep fighting in Syria like we have the right to be wherever we want. No doubt our endless string of glorious successes in the Middle East justify ignoring our lack of any legal right to be there. And then the Jerusalem decision was applauded by some brain dead Democrats. "Bipartisan" these days often means an idea so horrible it has support from horrible people in both parties.

But there is one issue where Trump is uniquely worrisome and that's the nuclear issue, because there the fact that he is a mentally unstable narcissist is a bad thing. (In other areas it probably makes it harder for him to get bad policies pushed through. A sane Republican could get much more harm accomplished.) North Korea in particular, but more generally. And it has a nice constitutional fix, if we ever decided we needed to go back to a system where Congress is the branch of government that has the power to declare wars and end the world on a whim. There is some document that covers this somewhere. It's not especially good that several hundred people have that power, but it beats the current set of circumstances.


There's a pecking order when kneeling before mp to perform lip service.

No one is permitted to get lower than Pence. Not even KellyAnne. Hannity must stand during the servicing but he's neck deep in a shithole so his mouth is at the correct level.

In other news, anti-regulation and pro-mp big money like Leon Cooperman and Carl Icahn beg for regulators to step in. Unlike when regulators charged them with insider trading.


They no like no stinkin volatility.

One or two are bipartisan horrible notions, ...

Both sides can certainly agree on spending a lot more money, if not what to spend it on.

They no like no stinkin volatility.

I want to say one word to you. Just one word.

Are you listening?


Or perhaps the right word is


Although Psssst might work....

I actually think we should ignore Trump's bait and switch and with him the whole so-called Alt-right etc. movement as much as possible.

They feed on our outrage like It feeds on fear.

cf. also UK (Farage and UKIP) and Germany (AfD and PEGIDA)

When it comes to FP the Dems are unfortunately not much better but I'll give them points for style.

Russell: I am long Tulips....have I misjudged?

D.J.: there are a fair number of not terribly bright relatively famous people who share it.

Don't despair....

Samuel Johnson
Lyndon Johnson (I know, I know...but dumb he was not.)
J.J. Johnson

Lots of athletes named Johnson, how's your jump shot?

I am long Tulips....have I misjudged?

As long as you love flowers, no problem. But if you're in as part of a "bigger idiot" investment strategy? That might not be quite so brilliant. There are certainly lots of idiots around. But the tend to herd behavior, and so might stampede as an inopportune moment.

More on the other Wall:


Nunes had gone full-Joe-McCarthy on his own Committee's republican staff, who he expects to be Charlie McCarthy.

He's threatening them in Russian.

I'm sure it's a mistake to see Trump as some sort of masterful political tactician. Trump would do what he does whether it worked or not. He's simply had the good fortune to live in an age when being boorish, dishonest, narcissistic, ignorant and incapable of considered analysis can get you elected, so long as you're tall and have enough (inherited) money behind you.

He's simply had the good fortune to live in an age when being boorish, dishonest, narcissistic, ignorant and incapable of considered analysis can get you elected, so long as you're tall and have enough (inherited) money behind you.


And the reason we live in that age is that many of the "decent" people we know accept this and support it.

novakant: I actually think we should ignore Trump's bait and switch and with him the whole so-called Alt-right etc. movement as much as possible.

Donald Johnson: I don't actually care much about russiagate.

When True Liberals say stuff like this, I start to worry.

He, Trump is a menace. Holier-than-thou lesser-evil-is-still-evil-ists talk as if they don't get that. Those of us who hope to save the US as a constitutional self-governing democracy whose worst, most deplorable elements would happily kowtow to a petro-kleptocrat's short-fingered puppet had better not count on True Liberals as allies in that fight.

Is that too harsh? Tough noogies. Root out the racists and the plutocrats and then we can discuss what a moral foreign policy or a benign neglect of racist ethno-nationalists should look like. Until then, forgive me: I have no more respect for True Liberals than I have for the we-hate-Trump-but-love-his-judges-and tax-cuts Evangelicals. Heaven (Christianist, Marxist, or Chomskyite) can wait.


I wish the dead zombie filth in the White House would have the simple common decency not to fuck each other while they are fucking the poor and the sick and everyone not white:


When True Liberals say stuff like this, I start to worry.

TP, I'm with you. Except that they don't call themselves "True Liberals". They're independent thinkers. They bear no labels, because they're originals.

I do care about the fact that Trump is Putin's pawn, and is an ignorant slime. I respected the collective knowledge and expertise of the formerly staffed State Department. Of course, I admire people like Samantha Power, who is so vilified by the folks you've mentioned - who apparently equate her with Stephen Miller - same/same, you know?

I have had to Pie Filter those people you mentioned. "Lalalalala - I can't hear you" - it's much safer for me so as not to get on the wrong side of anyone.

I won't bother you with my hatred of this market terminology: The market is now OFFICIALLY in a CORRECTION.

Even a crash is "correct". The "official" said so.

If the market suffers from even more correct upward volatility tomorrow of 500 points, the talking heads will say "the market is now officially out of correction territory".

Gaaaa, shut up!

I don't actually care much about russiagate.

with respect, more fool you.

I wish the dead zombie filth in the White House would have the simple common decency...

i was just relieved to find that the boyfriend wasn't trump.

Of course the boy friend wasn't Trump. Trump doesn't do friends.

I suppose he might do "mistress" -- except that implies more commitment on his part than seems usual for him.

I always get libertine and libertarian mixed up.


Drown the baby in the bathtub.

Elect fetuses to public office. Term limit them by drowning them once they are born baby human beings.


Good question. When he can run a think tank with his dick, the republican/libertarian way, or his gun.

Lettuce pray:


The sheer humping horniness of devout family values republicans puts liberals to shame.

"The latest is California Congressmuck Duncan Hunter. Hunter is being investigated along with his parents and a female lobbyist he is suspected to be “romantically involved” with. “Romantically involved” is the Republican word for “boinking on the side.”

The indispensable Juanita Jean.

His parents are having sex with the lobbyist too?

Why are Navy Seals not hunting down and killing Alex Jones, terrorist mastermind?


Is the problem that Hope Hicks is dating Jones, too, or are those who give orders to Navy Seals just politically correct pansy anti-American republican snowflakes?

Conservative principles spread through the government and the country like Xyklon-B vented into a Jewish children's gang shower.

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