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February 02, 2018


Well, the other possibility would be to change people's, especially politicians', views of the NRA. For example, if the NRA was shown to have been consciously acting as an agent of a foreign power in influencing an American election, taking funds from them might become politically toxic.

Admittedly, a low probability scenario. But not totally impossible.

I think the way to go is strict liability. Make the gun manufacturers liable any time anyone shoots anyone they weren't aiming at. Make the registered owner liable any time their gun is used in a crime. So you still have your freedom to own a gun, you just have to pay some of the true costs.

what PB said

Alyssa Alhadeff

As a small step, ban gun access, ownership and purchases by anyone under 21.

We recognize the immaturity of the teen brain in many other aspects of law, and there seems to be consensus that the 'mentally ill' should not have weapons. I think just about every parent would agree that teens are mentally ill, at least sometimes.

So if you have weapons in your house you have a legal duty to prevent a teen from having access.

If someone like the latest bozo is displaying weapons, that would give the police the right to investigate and confiscate.

We just had another student arrested in WA because grandmom saw he had an AK in a guitar case. He was apparently planning a school shooting. His attorney said he was legally allowed to have that weapon.

For reference

i bought a rifle when i was 17. they let me do it on lay-away. didn't even ask my parents.

i promptly got arrested for hunting in a state park (unknowingly, we wandered in over an unmarked hillside).

21 would be great.

What's the best-evars sniper rifle, how much does it cost, and where can you buy it? Asking for a fiend.

Fiends don't need guns, they use people. :-)

Fallows on the bottomless cynicism of McConnell, enabler of school massacres:

Fiends don't need guns, they use people. :-)

Snarki snarked ?

in case you don't feel like throwing your hands up mumbling "Ah, Fuck It All", read this!

how about now?

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