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January 31, 2018


Drove through much of the East Coast twice over the last few years via rental car. Did not have E-ZPass. Received a few bills for tolls months later from the rental company.

There are still plenty of toll booths with breeze-through E-ZPass lanes and cash and credit card lanes.


I demand treason charges against Gosar and his family.

The sentence should be of the North Korean variety --- truss him up on a football field and shoot him at close range with an anti-aircraft weapon.

Have the leaders of the NRA view the execution as a preview to their fates.

These last 30 years, it's always the same subhuman vermin. Christopher Ruddy now:


As long as right-wingers remain among the living, and they seem to have the lifespans of Dracula, the Republic is in danger.



I'm still with Keillor:


I suspect, with no evidence in fact-free clown-fake-fucking America, that the vermin republican party is behind these accusations.


Key takaway:

"The U.S. has had a booming job market for so long that wage increases shouldn’t be unexpected, said Stefan Hofer, chief investment strategist at LGT Bank Asia. However, “the speed of the increase that has caught the market by surprise,” he said.'


We've noted CEO pay and the top 1% pay diverging exponentially and at warp speed for years now. Hofer himself must have noticed the speed at which his compensation, given his position, has increased over the years.

Not a hint of surprise on his selfie career face.

The "surprise", to fucks, now is the middle class and low-wage workers picking up a few crumbs from the slow drip of employers finally experiencing a shortage of labor.

And this:



republicans can't wait to get back to 9% unemployment so that can tell their lessers to get a fucking job.

Reading Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves To Death", a companion piece to the movie "Network".

Chapter 4, "The Typographic Mind" explains all, much like Richard Hofstadter's essays explain all about today's republican party.

Here's Postman on technology and so-called autonomy:


Bit of a slog. Haven't finished it myself, but will tomorrow.

Foxconn is also aggressively replacing employees with robots...

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