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January 04, 2018


Thank you, lj.

hilzoy noted on twitter yesterday as well

Although, is it not 10 years?

Yeah, I saw that on hilzoy's FB and I thought she said 9 years.

she did

FYI, it appears that (at least this morning) the Rocky Mountain News site, which we link to in the right hand column under Why He Went, is not up. Anybody know if it is a temporary problem, or is the site no longer active?

i never know what to write for these posts.

the whole sorry mess was a tragedy.

From everything written at the time, he sounded like a wonderful man. His reasons for going were his own, and may not accord with the views of many others, here or elsewhere, but he was an honorable man who lost his life much too early, to the sorrow it seems of everyone who knew him and many more who only read about him. RIP.

Ugh. I went from work in tears that day. Didn't he have the dubious honor of being the first soldier killed that year.

Sigh at the world.

I missed the notifications, but swung by here because I was reminded of MAJ Olmstead by a foofrah on Twitter where someone was using dead veterans to score political points, mainly because I'm pretty sure he would have disapproved.

I'm pleased, and maybe a little surprised, to see the place still in such good repair.

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