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December 07, 2017


Chiming in briefly to say that Pratchett in general doesn't grab me - walking talking luggage, meh - but the Tiffany Aching series specifically was enormously enjoyable. A really well-drawn character, compelling stories.

I'm not usually a sci-fi guy but I loved that series.

A quick note about Provenance: while it is written as a stand-alone book, there is political discussion of what is going on back in the Radch that contains major spoilers about the ending of the Ancillary trilogy. People who haven't finished the trilogy might want to keep that in mind. (And that said, I very much enjoyed Provenance.)


the Luggage doesn't talk. It is intelligent, apparently multidimensional, automotive being that apparently nourishes itself by eating persons who are trying to harm its owner. However, while the Luggage is capable of gestures and certain level of communication, it definitely doesn't talk.

In fact, the Luggage is probably one of the truest examples of positively-described "Other". It has, again apparently, a true blue-organge morality, it doesn't really have normal compulsions of earthly animals or humans, and it cannot be communicated with. What makes it "positive" is that it seems to be loyal to its owner, its homicidal, ultra-violent bouts of rage usually target unsympathetic persons and it is actually a pretty good suitcase. This probably tells more about ourselves than about sapient pearwood.

I love catching up with your reading; many new things to add to my list.

A Key, An Egg... is really enjoyable. Marley's confidence is well earned, and the rules of magic are interesting too.

I've really enjoyed other Melissa Scott novels, so I'm looking forward to Astreiant books. It sounds similar but not quite related to her Armor of Light, since that's a more historical Europe setting.

So I grabbed A Key, An Egg, An Unfortunate Remark and... well, I won't say the rest of the day got wasted, but none of the things on the to-do list have been attended to.

I bought and read Provenance when it came out. Then yesterday I bought it again, realizing only when I got home and saw the first copy that I had messed up. I have trouble with names, both of books and of authors. People I know, too... sometimes.

I will read it again, I do that with good books. Melissa Scott sounds good. I'm not sure I've read previous novels she wrote but I will look into that.

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