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November 01, 2017


Translates as 'might have been wearing a wire', apparently.

That Mueller was able to keep this under wraps for so long, without it leaking, is going to (one hopes) worry some of Trump's coterie.

That the guy who isn't co-operating could be looking down the barrel of a 30yr sentence might also help concentrate a few minds....

"Proactive cooperator" sounds like something you'd hear in a Clutch song. It functions the way "copious note-taker" does in the following:

freshman in fatigues

you know he's fightin' for his rights

copious note-taker

American Spirit lights

i keep hearing Liz Phair:

I'm a big, tall man

I cut the grass

My left eye hurts

I am waiting and reading parts

I can be a complicated communicator proactive cooperator

No place for beginners or sensitive hearts
When sentiment is left to chance
No place to be ending but somewhere to start
No need to ask, he's a smooth operator

Angela C. Gomez

The biggest question that Papadopoulos' plea deal has to raise is How many other "proactive cooperators" might there be? Even more than just other cooperating witnesses. And how long have they been cooperating?

No doubt the levels of paranoia in the White House are skyrocketing. Because, after all, even paranoids can have real enemies.

It's rare that the 800-pound gorilla actually turns out to be .... an 800-pound gorilla:



He ain't got no bananas to do that science job anyhoo.

That appointment is like bringing Joe Pesci in as partner in your restaurant.

Arson becomes a distinct management option.

Regarding rump's terrorist attacks on Schumer:


Expect a tweet soon from rump claiming that if we would just stop letting foreigners into the country, those five murdered Argentinians and the one wounded Belgian woman in the NYC terrorist attack would have been safe at home in their own damn countries.

Yeah, super fun time when Mueller gets to compare Trumpista grand jury testimony with what those Trumpistas were caught on tape saying.

Perjury, all the way up!

Come hear my new GG Allin cover band, Orangina Mussolini and the Proactive Cooperators, LIVE in D.C.!

"I just got fantastic poll numbers."


Yeah, Polish fascists are all over Facebook extolling his eminence.

I have to wonder, just what polls is his staff showing him, that he thinks he has "fantastic poll numbers"? Because even Rasmussen has him net negative . . . and falling.

he thinks he has "fantastic poll numbers"?

"Fantastic" as in "Of or pertaining to a fantasy".

I always smile on the news when I heard someone has been "placed in custardy". Custardy! I imagine them in a holding cell slowing being dipped in a barrel of yellow vanilla dessert...

Susan Smith

"placed in custardy".

it's the first step to pudding them in jail.

i keep reading the title of this thread as "co-operative protractor".

The President of the United States will visit Asia.

The President of the United States' trip to Asia could be complicated, error-prone, and a catastrophe.

Because the President of the United States is going along on the trip to Asia.


It's like when President Borat traveled to Gettysburg in 1863 to deliver the Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Address.

Why have we done this to ourselves?

Behind the scenes prevaricator:




Running government like the Corleone family business. It hadda be done. We call dese heah conservative principles.

The next American Civil War WILL happen because of a lack of compromise:



Austin William Davis

Well, we're off and running on the "let's kill everyone" presidential road trip with the jagoff republicans elected and who studied nuclear weapons one time for 90 minutes and came away knowing all there is to know:


Brought his twatting machine with him, I see:


Don't want to neglect provocation for a massive land war in the Mideast with the Kingdom that birthed al Qaeda on our side, do we?

Conservative principles spreading throughout government like mushroom cloud radiation through human bone marrow.

More from Larison:


Welp, we're still a dozen or so names away from burying the Las Vegas dead here, and now, like a makeshift morgue set up on the fly at the Battle of Antietam, we have, as predicted, a new influx of corpses to rouge up and say fucking pointless words over:


rump has ordered the God of the Russian Orthodox Church to be with the newly dead in Texas, but it occurs to me that unless God had stepped out back to have a smoke during the Doxology, God was already as close as he could get to the congregation without actually killing them.

I'm still intent on taking my time through the names of these corpses via gunshot too:


Get in line, Texas.

Anti-rump Prince and associates arrested by Saudi government:


The Saudis are showing rump how to arrest and imprison Hillary Clinton and whomever else gets in his way.

We definitely need more guns in more hands:


Same Russian rump-supporting fake news sites who claimed just days ago that Antifa was planning the overthrow of the rump U.S. government claim minutes ago that Texas shooter is Antifa:


Expect the rump White House/FOX/Brietbart to be spinning that angle furiously and immediately, as reason to crack down on the Left.

Just finished a book called "Nothing is True and Everything Is Possible - The Surreal Heart of the New Russia" about Putin's Russia by Peter Pomerantsev.

If I didn't know the writer was talking about Russia, I could swear passages, even whole pages were about rump America. It's as if rump and company trained and graduated from the KGB's Putin University.

What fun! This, from the Economist, somehow doesn't even surprise:

The consortium of journalists who published the Panama Papers hatched a new brood of stories about the offshore holdings of politicians and celebrities. These “Paradise Papers” were stolen from Appleby, a Bermuda-based law firm (which denies any wrongdoing by its clients). Wilbur Ross, America’s commerce secretary, is alleged to share investments with Russian allies of Vladimir Putin.
The accuracy of the allegations remains to be seen. But will anyone be amazed if they prove true?

we have always been best friends with Russia.

Sick fuck conservative:

"Hans Fiene, a Lutheran pastor who is also a regular contributor to the right-wing website The Federalist, has written a new column in which he explains that allowing 26 people to die at the hands of a crazed gunman at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, this weekend was actually God’s way of answering their prayers. [...]

He then explains to liberals that it was part of God’s plan that over two dozen people would get shot up while in their own house of worship. [...]

“So when a madman with a rifle sought to persecute the faithful at First Baptist Church on Sunday morning, he failed,” Fiene says. “Just like those who put Christ to death, and just like those who have brought violence to believers in every generation, this man only succeeded in being the means through which God delivered his children from this evil world into an eternity of righteousness and peace.”'

That pastor is just reversing Hamlet

Hamlet III,3

Now might I do it pat. Now he is a-praying.
And now I’ll do ’t. And so he goes to heaven.
And so am I revenged.—That would be scanned.
A villain kills my father, and, for that,
I, his sole son, do this same villain send
To heaven.
Oh, this is hire and salary, not revenge.
He took my father grossly, full of bread,
With all his crimes broad blown, as flush as May.
And how his audit stands who knows save heaven?
But in our circumstance and course of thought
'Tis heavy with him. And am I then revenged
To take him in the purging of his soul
When he is fit and seasoned for his passage?
Up, sword, and know thou a more horrid hent.
When he is drunk asleep, or in his rage,
Or in th' incestuous pleasure of his bed,
At game a-swearing, or about some act
That has no relish of salvation in ’t—
Then trip him, that his heels may kick at heaven,
And that his soul may be as damned and black
As hell, whereto it goes. My mother stays
This physic but prolongs thy sickly days.

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