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November 12, 2017


Thanks for the post!

I, for one, look forward to the bright shining future of AIs scamming scammers.

Any chance we could hook up one of those AIs with Teh Donald's Twitstream?

This guy's not waiting for the AIs.

This is going to go like bitcoin mining, with increasingly elaborate AIs trying to counter-bluff each other into thinking that they are either a real target or not a scam. Shipping containers full of CPUs are going to be installed in server farms colocated with solar power stations to power an ever-increasing army of robot shysters.

Please take my future back; I don't want it.

utter genius. well played, NZ.

"Cocker said Netsafe had designed a bot"

I keep reading that as "Cocker said Nescafe ....

Did the scammer really misspell "necessary"?

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