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October 19, 2017


For the Count from today's Washington Post on the subject of Senators Flake and Corker's comments about Trump:

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) told MSNBC, “If we were all to chase every squirrel that comes running along in the form of a personal dispute or a mischaracterization of someone's integrity or intent, we would be very busy doing that and not focusing on the government.”
See, they've been focusing on governing all year. Who knew?

"before she was Brown's wife, decades before Brown ran for national office."

There are vast quantities of RWNJ stupidity that are best categorized as

"F'n CALENDARS, how do they work?1??"


This little girl wishes she was either a fetus or a corporation as the cold-blooded murderers in the republican party try to kill her:


So much for limited government and killing the regulatory state, assholes.

Establishment Republicans Agree: Steve Bannon Is Kicking Our Ass

So, kick back, you twerps.


Robots, get yer humans:

Robots are capital. They will be owned by the very few and the very wealthy:


There is no line:


They are going to kill.

Cornyn sounds like every other Republican: GOP Uber Alles ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ !


“I think one of the greatest of all terms I’ve come up with is ‘fake,' ” Trump told former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) during an interview. “I guess other people have used it, perhaps over the years, but I’ve never noticed it.”

True, he never noticed that every woman he has ever been with, especially those he assaulted, were faking their orgasms.

He thought they were awarding him a Nobel Prize.

"tRump told former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) during an interview."

I don't have a joke here. THAT is the joke.

a good old sling will do some damage as well. takes some practice to be accurate, though.

The guy I linked to (who has a very strict policy of not shooting at anything living that does not volunteer for it) has devised some full-auto contraptions and some with sniper options. His most extreme hand-held device is armor-piercing (but due to a loophole in German law formally just a toy).
I could very well imagine RW nutjobs in the US arming up with stuff like that if explosives would suddenly disappear from this world (or were not ever invented).

An uncivil war.

Bring it on. I want to die in that war.

Buchanan and company have yearned for this for decades. Let's give it to them with utter savagery.

This uncivil war, which is upon us, seems to have three sides, ours deemed irrelevant, and it seems for good cause.

Democrats yammer on about our lofty intentions.

Fuck that shit.

Buchanan is under some illusion that rump is going to keep America out of costly, bloodthirsty foreign conflicts.

Such a fascist, racist hard ass. Such an eternal dupe for every racist, fascist impulse in the full of shit American psyche.

McCain, rump, buchanan, reagan, flake, delay, bannon, gingrich, the Tea Party and the rest of the conservative filth destroying our government and country now dance the kabuki that they each are on two opposite sides of a deadly isosceles triangle.

They vote in goosestep.

Fuck all of them.


Coldblooded, pigfucking, subhuman murderers.

All republicans.

Every republican male, every republican female, every republican white, every republican black, every republican hispanic, every republican russian, every republican gay, every republican lesbian, every fucking vermin republican from every walk of life in the country.


Please go for it. Don't stop there. Execute the entire committee which approved the uranium deal with Russia. Execute Obama.

The CHAIR! I want to see all of the republican filth dancing in the streets and on the rooftops across the country.

Let's get that republican blood lust fully out.

Bring your children, scum. Let THEM desecrate Hillary's corpse. What more fitting way to initiate the little republican ghouls into the murderous conservative movement.

You'll have to execute me too, please. The sooner the better, for your own good, fuckers, and what other good is there besides a republican's own good:


Slow, deep breaths, count. Slow deep breaths.

Primed and lubricated for genocide:


Massive income inequality.

Conservatives have laughed over that formulation for decades even as they engineered it, grew fat on it, and lit more cigars than they can fit into their rapacious mouths.

Democrats have done nothing except offer them a light and move into the same neighborhoods.

Yet Democrats will be slaughtered first by the mob ginned up by rump inc., merely for standing by and because republicans have mastered the media, societal, and governmental instruments and infrastructure of assigning guilt and carrying out martial vengeance.

It's positively Balkan.

republicans next, after they have served their base robespierres' massive corruption and blood lust.

rump's head and his millions of Madam Defarge's heads will end up in baskets too, I promise you.

The mob's blade will know no limits.

Bannon et al will be goblin's heads on posts, their genitalia arranged in their dead mouths.

That will mark and ending of sorts and perhaps a new beginning.

What then?

Breath out.

Have a nice weekend.

A question for us all:
When will we reach Thermidor?

Speed the day.

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