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October 22, 2017


All those people, each one a life and a web of connections.

I dont know what to say except that I think their deaths are more important than that Congresslady's hat.

Jennifer Topaz Irvine

In the link to Jennifer Topaz Irvine's name, this last paragraph.

A number of San Diego County residents were injured in the shooting, including Tina Frost, who lost an eye, Zack Mesker, who took a bullet to the pelvis, Jeffrey Koisher, who was shot twice in the leg, George Sanchez, who was shot in the arm, Del Mar Deputy Fire Chief Jon Blumeyer and an unnamed San Diego firefighter.

I also noticed just now that I may have already posted Ms Irvine's name once before, But that's OK, since it gave attention to Frost, Mesker, Koisher, Sanchez, and Blumeyer, among the 500 plus injured.

Yup, she's #13 above.

Well, something over 1500 perished on the Titanic, perhaps the most lethal swimming pool accident in history, and we never stop hearing about those lost souls.

So repeating the names of the 558 dead and injured in the country music accident in Vegas seems small beer.

I notice the usual suspect rump/republican standard bearers are accusing the "shadow government" of staging the Vegas murders, whereas before rump, it was merely the "government", meaning black Obama and unarmed liberals who staged mass gun murders in the United States, even as the NRA armed the shooters.

Keep it up. There is Balkans/Rwanda-like savage fury coming to this country. Ours will indeed be exceptional compared to those others.

All of the groundwork, the superstructure, and the patterns of purposeful hate seen in genocides throughout history against the Other has been established by and on behalf of the conservative (that decent traditional conservatives will be surprised and deeply disappointed in this behavior is merely evidence of the seductive romance of dime-store religion and tax cuts) movement for forty years.

Conductor Rump just needs to give the orders to his cadres.

Dominican Republic/Haiti 1937.

Count, that's interesting because a lot of the articles have the number dead as 59, which I think includes Stephen Paddock. However, if Jennifer is doubled, then who is the 58th victim?

I mentioned this to Janie, it is interesting that there are lots of lists with short bios, but few single articles. Even obituaries tend to be cut down. On the other hand, there are lots of lists with biographic info, but the act of listing the biographic info of 58 people seems to turn them into something that can be looked at once and then forgotten. The goal that developed for this was to have something devoted to a single person who was lost.

Adrian Allan Murfitt

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