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October 16, 2017


Would this have happened on Obama's watch? Doubtful.

Would this have happened on Obama's watch? Doubtful.

Now watch this putt.

No, no! Pay no attention to this putt. Just believe what I tell you about how well I did it.

happy birthday, all you many Avagadro's Numbers of cesium nuclei !

"only 130 million light years distant." A matter of perspective.

Probably fewer than 5000 stars within 130 light years, so 'only' seems appropriate,
Positive neighbours.

130 light years is "close". 130 MILLION is 6 orders of magnitude farther, though admittedly 2 orders of magnitude below the limit of the observable universe.

Stephen Richard Berger

YAY! I have Internet back!

*HEADDESK* I can't find my reading glasses. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow ...

Andrea Lee Anna Castilla

"130 MILLION "
My bad - stupid reading error.

Erick Silva

Thanks for reminding of the site, haven't been there in a couple years, currently downloading wallpapers

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