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September 18, 2017



Who da slow learners?

It takes white conservative filth 230 years to figure out the rudiments of the First Amendment, but they can read any sort of murderous weapon of war into the Second Amendment.

Fuck off, motherfuckers.

According to Jelani Cobb, at the New Yorker:

"Sixty years ago, Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, became a flash point in the nascent civil-rights movement when Governor Orval Faubus refused to abide by the Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education. Faubus famously deployed the state’s National Guard to prevent nine African-American students from attending classes at the high school. In the midst of the crisis, a high-school journalist interviewing Louis Armstrong about an upcoming tour asked the musician about his thoughts on the situation, prompting Armstrong to refer to the Arkansas governor as several varieties of “motherfucker.” (In the interest of finding a printable quote, his label for Faubus was changed to “ignorant plowboy.”) Armstrong, who was scheduled to perform in the Soviet Union as a cultural ambassador on behalf of the State Department, cancelled the tour—a display of dissent that earned him the scorn and contempt of legions of whites, shocked by the trumpeter’s apparent lack of patriotism.

The free-range lunacy of Donald Trump’s speech on Friday night in Alabama, where he referred to Colin Kaepernick—and other N.F.L. players who silently protest police brutality—as a “son of a bitch,” and of the subsequent Twitter tantrums in which the President, like a truculent six-year-old, disinvited the Golden State Warriors from a White House visit, illustrates that the passage of six decades has not dimmed this dynamic confronted by Armstrong, or by any prominent black person tasked with the entertainment of millions of white ones. There again is the presence of outrage for events that should shock the conscience, and the reality of people who sincerely believe, or who have at least convincingly lied to themselves, that dissenters are creating an issue where there is none. Kaepernick began his silent, kneeling protest at the beginning of last season, not as an assault against the United States military or the flag but as a dissent against a system that has, with a great degree of consistency, failed to hold accountable police who kill unarmed citizens…

Yet the belief endures, from Armstrong’s time and before, that visible, affluent African-American entertainers are obliged to adopt a pose of ceaseless gratitude—appreciation for the waiver that spared them the low status of so many others of their kind. Stevie Wonder began a performance in Central Park last night by taking a knee, prompting Congressman Joe Walsh to tweet that Wonder was “another ungrateful black multi-millionaire.” Ungrateful is the new uppity. Trump’s supporters, by a twenty-four-point margin, agree with the idea that most Americans have not got as much as they deserve—though they overwhelmingly withhold the right to that sentiment from African-Americans. Thus, the wonder is not the unhinged behavior of this weekend but rather that it took Trump so long to exploit a target as rich in potential racial resentment as wealthy black athletes who have the temerity to believe in the First Amendment…"

'Eff Steven Seagal:

I have not forgotten the wanton killing of my brethren.

if you'll excuse me, i have a plane to Moscow to catch.

Wear the double-edged spurs, popular in Filipino cock-fighting, when you go after Seagal.

He uses his hands as weapons, but he keeps a small pistol strapped to his ankle for cheating purposes, like all cowards.

That vacant squint of his is him putting his full two-synapse brain power to work trying to remember the time Jackie Chan removed Seagal's athletic cup during a match and presented it to him filled with plucked pansies, all in one deft move.

Is a man voting as a woman as bad as a man dressed as a woman using a ladies room.

North Korea reaches out to Republicans to ask the question all of us are preoccupied with: WTF?

McConnell told Kim Jong un: If you figure it out, let us know. Until then, do what we do, keep your nuclear weapons cocked at all times."

Rump and republicans will murder Obamacare recipients anyway, with or without legislation.

Short of a nuclear first strike by North Korea on the next republican campaign funding fete, wherein cold blooded murderers blackmail their own hired hit men, I can't think of anything that will stop genocide by republican bugs.

Seagal is trying to distract me with his dance moves.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/yvbg1ot9k36u18x6ympz.gif

republicans tell Russia, regarding the latter's efforts to tear America apart racially, ethnically, and economically and convince right-wing voters to ruin and destroy all government and governance "Hey' we got this!"

dance moves

Looks like a Potemkin Ralph Kramden.

Baryshnikov he ain't.

A lullaby for rump:

get some sleep. loser.

America is a sick fuck. The vengeance will be a spectacular blood-letting.

This is so cool. rump will be tweet-threatening to bomb Merry Old England soon. I guess May likes a little emergency exit in her brexit when things go tits up the other way.

Conservatives the world over: Laying the groundwork for World War III, the nuclear version.

Fuck me for letting this happen. I should be bombed.

Also fuck me for letting this guy ruin the world. I should be bombed.

Turning away is a conservative principle.

No, here's what is misguided. That a murderer wears the flag-lapel pin:

Nothing like it, when conservative republican psychopaths let their victims twist in sadistic uncertainty .... remember their pigfucking whinging about uncertainty .... and then murder the children:

It wasn't that Price stole money from republican taxpayers, it's that he wasn't an effective enough killer of real Americans, which republicans are not, that rump is fucked in the brain over:

The entitled corrupt -- Gorsuch.

A chip off the old corrupt conservative c*nt, his mother:

Ya better volunteer to stand during mandatory ceremonies, or else:

More right-wing-style volunteerism sweeping the world:

Great, a right wing Redstate plagiarist ruins Hugh Hefner for me, and for good measure sullies Walker Percy:

You won't hear Domenech complaining about women insulting flag and country by dropping to both knees in the Playboy Mansion grotto.

A combat veteran tells conservatives with chronic butt cysts from sucking up to the military from the safety of their mothers' basements to shut their fucking anti-American mouths:

He need a shave. From the shoulders up.

Fuck republican filth.

We have a one-party state now. Time to hope divisiveness tears this pig country a new asshole.

Go Putin.

Fuck subhuman republicans.

We're sending $200 billion of our stolen federal tax dollars to this rogue foreign country, where half the aliens aren't even citizens:

Republican have declared Civil War against liberal states, cities, and counties across America.

Time to bomb the living shit out of the Fort Sumters in confederate red/russian states.

Thieving republicans:

Republican Jew-burners at it again:

I would love to see fine black professional football players show up at Limbaugh's joint in Palm Beach and teach his fat white pig ass some masculinity.

The stolen plane flights are the least of his crimes:

Join the Dreamers, Corruptionatany Price. Get out of my country.

Round him and family up.

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