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August 18, 2017




Scroll down to the Mattis video.

We are supposed to understand each other?

Doesn't he know I am defying God by defying rump?

He sat in a Cabinet meeting and worshiped Sun-God's ass, with the rest of them.


'Federal immigration authorities left about 50 immigrant women and children, most of them asylum-seekers from Central America, stranded at a downtown San Antonio bus station after service was canceled Friday due to Hurricane Harvey.

Barbie Hurtado, a community organizer with RAICES, a nonprofit that provides legal aid to immigrant families, said Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett, who represents San Antonio, had called immigration enforcement officials the day before to tell them not to drop families off.

“Knowing that, they just dropped them off,” Hurtado said. “These are women and children who have been released from family detention with no money, cell phones, and don’t speak English.”

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) did not immediately return a request for comment.'

I guess my fellow federal government employees ARE subhuman, shitfuck, republican, murderous, child-drowning vermin dog shit.

Conservatives would merely complain they are overpaid and shouldn't have health insurance.


Kick their fucking asses off Medicaid and they'll quickly learn to do the backstroke without bleeding the gummint dry.

He sat in a Cabinet meeting and worshiped Sun-God's ass, with the rest of them.

If you have never in your career had to sit in a meeting with an egotistical boss, and tell him his utterly asinine idea was brilliant, you have been luckier than most of us. Be assured that, when we found ourselves there, we were utterly insincere. Just trying to get thru it and back to real work before nausea won.

Somehow I avoided that. Tried not to have too many bosses, period.

Nor was I a boss of anyone.

But I get it.

Did any of your bosses have a guy in the room carrying the nuclear codes?

wj, I appreciate your even-tempered nature, your native optimism about the future, your reasonableness, and your realism.

But, you're fired.

No, you are NOT!

Not that I wasn't a general practitioner of insincerity as well.

Coming clean doesn't work much in America below the one percent, unless it's the regular at the end of the bar holding forth.

I work them with my insincerity too.

When will Mattis, Tillerson, and Kelly stop being obedient to the charismatic lout rump?


Human nature says its hard for them to finally say no.

Carl Icahn said no to rump.

But who says no to Icahn? He's just like rump, but competently evil.


I want to fuck with the one percent and hurt them.

Footage from Candid Camera used in "Experimenter", the great movie referenced above:


I guess I just don't have the stamina for constant outrage. It's not that I can't see the reasons to be outraged. (Although I'd probably phrase it as "horrified, shocked, and appalled.") But I just can't manage to keep up the emotional level.

When will Mattis, Tillerson, and Kelly stop being obedient to the charismatic lout rump?

I think the legal phrase is "assumes facts not in evidence." How obedient are they really being? And how much do they say "Yes, sir. We'll get right on that." And do nothing -- or, at most, put a committee together to "study" how to implement it . . . for months or years, if necessary.

Maybe they are all being entirely obedient. But I sure wouldn't bet the ranch on it.

I objected long ago to He, Trump's government being a BAGA ([B]illionaires [A]nd [G]enerals [A]dminstration) strictly based on my proletarian inclinations.

I now object to the BAGASHIT ([B]illionaires [A]nd [G]enerals [A]dminstration [S]ucking up to [H]is [I]mperial [T]rumpiness) out of a sense of impending doom.

--TP .

I think Pence,Tillerson and a few others have started to build a fence around him. Enough space he can do his Tues Thurs chaos but slowly shrinking it.

Step outside those lines, try to fire any of those people and Ryan/McConnell take him out.

If there is any truth in that, then it's Kelly doing the wall building - the firing of Bannon etc, and the limiting of unscheduled access to Trump - I can't see any evidence for those two.
And that started only very recently; we will see how long Kelly lasts.

In the meantime, the Arpaio pardon happens, which to me is so far beyond any other single thing Trump has done, in being outside of amy constitutional of democratic norm that I can't see how it can be defended by even the most partisan if they actually have a brain.
I'd be very interested in McKinney's take on this - whether he is as deeply alarmed as I am, or whether he think it unfortunate but not particualrly consequential..

It's a big part of who we are. Not all of what we are, but a big part. My personal opinion is that it will never, ever, ever go away.

Tribalism is, I think, along with violence, a part of the human psyche. It's how we evolved, and I don't think it's something that can ever 'go away'.
It doesn't really matter what the tribe is - race; religion; nationality - the instinct is the same against someone defined as the other.

There are two many examples of people readily being persuaded that friends and neighbours are less than human, even to the point of exterminating them, for this not to be a part of human instinct.

It is a foundation of civilisation that we recognise this instinct in ourselves, and crush it.

Biden gets it:

If you have never in your career had to sit in a meeting with an egotistical boss, and tell him his utterly asinine idea was brilliant, you have been luckier than most of us.

Never. What does "had to" mean? I suppose I might do it if it were the only way to feed my children, but I have some useful talents, so it isn't.

As a boss, I never particularly wanted my staff to tell me I was right. I could do that myself.

I suppose I might do it if it were the only way to feed my children...

How many senior White House staffers have that excuse ?

I'd be very interested in McKinney's take on this

Hope McKinney and his family are all okay.

I hope so too.
The scenes from Houston - and the likelihood that the weather will continue for some time - are scary.

I want to fuck with the one percent and hurt them.

I just want them to spend their money on yachts and their ninth fabulous home and Basquiat paintings and stop spending it on Congresspeople.

Send your kids to Ivies and pay for it all out of pocket money. Buy your kids an Ivy and send them there.

Even better, be a tax expatriate. Go live in Ireland, or Switzerland, or the Caymans. They'd LOVE to have you. You can hang out with other folks just like you and swap stories about what a raw deal you got in the good old USA.

Go Galt!! You'll show us! We'll be so sorry you left.

Don't go away mad, just go away.

Seriously, go enjoy your money and leave the rest of us alone.


All that military spending, to "safeguard the nation"? You could give the upper crust $1B each to GTFO, and the country would come out ahead overall.

Or 1000 drones zeroed in on their each of their asses, their choice, but decide PDQ.

"How obedient are they really being?"

Obedient is perhaps the wrong word. I'm sure there is a constant urge to eye roll in the presence of rump, and especially after they leave meetings with him, avoiding each other's eye contact, and rush to grab the flasks from their desk drawers as they mutter "Jesus Christ on a Segway, just fuck me!"

I'm also sure the three of them are in this to pursue their own interests, which I don't particularly trust.

To some extent, I think they marvel at the sheer lead-with-your-balls sociopathy of the shithead, but also think they could have used a little more of that when dealing with the other high-placed fuckers they've dealt with in their illustrious careers. None of these guys are easy marks.

rump learned long ago that the way to set people off balance from the outset is to let out a blood-curdling, take no prisoners attack yell like a Comanche warrior in a B western.

But, rump has done this his entire life. Treated people like shit, while of course, massaging their egos until he has no further use for them. And when they turn on them, it's no contest. He will jackhammer you. And he has help from the hyenas who never leave his side.

What do we expect from someone whose role models were his father Fred and Roy Cohn? When attacked, butcher your opponent while maintaining that mask on your face of a two-bit dictator who has access to destructive resources the naive can only imagine in their worst nightmares.

And rump's testicles tingle when that happens, He loves it. He calls it negotiating. Hitler called it Anschluss.

This is routine for him and look where it got him.

Meanwhile, these very same traits are what his base love. These tiny, powerless humans so want to tell the world and everyone around them to go fuck themselves and then go into a Mussolini stance, with the arrogant nod and say "What are you going to do about it?"

I read a tweet (I don't twat, but sometimes I look up the feeds on the interscrews) by a college roommate of rump jr recently who related the story about the time senior rump showed up at their college room and immediately gave rump jr. the back of his hand across the face, knocking him sprawling to the floor because he wasn't dressed properly for whatever occasion they were scheduled to attend, probably either something to do with beauty queens turned escorts or maybe senior has a business associate hung by his ankles in a dungeon at the hotel and needed help applying the car battery clamps to the guys nether regions.

See, that's a guy who takes control of a room and fills it.

I maintain my outrage by trying to express it in the most entertaining, cracked way I can.

If I'd expressed outrage all these years like Brett Bellmore did, like it was the most reasonable opinion on the face of the Earth, I'd have expired from boredom long ago.

I also mimic the subject of my outrage and I think rump's bloviations are calculated to sound uncalculated and crazy as the call of the loon, so voila.

It's when I tell the real truth that my blogging manner reduces my impact.

Here's some real truth.

Joe Biden is absolutely right. We are in grave danger from this man and his Party. They must not only be defeated but utterly destroyed.

I am not saying that in Daffy Duck's voice.


Tillerson is loser McGregor versus rump's Mayweather. He's got nothing in this fight.

The former can go back to the small pond of Exxon and resume his big fish fucking of the world from there.

rump will help him control us and fuck the world with measures such as this:


What, you think they are being armed with weapons of war, in line with rightwing militias and NRA pigfuckers, to go after the niggers and the wetbacks. I use those words because those words are now used in briefings in the White House, and if the royal you don't think they are, royal you are royal princesses.

Sure, maybe when that airhead vacuity Ben Carson, the tool, is in the room, sniveling around rump's pantlegs, they may use other terms.

Do we notice how the flagrantly armed right wing in this country who hates our democratic government when it's us in power, ostensibly, not that we ever lawfully get our way, Merrick Garland, hasn't shown up once with their weapons to protest this current zealously intrusive regulatory security state rump is building?

That's because they like it. They like authority over the lesser mortals .. us. They kiss its big cock.

I'm assuming they are coming for me too. As you should too.

I get that the original misguided reason for so-arming the now obviously right wing paramilitary local forces in this country was terrorism in the Homeland, Jurgen. But rump's move is nothing less terrifying that Putin's infiltration of the Crimea's paramiliatry forces with plainclothes Russian Army regulars and the subsequent liquidation of all opposition.

rumo loves this shit.


Can we at least confiscate their Basquiats and return them to the streets before the door hits them in their fat, walleted asses?

Also thinking about McKinney, and hoping all's OK with him.

Count, your method of choice adds greatly to the gaiety of nations, and when there's no gaiety to be had, it expresses our darkest leanings. We're currently snowed under by Diana documentaries, articles etc, because it is the 20th anniversary of her death. Trying to explain why the nation went nuts when she died, many people (including her children) have been puzzled that people exploded with grief, when they didn't personally know her. As a possible explanation, the writer Hilary Mantel quoted this recently:

“It is as if,” said the psychotherapist Warren Colman, “Diana broadcast on an archetypal frequency.”

This struck me as profoundly true. And Count, by expressing yourself as you do, you broadcast on a frequency quite different to the everyday, "rational" one that most of us use. But it's an important one. Don't stop.

On Harvey:



For the sake of efficiency, we can lump together the issues of wetland management, land-use planning and runaway development by looking at trends in Houston in recent years. In that urban centre, the fourth largest in the U.S., wetlands and other green space have been eaten up by rapid development. According to an analysis for the Houston Chronicle, between 1996 and 2010, the 14-county Houston region lost more than 54,000 acres of wetlands. This not only means that water simply has fewer places to go, but that more lives are put at risk and more property is damaged because of it.


Other areas of concern include the troubling fact that building code in Texas is voluntary unless a municipality adopts a code and enforces it. According to building-code progress studies of 18 coastal states completed by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety for 2012 and 2015, Texas had a 2012 score of 18 out of 100 in 2012, rising to 36 out of 100 in 2015. Virginia, comparatively, scored a 95 in both reports and Florida a 95 in 2012 and a 94 in 2015.

Good government is like effective vaccines. Some people don't know how important they are once they've mostly eliminated the problems that made them necessary. Only after they fail do those same people sometimes get it.

"Diana broadcast on an archetypal frequency."

This struck me as profoundly true.

Totally agree. I wrote a piece about this a few years after she died, weaving it into the fact that Mother Teresa died a few days after Diana.

My daughter spent her early childhood drawing and making art of various kinds, while she watched movies on video (stories! she loved stories! she is now a writer of stories). For a long time, a huge proportion of her art consisted of drawings of princesses. (Not Diana, just generic princesses). My daughter wasn't the only little girl (or boy?) to be obsessed with princesses.

Think of the fairy tales with princesses in them!


And somehow Diana managed to carry that archetype -- which was, after all, thrust on her from the outside world, you don't actually go to school to become the princess archetype when you grow up -- she managed to carry it in front of all the world with some grace and fascination, and be very very obviously a real flesh and blood human woman at the same time. It was a staggering "accomplishment" -- although that's not really the right word, I don't know if there is a right word.

I'm not saying she was wonderful, I'm not saying she was horrible. But I don't know if I could name anyone else who has ever done quite that thing. Think of the queen: archetypal to the hilt, not hardly the least bit human, at least as far as she lets the world get any glimpses.

The grief when Diana died -- well, people are obsessed with celebrities, of course, but I think with her it was much more than that. It also had something to do with the fact that she carried that archetype for all of us. I don't mean "for us" in the sense that she might buy a gift "for us," or that she was "giving it" to us -- but in the sense that that's what archetypes are, they are "for" all of us, that's the point. And a person whom the universe or dog or the FSM designates as the carrier -- not actually something one would wish on oneself, I think.

GftNC -- you said you're already inundated with Diana, and here I am pontificating from afar! But you struck a chord. Time for breakfast and caffeine.

(P.S. I don't know Warren Colman and won't google before breakfast, but I am certainly using "archetype" in a mostly Jungian sense.)

JanieM, no problem on the innundation front. You sound as if you might be interested in this, the article from which I took the quote. It's one of the better and more interesing pieces of recent days:


Thanks, I will read it later today.


Watch local Texas municipalities try to implement more rational land use and building code policies and then see how vermin libertarian republican right wing crypto christian fascists in the Governor's Manse and in the State House deprive their local rights and thwart all improvement.

And the local officials aren't invited any longer to statewide policy forums.

Republican policies are murderers, and worse, they destroy property, and what could be worse than that? Certainly not murdering human beings.

strangely, i remember where i was when i heard the news that Diana had died: Cullman, AL, my mother-in-law's house, sitting on the low white couch while my MiL and wife chatted in the kitchen.

and i remember this despite the fact that i never paid any attention to her and do not care a whit about the modern UK royal family. i asked my wife, a few weeks back why people are still fascinated with her and she was shocked that i had to ask. even after she explained it... nope. maybe it's less of a guy thing?

Nigel: being outside of amy constitutional of democratic norm that I can't see how it can be defended by even the most partisan if they actually have a brain.

The way our system is set up in the Constitution, the President can pardon absolutely anyone (for Federal crimes), for any reason or for no reason. So, while outside the norms of what has been done in the past, it was not outside what is allowed.

On the other hand, it definitely displays an unprecedented level of contempt for the courts. (Not "contempt of court". That's got an actual legal definition.) Not mention making it seem suddenly quite possible, likely even, that those involved in the Russia probe might get preemptively pardoned. That would remove their incentive to cooperate. On the other hand, it would make it harder to refuse to testify on grounds of possible self-incrimination.

From the Count's RS-Taibbi link:

We learned long ago in this business that dumber and more alarmist always beats complex and nuanced. Big headlines, cartoonish morality, scary criminals at home and foreign menaces abroad, they all sell. We decimated attention spans, rewarded hot-takers over thinkers, and created in audiences powerful addictions to conflict, vitriol, fear, self-righteousness, and race and gender resentment.

What clerk said.

Though in my case I was enjoying coffee and jam donuts in bed on Sunday morning... a habit I've since had to grow out of.
And my wife is equally puzzled, rather than shocked.

Pro bono: What does "had to" mean? I suppose I might do it if it were the only way to feed my children, but I have some useful talents, so it isn't.

"Had to" in the sense of otherwise I couldn't feed my family? No. On the other hand, there's a trade-off between a little brown-nosing (not necessarily attached to any actual work effort) vs the effort required to go job hunting. I know some people who change jobs every could of years. Me, until the last time, when I got laid off, I only changed jobs when someone came looking for me -- job hunting: just not my idea of a good time!

Actually doing something, especially something that I thought was unethical (let alone illegal) would be a very different story. But just telling the boss he's great? Not that big a deal.

strangely, i remember where i was when i heard the news that Diana had died: Cullman, AL, my mother-in-law's house, sitting on the low white couch while my MiL and wife chatted in the kitchen.

I was on the phone with a friend who had called to let me know she was having an impromptu party. I told her about it while we were talking, as the breaking news flashed across my TV. Our mutual reaction was something along the lines of "Huh. That's weird. Let's party!"

So I guess it's not exclusively a not-a-guy-thing (if that multi-negative formulation makes any sense).

the President can pardon absolutely anyone (for Federal crimes), for any reason or for no reason...

I know, wj (hence the reference to norms).

But it seems to me that Trump is using the Constitution against itself in the most destructive way possible.
Arpaio is someone who has quite possibly enabled multiple murders of those held in his detention. He has demonstrated the utmost contempt for individual constitutional rights, and been condemned by a federal judge.
To pardon him, as a political gesture, before he has even been sentenced does not just go beyond norms or precedent; it is a direct assault on the idea of constitutional rights or the rule of law.

This is precisely why Congress has the power of impeachment... though little good that will do for the foreseeable future.

she was shocked that i had to ask. even after she explained it... nope. maybe it's less of a guy thing?

I myself was fairly untouched except to feel very sorry for her sons, until the funeral and its immediate aftermath which I found very moving despite myself. Interestingly, in the wall to wall coverage of people going to lay flowers, cards etc outside the various palaces in the week after she died, and throwing flowers at the hearse on every road and all the way up the motorway on her coffin's way to its ancestral burial place, there were plenty of guys openly weeping, although maybe women were in the majority - I never saw an analysis. And I don't think it was just gay guys either, a constituency that felt particularly strongly about her because of her AIDS work. What I do remember though was what seemed like a disproportionate number of people of colour, maybe because in so many of the pictures of her cuddling babies, they were babies of colour. And of course the landmine stuff in Angola....

I think everyone wants to be a princess swept away from the daily quotidian and ensconced in royal pomp and finery, despite being surrounded by frogs.

I want my pea placed in a museum one day if I ever get to sleep on it in a palace. As it is, I just rotate my princess-less tempur-pedic occasionally and in vain.

Diana also had a look and bearing of some ineffable quality, a vulnerability and the ability to radiate a feeling of empathy that mere mortals could relate to and was different from the way the royals bear themselves in public with those mouthfuls of lemons, though I'm pleased to hear the Queen downs a flute of champagne at bed time and probably puts her feet up on the royal furniture.

John Lennon knew that. He had their number and they liked that he did.

I think folks also thought at least Charles is finally having fun in the sack with the winsome Diana, although apparently not, given events recorded in the tabloids, which are completely true, according to our President, King of the Shitheads.

No doubt, however, the royal family had a tiger by the tail and she would have ordered their heads and others' off had she been given the chance.

But mere mortals would have reveled in that too.

Among the things that Congress must deal with in the 12 working days they have scheduled between the end of the August recess and the end of the fiscal year on Sep 30 is the National Flood Insurance Program. The program's authorization to write new policies expires then. Also unless Congress acts, the program's authority to borrow money will almost certainly reach its limit in the near term, greatly slowing the rate at which claims due to Harvey will be paid.

Trump has managed to find and exploit the weak spots in our system of government. this shouldn't be surprising, since it's exactly how he ran his businesses - abuse the spirit of laws and regulations in order to enrich himself at the expense of everyone dumb enough to business with him.

he was a con-man and a criminal in the private sector.

anyone who thought he wouldn't be the same in public sector probably shouldn't be allowed outside without a helmet.

Fifty percent of Houston's underwater areas are not required to or do not have flood insurance.



You do realize we are under creeping martial law, do you not?

Enjoy it, regulation-haters.

I don't why, but every time I hear about Princess Diana, I think about the fairy tale romance and misadventure Sir Paul McCartney experienced with his second wife (third, if you count Lennon), the princess whose name and leg shall not be mentioned.

Since GFNTC likes a pungent insult, this is one quoted from someone or other about Macca's curse in a recent biography of him I read. This, after such flagrant lying in divorce Court that the Judge gave her a tongue-lashing:

"She's such a liar that you just know we're going to learn soon that she has two good legs after all."

McCartney, when asked later why he was attracted to her, thought a moment, and summoning his inner cheeky Beatle, answered, "Well, mate, I have to admit it was the leg thing."

I think Cyd Charisse's husbands said the same thing, but for different reasons.

Among the things that Congress must deal with...is the National Flood Insurance Program.

A program that should be phased out and done away with completely.

Bring me tariffs!


America is such a drama queen. Incurable romantics. Lecture the world for decades regarding free trade and then change our minds just when the world gets use to doing what we demand.

What did we think was going to happen?

Probably this, which is posted for wj too:


Who the fuck do we think we are?

I smell smoke:


I smell nuclear holocaust:


I smell rotting flesh set out in the sun by America the Beautiful as we wash our hands with Purell:


Don't leave the building. Everything will be fine.

McCartney, when asked later why he was attracted to her, thought a moment, and summoning his inner cheeky Beatle, answered, "Well, mate, I have to admit it was the leg thing."

Maybe he was telling the truth, Count. I am reliably informed there is such a thing as "amputee porn". What I like is wit, and if it simultaneously imputes extra appallingness to already appalling recipients, so much the better. The John Jay thing though, that's in an all-time league of its own for vindictiveness, world-without-end, Amen.

I Want to Hold Your Wooden Leg.

I Saw Her Standing On One Leg There

And Your Bird Can Limp

Can't Buy Me Leg

Day Tripper

Eight Legs A Week

You're Lucky Just To Dance With Me

Fixing A Leg

I'm Looking Through Your Leg, Peg

I've Just Seen A Leg

Leg It Be

Harrrr Jude (OK, that's a reach)

Norwegian Wooden Leg

Roll Over Beethoven, If You Can't Get up

She Hobbled Through The Bathroom Door

She's Leaving Home (In a Wheelchair)

The Long And Winding Road Made Impassable By Amputation

Limp and Shout

We Can Leg It Out

Why Don't We Do It Someplace More Amputee-Friendly

You Can't Do That, Obviously

You Never Give Me Your Prosthetic

You've Got To Hide Your Fake Leg Away

You Aren't Going to Lose That Girl Because She Can't Walk

Lucy In the Sky With No Legs

Ticket To Sit

You've Really Got A Hold Of My Stump

Slow Down (Like You Haven't, Already)

Walk, Don't Run For Your Life

And I Love Her Crutch

All You Need Is One Leg To Stand On

For No One With Legs

Limping Miss Lizzy

Got To Get Your Stump Into My Life (that's pure early lennon humor)

I'll Follow The Sun, You Try To Keep Up

Eleanor Legless

Carry That Leg

I think we've discovered a fresh angle on Beatle exegesis, GFNTC

Happiness is a Warm (fill in the blank)

I Will, But Can You

And we don't want to mention Pete Townshend and The Who's research into the matter in their album "Quadriplegia"

More behavioral science in cartoon form, especially the upper left hand corner, when it comes to the stock market.


Baby, You Can Drive My Car After We Install Handicap Controls

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