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July 07, 2017


I don't think it would have faded away as it did in Jamaica, because it was still extremely profitable in the US. But it would certainly have *changed*, and that was something the South could not then imagine nor abide.

Those who cannot imagine or abide change are still with us. And not just in the South.

Thanks for this, Doc.

I'm reading The Color of Law, by Richard Rothstein, and finding it tough going.

Sometimes I wonder why the whole place hasn't been burned to the ground.....

Many thanks for this thoughtful piece. There was a time in my life when it might have been a springboard for me to go out and read these books and try to integrate what I learned with what I already know/knew something of (e.g., sugar plantations in the Philippines). Now I just am grateful for a glimpse of new ideas about how the world works/worked.

Thanks for a fine article, Doc.
Have ordered the book.

Ditto, very good post.

Thanks for the reminder on Baptist's book, too. I bought it on your recommendation last time around but haven't read yet.

"It was just business."

Along with "class struggle", "manifest destiny", the Mafia's "it hadda be done", and and "lebensraum", every "ism" has its catch phrase that it repeats to itself, like a lullaby, so it can sleep at night.

Agreed on the very-goodness of this post. The international financing aspect has me feeling like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, like I was shot with a diamond... a diamond bullet right through my forehead (minus the psychotic admiration of the genius of it, of course).

Thank you so much for this.

These are the exact types of books that I love to read and cry over, but I find myself struggling to get to them and get through them these days. It's amazing to read this thoughtful summary and to be able to explore the links.

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