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July 12, 2017


"On twitter a while back someone remarked that in the movie about the Trump administration the part of Steve Bannon would be played by a burlap sack of maggots."

Vincent D'Onofrio would be my casting choice:

I don't whether to just step on him or tell him to eat me and work from the inside:

“a limp-dick motherfucker who was born in a petri dish at the Heritage Foundation”?

Gotta say, though, no one can sum up a republican like a fellow republican.

Have you noticed the republican party has pulled off a mighty feat? Combining the manly, sadistic, gunned-up alpha conservative men and Ann Coulter who are obsessed with dick size, with the grifting crypto-Christian right who are obsessed with keeping everyone else's dicks in their place, except when the righteous, big-haired monied preachers of the prosperity gospel are rogering their parishioners in the cheap motel outside of town with their tiny equipment while passing around the offering plate.

If incompetent attorney Jay Sekulow looks familiar, it's because the alcoholic fake Christian was a regular on Pat Robertson's 700 Club speculapontificating on the whereabouts of Bill Clinton's at any particular time in 1990's.

Then he got on his knees for rump.

We're going to need more than Orkin to get rid of this republican infestation.

"On Monday, the federal government announced that it would be expanding its H-2B temporary-visa program. Citing a lack of Americans willing and qualified to do seasonal, non-agricultural jobs, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) expanded the H-2B program to allow 15,000 additional foreign workers into the country for the summer to meet demand at such seasonal businesses as landscaping services, hotels, and amusement parks."

Someone remind me again how all those (not just illegal) immigrants are steeling jobs from American workers. Wonder why suddenly the administration thinks more visas are needed. Oh, yeah . . . these are the kind of workers that staff Trump properties.

Colorado's ski resorts lauded the increase, then lamented that by the time ski season starts all of the new visas will have already been given out.

"Wonder why suddenly the administration thinks more visas are needed."

The US does have a dire shortage of underage Russian Pissrotutes, it's true. Trump knows this.

I hate to ask this, but what happened with all the Puppy shit? Did they give up?

Hey lj, wrong thread I think. Don't know if the doc is reading this one, given her family situation, and she might be the only one qualified to answer your question.

I found the essay Coyote v Acme company online: sheer bliss! Thanks for the recommendation.

FWIW, I'm taking my money off of 'stupid' and putting it on 'the money'.

they shouldn't have invited ike. such seasonal businesses as landscaping services, hotels, and amusement parks."

i'm not generally a "They're stealing our jerbs!" type, but i do have to wonder: where are all the American teenagers ?

those are the jobs i worked at as a teenager.

Meanwhile, Trump and Putin are revealed to have had a second, hour-long conversation at the G20, with nobody hearing what they talked about except Putin's Russian interpreter:

The plot, already soup-like, thickens.

where are all the American teenagers ?

Refusing to work for Trump, because they would likely get stiffed on their wages? Just a thought.

GftNC, I saw that report (at least the Washington Post version) and couldn't help thinking: How dumb does someone have to be, to be in Trump's situation regarding Russian influence and do something like that???

Seriously, either he's dumber than turnips (which seems increasingly possible), or his sense of immunity is truly awesome.

Or he's so scared of their kompromat that he knew he had to grab the chance of a "private" word, whatever the risks?

Or he's scared that Putin will kill him if he doesn't hup two.

Did anyone see the Norwegian tv series "Occupied" (or "Okkupert")? The Russian government freaked out about it. It's quite good. I watched it before it became apparent what was happening here.

Then again, perhaps not much has changed after all. There's this column from Art Buchwald over 40 years ago:

"The more things change, the more they remain the same."

Just a little something for those of you (really, really too bad the Count is on vacation) who think all Republicans are hopeless on everything of importance:

“California Republicans are different than national Republicans,” said Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley), who pushed members of his caucus to work with Democrats on the issue. “Many of us believe that climate change is real, and that it’s a responsibility we have to work to address it.”

"The more things change, the more they remain the same."

Seriously. The similarities are stunning.

Just a little something for those of you...

...who love crony capitalism.

the Israel Anti-Boycott Act looks stupid.

not a good look for Gillibrand.

Seriously, either he's dumber than turnips (which seems increasingly possible), or his sense of immunity is truly awesome.

Why would that be an either/or ?

And some of my best friends are turnips.....

inclusive or

Turnips have no taste. Which is to say, tasteless -- can't get more appropriate than that.

This seems like an absolutely amazing development, that doctors were able to reverse severe brain damage, with treatment starting a full 55 days after a child "drowned":

Admittedly, the fact that such a young child's tissue presumably retained a very high capacity for healing and regeneration was a huge factor in this, but this still seems absolutely extraordinary.

GftNC, thanks and sorry. Will repost

Freedom! Smaller Government! Don't tread on me!

Taxation is theft, BTW.

Doesn't seem like Sessions has had a new thought, much less a change in point of view, since at least the 1980's.

Can He, Trump be a Russian mole?

First order answer: no. Read any John le Carre novel. The first rule of being a Russian mole is to NOT ACT LIKE A FCUIKNG RUSSIAN MOLE.

But, but, but: how can anybody seriously suspect you of being a Russian mole if you do in fact go around acting like a Russian mole? In public, no less! It's the best cover ever.

And you thought the Kenyan usurper was playing 3-D chess :)


"Can He, Trump be a Russian mole?"

I'm working up a unified crackpot theory of what is going on with these people.

Maybe I'll unveil it soon, but I'm leaving town again soon for a number of weeks.

I believe the "Make American Great Again" slogan/mantra was hatched by Russian intelligence and fed to the dupes by rump and his fellow traitors.

It may be that many of the "conservatives" who host conservative blogs are in fact Russian moles and many of the conservative commentariat who troll center and left political blogs are too.

McConnell and Ryan are double agents. They have to be. Nothing else explains their behavior, unless one believes in the presence of pure Evil.

If it is to be a movie, it will it be a hybrid of "Red Dawn", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", Fellini's "Satyricon", the TV show "The Americans", and a Boris and Natasha spinoff from "Rocky and Bullwinkle".

A nightmare farce leading to mass Death.

wj will point out flaws and exceptions in the theory and cite the reasonable conservative he met the other day who hasn't yet succumbed to pulling the wings off butterflies while measuring his dick (that would be the guy wj will cite, not wj), but ignore how it is that every two year election cycle indulging these truly crazy bastards brings us closer to a savage American Apocalypse on the order of the darkest that Cormac McCarthy might offer.

I kid, just barely, with that final paragraph.

I also kid that Marty speaks English as a second language for our benefit because posting in Cyrillic would be a dead giveaway.

See, all these years, the accusation has been by conservatives that it was the liberal, Democratic intelligensia that was massively infiltrated by Russian moles and fellow travelers, when all along it was and is the republican Party and the entire conservative movement that is the Front.

Wouldn't you say that Bannon is the obvious mole?

The others' ideas (to use the term loosely) are merely what you'd expect from a bunch of over-privileged frat boys who have never had to deal with reality. But Bannon is just way too invested in nilhism to be one. If his "vision" for the nation were realized, the Russians would be the main victors; and nobody in the US would be a winner.

Sessions & civil asset forfeiture - so much for States' rights...

Trump - probably not a mole, but quite possibly financially compromised in relation to Russia (in all sorts of possible ways).

And what a surprise that Trump nominees should have no patience with government ethics rules:

Trump "If I'd known Sessions would show a shred of ethical principle, I'd never have hired him":

Which you can sort-of understand....

Damn, wrong link (and apologies for multiple posts...)

McCain has brain cancer.

that sucks.

I'm working up a unified crackpot theory of what is going on with these people.

to me, the simplest and most direct line that connects all the dots is that Russian kleptocrats own his ass. financially and also in terms of information that would probably send him and his kids to jail.

Non sunt multiplicanda entia sine necessitate

we'll see how it all plays out.

i'm jaded enough a this point to find it all amusing in a pass-the-popcorn kind of way, but to the degree that you take any of this stuff seriously, it's miles beyond disturbing.

the POTUS is exploiting his office to avoid personal financial and legal disaster, and to keep creditors who are themselves allied with an unfriendly foreign power off his ass.

and, oh yeah, to enhance his personal and monetizable brand.

the office of the POTUS as a chip in a junk bond play. i give him credit, the man has quite the cojones.

the people who voted for this guy are fools. nice people, many of them, i'm quite sure. but utter fools.

who learns, must suffer. unfortunately we all get dragged along for the ride.

also, if you have any money with DeutscheBank, you might want to watch your behind.

this sh*t is gonna leave a mark.

McCain has brain cancer.....that sucks.

I wonder whether this explains his recent confusion in those Senate hearings. Also, did you see Obama's masterly tweet about it:

John McCain is an American hero & one of the bravest fighters I've ever known. Cancer doesn't know what it's up against. Give it hell, John.

in which he a) graciously says the right thing and b) gets an excellent diss on Trump with "American hero". Hats off, I'd say.

"also, if you have any money with DeutscheBank, you might want to watch your behind."

Russell, if you have a moment, could you provide a link with the most recent bad news you reference.


For the Count in case russell is distracted by mundanities like work. Not a primary source, but full of links:

From - a nice tidbit.

Apart from the Trumps and Kushners, Deutsche Bank also has deep ties to Russia. In addition to settling allegations earlier this year that it allowed $10 billion to be laundered out of Eastern Europe, Deutsche Bank had a “cooperation agreement” with Vnesheconombank, a Russian state-owned development bank that is the target of U.S. economic sanctions. Vnesheconombank, for those who need a refresher, was the bank whose chief executive, Sergei Gorkov, Jared Kushner forgot to mention meeting in December. Oh, and there’s also this:

. . . in May, federal prosecutors settled a case with a Cyprus investment vehicle owned by a Russian businessman with close family connections to the Kremlin. The firm, Prevezon Holdings, was represented by Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who was among the people who met during the presidential campaign with Donald Trump Jr. about Hillary Clinton. Federal prosecutors in the United States claimed Prevezon, which admitted no wrongdoing, laundered the proceeds of an alleged Russian tax fraud through real estate. Prevezon and its partner relied in part on $90 million in financing from a big European financial institution, court records show. It was Deutsche Bank.

For the Count:

Boris & Natasha

Thanks, all.

It would so republican that the next world banking crisis, buggering hundreds of millions of people once again, would not be because of lax, irresponsible regulation that looks the other way when financial manipulators roger the stupid, but because they actually elevated the corruption directly into the Oval Office.

e pluribus fool me once and for all. Filth.

It will be hilarious, like thermonuclear annihilation is hilarious, if bad trump paper has found its way into every pension, retirement account, and sovereign fund on the globe and goes kablooey, like a berg the size of Delaware going kerplop into the Southern oceans and being called a hoax.

That and the upcoming massive theft of the voting franchise by rump's thugs are going to result in literal bloody, savage vengeance coming down on republican/conservative decapitated heads and the heads of their misbegotten children.

General, you go down there, if you've got the nerve, fuckers:


That New Yorker cartoon must have embedded itself in my memory to surface again here.

the POTUS is exploiting his office to avoid personal financial and legal disaster, and to keep creditors who are themselves allied with an unfriendly foreign power off his ass.

Well, he missed his best shot at that. Which would have been to manage to lose the election. In that case, a lot of this investigation would probably have never happened.

I really hope Jay Ward et al (or their estates) are getting royalties for all the Boris and Natasha uses. Truly they created characters for the ages.


New from Treasury OFAC: Exxon was violating sanctions on Russia while Tillerson was CEO.

"Exxon was violating sanctions on Russia while Tillerson was CEO."

Hey, sanctions are a PROFIT OPPORTUNITY, amirite?

Just like Cheney/Halliburton/Iran.

Okay, sure, they'll settle (without admitting guilt), pay a nominal fine, and be contrite for a week or two.

Remind me, why is it a bad idea to have summary executions for criminal CEOs? My electron microscope is on the fritz, so it's hard to perceive the downside.

and on the lighter side.... oops!.

So, will watermelons be recalled next?...

Watermelon King of Aphrodisiac Fruits and Saffron Queen of Aphrodisiac Spices

Staffing up the gummint, which will be overthrown violently, with every piece of racist filth and rancid shithead insect that scuttles out from under the floorboards as they are summoned by murderers to do their worst.

Lighter note? How about more news from the Dismal Swamp (not literally, but he grew up close to it):

From the article: "On Wall Street Bannon idolized Michael Milken—the rogue junk-bond king and raider of blue-chip firms who was eventually sent to prison for insider trading. "

This is nice: "Bannon was also producing and writing political films of his own—crude armies-of-the-night clashes that were frankly modeled on Leni Riefenstahl: the gathering storm, the threat of violence, the Wagnerian soundtracks, the “technique of fear,” as his longtime screenwriting partner told Connie Bruck."

Okay, this is old news, but an occasional refresher is probably good.

So, some people here were really annoyed at the US being a "hegemon",and "world's policeman". Now that we've given that task to Putin (with our help, of course), it's all good, right?

How're we going to rescue the country?

The Republican Party hasn't the imagination to see the savage punishment that is coming to them:

Didn't I just say that, Count?

Sorry, no. I guess I didn't.

Didn't I just ask for that, Count?



The Count. He is large, he contains multitudes.

this is going to the mat.

trump is, somewhat notoriously, a crook. for some benighted reason he decided to run for POTUS. he won.

his general crookedness, and that of the members of his entourage, were and are sufficiently glaring as to draw the attention of federal investigators.

he is not happy about that.

so we are probably looking at a couple of years of horseshit, in which the POTUS employs all of the powers of his office to evade investigation and probable prosecution for what willlikely turn out to be decades of plain old garden variety criminal behavior.

money laundering, fraud, plain old mobbed-up NYC bullshit. add whatever illegal conspiracies with a foreign power apply on top of that, like a nice red cherry.

the legitimate business of the nation is going to be slow-walked or grind to a halt, because the executive will be spending all his time keeping his sorry crooked ass out of jail.

his creepy rotten entitled bratty kids' asses, too. unless it comes down to him or them, in which case they go first. even ivanka, if it comes to that.

the fucking borgias are in the white house.

i only say this here, because saying it in most other contexts only backs people into a defensive crouch, but the people who voted for this guy really need to do a head check.

they fucked up. they need to figure that out, get over it, wise up, and start getting their asses in gear to improve their own lives and the lives of their neighbors.

times are tough for them? no doubt. there's a lot of that going around. they need to start thinking about why that is, and how that happened.

and they need to stop feeling sorry for their damned selves and get their shit together.

freaking W, who drowned whatever plain commonsense he ever had in a lifetime of boozing it up and then hired darth freaking cheney as his running mate.

and now Trump, the most profoundly unqualified and inappropriate flaming asshole to ever hold elected office.

WT f'ing F.

get a brain, morans. put the asinine gadsden flag away, tear the "f your feelings" t-shirt up and use it for rags. and get your shit together, lose the self-pity, and start thinking about what the hell you are doing.

the POTUS is a crook. a criminal, a shady dealer, a serial bankrupt and fraudster. he's a creep, a bully, an abusive misogynistic sexual predator. he's profoundly ignorant and has no interest in changing that.

that's who he is.

and he'll break the whole fucking coutry before he'll stand for anyone calling him to account for any of it.

we're fucked until we sort this out, and it's completely unclear how long that will take or what it will cost us.

6 months down, 3 1/2 years to go.

Pardon me.

Everything goes to the mat with the horror show of the republican party. Rump is merely the latest aspect of its brutal, sadistic visage.

They have plenty more like him and worse than him lined up to take his place.

Pence will be no less ruthless, and despite his fake beatific bullshit righteousness, the American body count under him will be just as high.

When all is said and done, the mat will be soaked in republican blood.

This is not a defense of the Democratic Party or the Clintons or a better future.

The republican party must be terminated, just like ISIS.

A big chunk of them lust for Civil War.

Here it is, fuckers.

the legitimate business of the nation is going to be slow-walked or grind to a halt, because the executive will be spending all his time keeping his sorry crooked ass out of jail.

Actually, I think a lot of it will keep rolling right along. A lot more than we are accustomed to will get slowed down or stop. but still only a tiny fraction of all the stuff that the (Federal) government does. And a part, maybe even a big part, of the slowdown will be the incompetents in Congress -- granted a decent (in both senses of the term) President would be able to chivvy them along a bit, but still not completely.

And bear in mind that, if Trump wasn't distracted (and incompetent), he'd be achieving a lot more stuff that you would hate.

As a side note, I would suggest that Trump was already under serious investigation, by the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. I think it may even have been a factor in Trump deciding to run for POTUS: so he could fire the guy who was after him. Which, be it noted, he did (along with all 50 or so other US Attorneys). It won;t work, but I doubt he was (or is) capable of recognizing that.

I expect we will get it sorted out. The cost will be non-trivial here at home. But once he's gone it can be tackled relatively quickly -- say 5-10 years. (That long because it will require both a new administration and a whole lot of new Congressmen and Senators. The latter, especially, take time to replace.)

Internationally, the costs will perhaps be less obvious. But they will take far longer to overcome. A reputation takes a long time to build, but can be destroyed quite quickly, and that's what we (as a nation) are doing right now. Building it back will take even longer than building it originally did.

See the similarity between these two marketing strategies:

And bear in mind that, if Trump wasn't distracted (and incompetent), he'd be achieving a lot more stuff that you would hate.

Under the far-less-than-ideal circumstances we find ourselves under, I'd actually prefer he stay in office at least until the midterms. That's not to suggest that I think it's more likely than not that he'll leave or be ousted before his term is up, but there is a greater-than-normal chance of it.

At any rate, yes, he'll do some damage in the meantime, but he'll be, relatively speaking, ineffectual at enacting much of an agenda. And he'll tarnish the Republican brand beyond repair for the generation that will begin participating politically more fully over the course of the next decade of so.

(Sorry, wj.)

HSH, I actually agree with you.

The Republican brand (like the American brand internationally) is going to take long years of work to repair, regardless. I think I only differ with some (a lot of?) people here about whether that is possible and/or desirable.

If Obama had put forward a nomination like this (i.e. openly gay) as a major ambassador, the right would have gone in to full-out hysteria mode

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