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July 15, 2017


What is an experimental prime?

This was the story that subjects were supposed to react to after reading it and then being exposed to metaphoric language that was either literal or figurative in an attempt to tease out the effects of inhibition and background knowledge, specifically fire (he was playing with fire vs he was on fire) and the idiom 'break a leg'. It's probably not, strictly speaking, the prime, (the prime is the stuff they give afterwards), but the presence of that first name confused me...

When you try dividing by a lot of good numbers, and it just doesn't work, you've got yourself an 'experimental prime'.

The difference between 'experimental prime' and 'mathematical prime' is that the first one is defined by your level of patience.

An experimental Prime is NOT Prime, so MorningLightMountain exterminated them (see Peter Hamilton's Commonwealth series).

MorningLightMountain was just getting around to the metavores.

...gone to distant lands with his nephews and his uncle Scrooge in search of treasure to loot from the indigenes...

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