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July 23, 2017


Sometimes it's a bit frustrating. I see something daft like this. I notice that there are a large number of members of the legislature (state or Congress) sponsoring the latest insanity. I get all geared up to fire off a sharp note, asking what the blazes they were thinking.

And then discover that my rep was sensible enough to have stayed away from it all on his own. All that beautiful outrage: just wasted!

This is outrageous. Any Dem who rails against Trump authoritarianism shows their true colors by supporting this dreadful legislation.

Congressmen Adam Smith, Derek Kilmer, and Rick Larson along with Sen. Maria Cantwell can go piss up a rope.

Incredibly, HR 1697 is supported by 234 members of the House.

Just like Clinton Rules, there is always the Palestinian Exception.


It sounds like this has been a problem since 1945, the current crew is just amping it up. Discouraging.

"there is always the Palestinian Exception."

Yeah, well you know those dusky palestinian radicals, with their squishy pinko agenda. Always stirring up trouble.


No one ever expects bipartisan fascism, especially when enslaving the citizenry on behalf of another country.

Clearly, overthrowing government is going to be a bigger job than some expect, if every political party is completely full of shit.

First Russia, now Israel? China needs to get its dibs in. The French should be so lucky.

We could have jailed nearly the entire republican party in 2001-2 for spitting on their french fries, and avoided the dire, malevolent mess we're in now.

Who does Netanyahu think he is? A little self-dramatizing campus snot who can't handle a misdirected Halloween costume*?

I want Hillary Clinton to publicly and loudly denounce this legislation, else Donald Johnson will be proved right.

I wonder which side of this issue Richard Spencer will come down on. It'll be tough for him, I expect, favoring one group of people he wants to murder over another group of people he wants to murder.

But we live in the age of rump now, so that type of pretzel logic is a mere preparatory stretching calisthenic for the main event.

And all along I've been surprised I haven't been arrested, fined, and jailed for saying funny, nasty things about Texas, but maybe that's coming too, I hope.

*No, I'm not kidding. Formal rules against this kind of thing don't work except to exacerbate and encourage the menace, especially in exhibitionist, neo-shithead, cuck America.

My strategy, if you want to dress up in a clearly racist or anti-Semitic display is to handle it personally and physically, with my fists. The government can stay out of it, except to tax hate out of existence.

I'm kind of hard to figure, ain't I?

Think Boo Radley at the annual Skokie Nazi March, or sneaking up on the Bundys as they seek to defile public lands.

Problem dispatched with no government interference.

I want Hillary Clinton to publicly and loudly denounce this legislation, else Donald Johnson will be proved right.

I'm confused. I though Hillary Clinton was supposed to STFU, since [the usual reasons], and the fact that whatever she says incites cleek's law.

I love the lighter skin tone around The Donald's eyes in that Kos cartoon.

I though Hillary Clinton was supposed to STFU, since [the usual reasons], and the fact that whatever she says incites cleek's law.

Many things are in tension these days. ;^)

Back to the woods, isn't it?

Apparently Donald Trump can't move on from blaming Hillary Clinton for all things, but one would think the Count could give it a rest.

Were I Hilary Clinton, which I obviously am not, I would probably say "I've had about enough of this BS", find a nice spot on the Cap D'Antibes or maybe the Amalfi Coast, and spend the rest of my days sitting under an umbrella with a nice Caesar salad while handsome young men with charming accents bring me Campari sodas.

The worst thing you can say about Clinton is that she's a shrewd political operator. In a sane world that would be seen as an asset.

China needs to get its dibs in.

While the rest of the world spends its days watching the Donald's latest reality TV show, China is setting up it's first foreign military base since the 15th C.

My understanding is that their shore-to-sea missile technology is really good. Stuff like this.

They're establishing themselves as the go-to foreign partner in much of Africa. Which is an extraordinarily resource-rich continent.

They don't need no steenkin' dibs.

sapient, you do realize this was satire that I posted on the other thread:


--- the following is not satire ---

Yes, the election was stolen from Hillary Clinton, aided and abetted even by some people on these pages who were duped into repeating some lies about her generated by Russian government and American, I'm now convinced, hackers and the usual right-wing filth.

I want the November, 2016 Presidential election of rump and company declared null and void, and then when republicans become violent over it, with their armaments, which they will, I want to kill them.

But, yes, I want the imperfect, but healthy candidate Hillary Clinton, as she is restored to her rightful position in the White House, to declare the legislation we're talking about an affront to the Constitution, which she could veto if republicans had not stolen the election, you fucks, and President Clinton could have named Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, which would strike down the law when it most assuredly would came before them if she stupidly signed the bill into law, but given the facts on the ground as we speak, if she doesn't speak decisively about this legislation now, then she is a suspect of sorts, as Donald Johnson has elaborated in the past, but he can speak for himself.

I want rump and a good part of the republican party shot by a firing squad, but I reserve the right to look askance (I love saying that phrase because it's from one of my favorite ironic, but not coincidental, lines in the movie "Network") and take to the streets over whatever misguided legislation President Hillary Clinton might sign into law.

None of this is contradictory or hypocritical.

Hyperbolic perhaps, but I gotta be me.

If you are going to advocate voiding the 2016 election, wouldn't it make more sense to void the primaries? If Trump had never even gotten nominated, it would have assured that we avoided him.

Thank you, Count.

But wj, berniebros notwithstanding, neither the Dem nor GOP primary contests were stolen, which I believe is the nub of the count's hyperbolic (but well taken) point.

The state of play.

Anything to shorten the election cycle is fine with me.

"Were I Hilary Clinton, which I obviously am not, I would probably say "I've had about enough of this BS", find a nice spot on the Cap D'Antibes or maybe the Amalfi Coast, and spend the rest of my days sitting under an umbrella with a nice Caesar salad while handsome young men with charming accents bring me Campari sodas."

Chuck Schumer's circular firing squad notwithstanding, not to be confused with the republican party's rubik's cube firing squad among whom the individual members shoot themselves, it would be admirable if Hillary Clinton, while halfway thru her Caesar salad and after a sip of her Campari received a Secret Service-delivered official edict from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that stated "Madame President, you have been declared, at this late date, the winner of the November 2016 Presidential election. You are ordered to drop whatever you are doing and get back here toute suite and assume the position" tore the official stationary into tiny pieces and flung them into the breeze off the Mediterranean coast and, lifting her shades, told the messenger: "What makes any of you think I would want to sign up to govern that bunch of deplorable ignoramuses again? F*ck off!" and dismissed him. Maybe it would be a her.

Then, as the messenger scuffled off thru the pristine white sand in his Buster Browns, she would call after him/her: "Tell them if they throw Texas, Kentucky, and South Carolina out of the Union, for starters, with appropriate nuclear safeguards that they don't align with Putin to thwart the U.S. Government, but with a well-thought out program to re-settle decent refugees from those states in the remaining parts of the country, I might ... MIGHT .... consider the request after due deliberation."

"Any of other requests, Madame?"

"David Bossie's balls on a paper plate fed to the RNC potluck family picnic."

"That it?"

"Tell Bill he gets a bunk bed in the Naval Observatory."

One more demand from Clinton:

"I want the country of Yemen placed under supervision by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with every Yemeni given full access to our Medicaid, Medicare, and Obamacare programs."


Meanwhile, back at the Texas ranch:


Figures, don't it:


Too bad that news helicopter that spied fat boy on the beach closed to the public wasn't outfitted with strafing guns.

Schooling the fresh-faced White House interns in how you run an autocracy.


For extra credit, they'll be assigned to help the Russians hack Mueller's investigative team, use fake NSA surveillance data to harass liberals, and cancel the voting registrations for ten million swarthy Americans.

I hope the interns think to use their Planned Parenthood-provided birth control when they are schtupping one another in the White House's secret places.

I suspect the one black kid in the back row won't be getting any in that crowd.

I truly hope he is a double agent and is there to leak dirt on the Dirt.

Aynrand Paul, despite his access to hacked Democratic emails via his Russian connections, can't seem to get a gander at public legislation, the people's fucking business, he's expected to vote on. Odd that:


What's this? Each Boy Scout of America will receive a merit badge for every American the rumpublican party murders. That's what ... 25 to 30 merit badges per the million or so Scouts in the country. Look, the fine Christian boys get some hearty yucks in hearing that Tom Himmler Price will be fired if he doesn't execute the murders to rump's liking.


I guess that's why all of them started out as Web(e)lo(w)s, because they know who their Daddy is.

This is something new in the fullness of shit America has become. They are going to Medivac a guy across the country to vote to murder tens of millions of Americans, let alone take away their ability to afford to be Medivaced themselves. A guy who himself enjoys full access to every fucking social medical insurance hammock in this flea-ridden republic -- Medicare, The Federal Employees Health Insurance program, the Veteran's Administration, the Long Term Care Insurance provided to federal employees and should he need it, if he somehow loses all of his ill-gotten fucking money from the Keating days until now, Medicaid nursing home care -- is, I repeat, going to be Medivaced using taxpayer dollars to murder taxpayers.

The man had better vote against it or I'll be back here shortly afterwards wishing the Vietcong were still around to shoot the Medivac plane out of the sky too.


Honor, my ass.

Indeed, something and someone must be killed, but it's not the Congressional Budget Office:


Tillerson's toast:


I hope the deep state department employees, those that are left, give him a 21-gun farewell salute, pointed right at him, before they bring in the new radical, corrupt, traitorous cocksucker who will replace him.

The Chinese got their dibs in:


Man, it's like trying to link to an intergalactic shit storm. Someone turn off the fan.

I try to keep up, I do.

In closing this Monday, I want Al Gore restored to a four-year term Presidency the cheating republican filth stole from us.

Then Clinton gets her four-year term we were lied to and cheated out of.

The elections have already been held so think of the time and Citizens United money that won't have to be wasted re-doing them.

I misspelled "re-buying".

rump is going to dig up this guy and name him to head up the Library of Congress, due for a shakedown and an acid bath.


Rep. Rayn and Senator McMcMcMc proclaimed the choice a shoo-in for confirmation and added that he would be the certain choice to reduce overhead by emptying the LOB's collections of rare and expensive manuscripts via the usual russian fences. They believe he will target works for appropriation that mention the truth in any way and refer in footnotes to facts of any kind.

The works will be replaced rump's childhood drawings depicting human beings being torn to bits and eaten by ravenous wolverines.

rump didn't think Shinn's dead mouth being stuffed with salt and the embalming fluids in his veins would hinder his mission, but said if he fucks up he will not only fire him, he will bury the loser.

Funny. They think their own constituents, who they armed to the teeth, are out to get them. That Second Amendment sure is a double-edged AK-47 bayonet:


Sociopaths who become paranoid are best watched from a distance thru a high-powered gun scope, for safety's sake.

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