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July 15, 2017


Bujold's vorKosigans are truly a delight. And she does a great job of creating well-rounded characters, and not just the leads.

Doc, I hope things are going in the right direction for you and yours. Re Naomi Novik, I very much enjoyed the first few Temeraire books, and loved Temeraire's character: he reminded me a lot of Jack Aubrey in the Patrick O'Brien books (obviously a great influence) - open-hearted, brave and impetuous, if not the most subtle tool in the toolkit. She boxed herself in rather by setting them in such a well-known period of history, so after a while I was glad she was moving on. I thought Uprooted was excellent - I may have been alerted to its existence by you in fact, and if so, thanks. Here's looking forward to many more of her novels.

Doctor S, forgive me if this is a foolish question, but why isn't the Liaden Universe on the Best Series list?

Sure, Vorkosigan is good, the others I haven't read, but how can it be absent?


We don't know yet how high up it was in the nominations list. We (Worldcon members) nominated in Jan-March. We each got to vote for 5 series. Mine were:

- Memoirs of Lady Trent; Marie Brennan;
- The Expanse; James S.A. Corey;
- Craft Sequence; Max Gladstone;
- Temeraire; Naomi Novik;
- Thessaly; Jo Walton;

So we all had to make choices, and we all see things on the ballot we didn't choose.

I don't read very widely in sf/fantasy anymore, but I have to agree re the Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe, that was a terrific story. I was sorry I couldn't get as into Winter's Tide by Ruthanna Emrys, given how much I liked Litany of Earth. With Lovecraft Country, it's amazing how fruitful that demented old dude's universe turned out to be. Oh, and I shouldn't forget The Mall of Cthulhu. That was a lot of fun. Not to mention Scream for Jeeves.

rai, I love the Liaden books but they're definitely not in a class with Vorkosigan in my opinion. Too many continuity failures and questionable world-building. Just try to figure out how much a cantra is really worth . . . .

hi doc, quick note, no worries. When I finish all the stuff I'm doing (hopefully August?) I'm looking forward to checking some of this out.

Too Like the Lightning. I really enjoyed this book. I am worried it will turn out as pointless as Leckie's mess of a trilogy, but so far so good.

Ada Palmer's site is worth a read as well. Her series on Machiavelli is a delight.

Note on my own idiocy regarding Bujold. I recall seeing the many novels stacking up in the racks over the years, and never picked one up.

I kind of recall thinking Lois Mcmaster Bujold must be the name of a male western writer, and why in hell did they keep showing up in my beloved SF racks.

Now there are so many I cannot figure out where to start.


Cordelia's Honor or Falling Free are both fine places to start . . . early in the chronology and relatively early books.
Whatever you do don't read the Sharing Knife trilogy, unless you like softcore romance novels. God I hate those books.

Thanks Jake.

Don't know if Doc is around, but anyone else, I hate to ask this, but what happened with all the Puppy shit? Did they give up?

Puppies are done. The factions still strongly dislike each other, but the mischief is pretty much over. The argument, of course, will never end, which seems normal for literary fights.

Puppies took over the United States government and no longer need to mess with the Hugos.

Matt McIrvin FTW!

And, of course, the Sad and Rabid factions are now tearing at each other.


They're fighting over a paltry $2 million?

"What's twenty quid to the bloody Midland bank?"

Like Jim Parish said, they're starting to tear into each other.

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