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July 03, 2017


Well, to each their own, but I liked the way ST played with the romantic subplot tropes. *spoilers* Steve actually has a character arc, and ends up changing considerably. Jonathan's stalker behavior is discovered, and does cause him problems. It doesn't end up as the classic outsider gets the girl away from douchebag, and I really appreciated it.

The main thing that bothered me about Barb was how quickly the town ignored her disappearance. That was just weird.

i gotta agree with 'Hidden Things isn't SF because it's not even F'.

Arrival was good. RO was good. ST was good enough - best as an 80's nostalgia piece, but the story had some big holes in it. DP was fine but Yet Another Super Hero Movie.

i'd go:
(didn't see GB)

I can agree with the thesis that Hidden Things isn't SF because it isn't even fiction.

HOWEVER, given that it was nominated, it seems like the question before voters is not whether it should have been nominated. Rather it is how it compares to other nominees. If the movie (which I haven't seen) is anywhere near as good as the book (which I have read), it's a damn strong contender.

wj, I think you will enjoy Hidden Figures (the movie); besides the excellent story there's the IBM hardware nostalgia value.

I'm going to be putting Arrival as my #1, because I think it's one of the best SF movies I've ever seen, but Hidden Figures will probably be my #2. I'm not worried about juggling my ballot to make HF finish high up in the final tally. If lots of people vote my way, HF might get eliminated early in the first round due to lack of 1st place votes, but it would bounce back strong in the balloting for second place, after the first place winner is eliminated from all the ballots, and then the calculation is re-run with the remaining challengers. (Plus, there might not be anyone officially eliminated in the first round if Arrival gets an outright majority of the ballots).

My current ballot for long form
1. Arrival
2. Hidden Figures
3. Rogue One
4. Ghostbusters
5. Hidden Things (haven't seen yet, this is my "don't care" position. Appreciate the review of the partial season, as it suggests that my ranking wouldn't change much if I did have time to see it.).
6. No Award
7. Deadpool (Strongly disliked, don't think was a worthy entry, especially when Dr. Strange was much better. Got on the ballot with slate help.)

Er, make that Stranger Things in #5. Argh.

Stranger Things was a little treasure in a boring year. As usual it takes a few shows to get a rhythm but the season was both satisfying and left one wanting more.

Of the rest, I haven't seen Arrival, HF is good, not SF, Deadpool would not get any vote, RO and Ghostbusters are what I usually call "fine" which is short for enjoyable but not rewatchable.

So any order is ok with me as long as Stranger Things is first. Again, I'm hoping to enjoy Arrival, it could take 1.

Loved ST and RO. Will eventually watch DP and Arrival, not the others.

Mentioned this in another thread but I finally read the ancillary justice trilogy and... it was okay. Probably needed to be in a different mindset when I started reading it. Other SF read in last 18mo or so: Liked Dark Matter and The Passage trilogy a lot. The Girl With All the Gifts was awesome. Didnt like the city and the city. Fellside was ok. Didn't like Man in the High Castle (does tha count as SF?).

I quite liked Arrival, and observe it's of that rare breed where the movie is actually better than the written story it's based on.

The Man in the High Castle is Alternate History, which is one of the sub-genres of SF (though some would argue that the SF in question for Alternate History is the somewhat more expansive genre of Speculative Fiction rather than Science Fiction proper).

My personal opinion is that The Man in the High Castle has enough parallel universe stuff going on that it would qualify as science fiction under either the strict or the looser definition, since it embraces more than one historical alternative.

Man in the High Castle has great potential, but what Amazon has done with the series is... not great. it's well shot and the set design is great and the concept is fine and several of the actors are great. but the writing is soooooo slow.

I loved Stranger Things. Wasn't it a huge reference to Freaks and Geeks? I read, somewhere, that it was. Having never seen Freaks and Geeks, I then watched Freaks and Geeks. And watched it again. Maybe will do a third time. Don't usually do that. The second time, that is. The third, never.

Again, Stranger Things .... wasn't it about ET too? It was fun to think about what they were trying to do with all of that, I thought (and am not particularly good at modern cultural references).

Weird that we expect so much of our artists when we ask nothing from out President.

Freaks and Geeks and Stand By Me and ET and X-Files and ... given Winona Ryder: Beetlejuice.

Goonies too

also what american_nihilist said about ST and Steve/Jonathan. On the latter, he didn't set out to stalk anyone, as I recall, it was happenstance and as noted he pays a price for it and doesn't end up with the stalkee, which would have been the hollywood M.O. ISTM.

His dark materials was kind of "eh" too.

Any thoughts about the other categories? Here are my votes for first place in the categories that I have seriously examined:

Dramatic Presentation (Long Form): Arrival

Dramatic Presentation (Short Form): Black Mirror, "San Junipero"

Novel: "A Closed and Common Orbit"

Novella: (still working my way through these - no clear favorite so far)

Novellette: "Touring with the alien"

Short Story: "That game we played during the war"

Related Work: "The geek feminist revolution"

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