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April 12, 2017


So an unforced foul on the part of the Dem party at the national level--they should have sunk resources into this race, seems to me.

A bit of good news: the Fexas voter suppression alw was thrown out in court.

Estes is gonna have to run again, next year. And everybody knows who Thompson is now.

He (Thompson) got $50 from me this time around. He (or whoever runs against Estes) will get my money again about a year from now.

If nothing else, I'll be happy to help make the (R)'s pay through the nose to hold that seat.

Well there was no real question that their prospects are better in Georgia. Which is where they have been focusing.

So rather than an un-forced error, say it was insufficient optimism about just how badly the Republicans in Kansas were hurt. (Whether by Trump or by Brownback is still an open question.) Plus, it's not entirely clear whether allowing the Republican candidate to scream "nationalize" would have had more impact than the additional funding would have helped.

We've done well in the Kansas election, and also in a California.election, but both of those were in elections where it didn't matter (safe R and safe D, respectively). GA-06 will tell us what's happening in elections that matter.

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