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March 16, 2017


Tolkeinesque descriptive writing, I love that stuff. Thanks, I will give Todd Lockwood a try.

They've been doing an Ada Palmer seminar over at Crooked Timber the last 10 days, and Henry Farrell just put up a post with his Hugo suggestions for anyone who wants to compare and contrast.

I liked Ninefox Gambit a lot--it is both brutal and challenging reading, though. The closest recent comparison would be the Ancillary Justice trilogy, but the machinations in Ninefox Gambit actually grabbed me more.

It may not be intended as such, but I sort of imagined it as the spaceships-and-zap-guns distant future of a fantasy universe with functional magic, in which they've turned their (often cruel and barbaric) ritual magic into a highly developed technology. There are glimmers of hope for something better, though.

Since you haven't posted artists yet, I'd like to note that for Best Professional Artist, I’ve been pushing the team of US artist Xin Ye and Finnish artist Lauri Ahonen for their joint work on Erfworld.com – see the wiki page at http://hugonoms2017.wikia.com/wiki/Xin_Ye_and_Lauri_Ahonen . I’ve addressed a number of issues there, such as whether a team nomination is legal (there’s precedent for it, but we won’t get a formal ruling unless they get enough nominations to make the finalists) and how to do it (put them both on the same line of the nomination ballot), along with a list of some particularly notable images from 2016.

I’ve been amazed by the quality of their work since they started working together as a team, and I also think it would be really cool if we could have a Finnish artist on the ballot for the Helsinki Worldcon. Erfworld Book 3 won’t be eligible in the Graphic Work category until next year (serially published works are eligible in the year the last installment is published, and it is still being published at 2 pages a week), but we can still recognize them as artists for the pages they illustrated that were published in 2016.

If you get a chance before the deadline, check their work out, and see if you think they deserve a place on your ballot.

Thanks, Dave! I saw a comment you made at Rocket Stack Rank and checked them out, but they're not really to my taste. As you can see from my artist post, I *did* make it a point to include a Finn, and also a Swede, one in each category. Hey, maybe they'll BOTH win!

Four years late, and mostly mentioning it up since I picked it up based on recommendations here, but I read Redshirts Saturday night. If I may resort to a tired cliche... I want those (5? 6?) hours of my life back.

I can definitely see why it won a Hugo, but that was painful. As the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest once eloquently said of a non-trivial portion of their entries, it was bad writing masquerading as good writing masquerading as bad writing...

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