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March 18, 2017


I am so happy that you posted this, chmatl! I live in Virginia, which is very tenuously and recently blue, at least in statewide elections. We are heavily gerrymandered, and our governor's race is this year (we have some kind of an election every year). The results of our gubernatorial race will decide what happens to gerrymandering in the future. It's deeply important.

John Lewis is a hero. I called his office before the inauguration, thanking him for calling bs on Donald Trump as a legitimate president. His staff member was so wonderful - I felt like living in that phone call, but I hung up first, because I didn't want to be a nuisance.

I've kicked in for Ossoff (very modestly), and now will put in some more. It's so hard to keep up day to day resistance momentum, but this is something we can all do.

Thank you for this!

Terrific post, chmatl, and terrific work you are doing. I am so pleased that you are feeling better as a result, and I can only hope that your experience is being replicated all around the country. Vive la resistance!

Thanks for your kind words, sapient and GFtNC!

I've also kicked in a little money for Ossoff, though he hardly needs it. He's got quite a war chest - north of $2 million last I checked.

He's an interesting guy - young, smart, articulate, and attractive. Also unmarried, though he does have a girlfriend.

The local Republican party has an ad going after him for dressing as Han Solo at some party when he was in college. No doubt the old people who constitute a big part of their local base will shake their heads and scoff at this. They largely missed the Star Wars phenomenon. But people my age (54) and several years on either side of me will think it's cool. Even the youngs (including my own children) will find it charming, since they're having their own Star Wars moment with the reboot.

I've already reminded my daughter, who is 20 and away at the University of Georgia, to request her absentee ballot. She and every last one of her friends are liberal Democrats and are the future core voters in this district. I have great hope that they will help to turn this district blue.

chmatl, sapient mentioned John Lewis, how about the African American demographic in Georgia and its relation with Indivisible? From my own experiences in the South, one reason that Republicans have been able to keep such a hold is that they have been able to highlight divisions between the groups so that there is not a lot of communication and trust. I have a sad feeling that, while John Lewis gets standing ovations when he walks thru National Airport


like Jesus says, a prophet is never honored in his hometown...

Thank you! I have been following fron afar--Washington state. I am making small weekly donatoions thorugh Act Blue and promoting thie race on Facebook and with my local and national reisstance groups. I post his fundraisers to four groups almost daily.

LJ, Indivisible in my area is mostly dominated by white Liberals, but looking through the various websites/meetups/facebook groups I'm a part of, there are a number of very active African Americans. In my own neighborhood, when we were canvassing, we never mentioned Indivisible, but rather the local Democratic party. We got fantastic response from everyone, but especially African Americans, just based on identifying as Democrats.

I can't really speak to the relationship between Indivisible and the African American community outside the metro Atlanta area. I would be surprised if Indivisible has any presence in rural GA, where there are large groups of African Americans in the small to medium towns and cities.

Places like Savannah, Macon, and Columbus (with roughly 100,000-plus residents) all have Indivisible groups and also large African American populations. I took a look at their Indivisible Facebook groups and, with the exception of Savannah, the member pics were almost entirely of white folks. Savannah's group is much more diverse and younger, probably because of the presence of Savannah College of Art and Design.

Since I've just recently gotten involved in local grassroots activism, I don't know much about the history of the white/black divide in party politics. I honestly don't see much evidence of outreach from Indivisible GA-06 to local African American organizations. The various events they've hosted have taken place in very white, pretty much upscale areas.

Hmm, I think I've just experienced the "my comment got eaten" phenomenon.

Let me try again -

Wonkie, that's fantastic! I'm continually amazed at how much attention and support this race is getting from people outside the area.

Thank you for your support!

Good on ya, chmatl! Hope all your hard work pays off. And I know it will in terms of organisation and attention even if your candidate doesn't get the seat.

For others, even if you live in safely blue areas, still very much worth calling your reps to encourage them or to push them to be active. Or to replace them with better people.

And there's almost certainly swing seats near you that want volunteers.

Thanks, Shane. Yes, I'd really like Ossoff to win the election. Longer term, though, building the infrastructure to get Democrats to the polls in other than Presidential elections is the more significant part of these efforts.

Great Post-rooting for Ossoff. Perhaps I missed it in the post, but what is the actual voting date?

speaking of liberal voting post-Trump, Sam Bee is not impressed:


Gosh cleek, that's depressing. No wonder sapient keeps beating the drum for more active opposition, if the opposition is not getting out to vote. Or have I (from ignorance) missed something?

depressing, but completely typical.

Bill R - the first round is April 18th. Can't believe I left that important tidbit out, but I did! Thanks for asking.

Yes, cleek, that's hugely disappointing. We'll have to see how turnout goes in the April 18th election, but I can assure you that for Democrat activists in GA-06, GOTV efforts are their first priority.

As a resident of the dystopian Hell-hole that is the 5th district I can add some slightly-informed thoughts about what shape I think this race will take. Price's re-election margin was as an incumbent against effectively a token and marginally funded candidate. Ossoff making the run-off seems fairly likely, absent pre-election dropouts/endorsements of Handel (which strikes me as highly unlikely). While Handel has some history/baggage, the sex dynamics will be reversed from the general election, so I expect most of the normally R-voting women in the district who voted for Clinton instead of the pussy-grabber will revert to their usual voting habits. Unless Trump creates so much chaos and disaster to strongly push this election to a Trump yes/no referendum, I see Ossoff losing the June run-off by 8-12 points.

This in no way is meant to discourage the efforts that chmatl and so many others are making. Building the voter contacts and infrastructure and cultivating attractive candidates is vitally necessary. There were too many potentially competitive House districts where Rs ran unopposed, or practically so in 2016. The Democrats need to strengthen local organization and be able to present credible candidates to be able to take full advantage of a wave election. This special election is the first step on the road, not a destination.

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