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January 18, 2017


Not that I condone facism; or any ism for that matter. Isms, in my opinion, are not good. A person should not believe in an ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, “I don’t believe in ‘Beatles’, I just believe in me.” Good point there. After all, he was the Walrus. I could be the Walrus, I’d still have to bum rides off of people.

I don't know if that works without the intended juxtaposition.

John also sang the "the Walrus is Paul", but if Lennon was still living, the tweetaverse would have a rival to Trump for sheer contradiction.

Trump creates entrepreneurial opportunities at the intersection of finance and tech.

And, on cue, trump's budget plans leak:


"I'm not gonna cut Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security."

I can't think of a Hillary lie that doesn't pale in comparison, unless it's the lie told by Republicans that she murdered Vince Foster.

There goes my federal pension too that I just started receiving last month.

Youtube is the friend of the resistance:



He'll be the new OMB Chief BECAUSE he didn't pay the taxes, which is the first budget cutting step of every fucking Republican/conservative.

And Grassley can bite me for all he has contributed to this.

No country for old men. Die, Grassley, please.

S&P 500 up 182% under Kenyan Usurper Tyrant Hussein Obama, (D-Hades).

With Trump saying stuff like he's going to take the weekend off after the inauguration, I suspect that some other countries *cough* *cough* *china* would find it a perfect time to stage a provocation.

Sadly, Snarki, if you've read Steve Bannon's foreign policy philosophy, destabilization is the name of the game. Destabilizing the United States, that is. This administration is working to the detriment of the American people, on purpose.

An article from more innocent days.

1.Bannon once said in a 2011 radio interview that the women’s liberation movement consisted of “a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools up in New England.”

2. He literally wants to destroy the state. He told The Daily Beast in 2014, “I’m a Leninist.” He elaborated: “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

3. He’s accused by his ex-wife of anti-Semitism, specifically of not wanting to enroll his daughter at a school because too many Jews attended it. “He said that he doesn’t like Jews and that he doesn’t like the way they raise their kids to be ‘whiney brats’ and that he didn’t want the girls going to school with Jews,” his ex-wife said in a 2007 sword court filing during her and Bannon’s divorce proceedings.

4. Bannon’s new role at the center of Republican leadership is ironic given his longtime posture as a flame-throwing outsider who frequently challenged the GOP. “What we need to do is bitch-slap the Republican Party,” he once said.

5. He acknowledges that the alt-right movement is not entirely anti-Semitic or entirely white nationalistic or entirely anti-gay. “Look, are there some people that are white nationalists that are attracted to some of the philosophies of the alt-right? Maybe,” he told Mother Jones. “Are there some people that are anti-Semitic that are attracted? Maybe. Right? Maybe some people are attracted to the alt-right that are homophobes, right? But that’s just like, there are certain elements of the progressive left and the hard left that attract certain element."

I'll be writing about the right-wing anti-Semites now governing Poland later today.

And what should happen to them.

Steve Bannon is in cahoots.

Those five statements were pasted from a site called Mediaite.com

I've just posted this comment at Rod Dreher's latest piece at The American Conservative regarding Richard Gelernter's new book, which I'm going to read, attacking the liberal intelligensia in the academy:

'I’ve pasted this from an Amazon review on Gelernter’s book, which I will read.

I know Gelernter is Jewish, but, according to the approving reviewer I’m quoting, he does seem to place the blame for the ills in academia he describes at least partially on Jewish intellectuals, many of whom were immigrants from the Europe broken by the meat grinder of World War II.

The language skirts rhetoric used against Jewish intellectuals, particularly Bolsheviks in Germany, in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, and seems a little too close to language used against Jewish influence in 2017 Poland as we speak, IMHO.

The rhetoric, at its worst, could be fodder for a right-wing Kacsynski, emboldened by surge of rhetoric against the Other employed by Trump et al. Synagogues are already being threatened with violence.

The quote:

“Now let me mention a few random thoughts which I think contribute to Gelernter’s argument. He speaks of the countercultural revolution in the 60s having its roots in the 40s. I believe this is true, and I will add another major contributor to the argument. Children born in the 1940s and later were the first generations to be saturated by television throughout their childhood. Television, in turn, was dominated by the media elites, whom Gelernter correctly identifies as primarily second-generation Jewish immigrants, to whom he correctly identifies a leftist bias which was evident as far back as the Army McCarthy hearings and the treatment of Richard Nixon in the 1960 presidential campaign. These children, washed in television, not only accepted their opinions from the media, but they did not develop the strong reading skills that characterized their newspaper reading parents. Television breeds intellectual laziness as well as physical sloth.

Gelernter idealizes the 50s as a period of American triumphalism. It is true that we were an economic pinnacle. However, the spirit of the times was decidedly gloomy. There was a dread of the Russians and the Red Chinese, and the fear that we would all die in a nuclear holocaust. The humorists of that time, Mort Saul, Lenny Bruce, and Tom Lehrer, captured the angst quite well. I think that this fearful nihilism contributed to the mindless nihilism of the hippies of the 1960s.

Gelernter rather bravely identifies the role that Jewish intellectuals – the expression seems redundant – played in transforming America. He should give a bit more history of the Jewish people themselves. I think that evolutionary psychologist Kevin MacDonald is onto something in his trilogy on the subject, culminating in “The Culture of Critique.” Throughout their 3,000 year history of the Jews have constantly struggled against host societies, using intellect and intellectual aggression as their weapons. This strategy led to Jews being expelled from medieval England and France, persecuted in the middle of the millennium by the Spanish, French, and Portuguese in the Inquisition, and then by the Slavs in the latter part of the 19th century during the pogroms. This was not totally without foundation; the Jews were at the center of the anarchist groups that eventually came together as the Bolsheviks. Around the turn of the century large numbers left for the United States, Argentina and Canada. They continued their leftist politics in their adoptive lands, which resulted in somewhat similar types of confrontations with the establishment in each of them. I broaden Gelernter’s argument a little bit. In taking over academia, the Jews in the United States were simply doing what they had always done, and what had historically been in the genetic interests of the Jewish people.”

This Amazon reviewer uses the terms “the genetic interests of the Jewish people”

I wonder if Richard Spencer finds this an interesting turn of phrase.'

See: http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/media-dear-america-please-hate-us/comment-page-1/#comment-8128492

My comment is awaiting moderation, so I'm posting it here in case Pat Buchanan, with his Nixonian views regarding the Jews, nixes it.

I don't disagree with Gelertner regarding the stupefying effects of watching TV.

The "all the Commies are Jews" thing does come directly out of the Nazi playbook. It was kind of a two-fer.

The anarchists that came to the US were not particularly Bolshevik, and not particularly Jewish. Hint: Bolsheviks aren't anarchists. They were mostly Eastern and Southern European, notably Italians. See also Luigi Galleani.

Maybe I'm reading from the wrong history books, but it seems to me that what has historically been in the genetic interests of the Jews has been trying to figure out how to keep everybody else in the world from killing them. With mixed success. The ubiquity and continuity of hatred toward the Jews is one of the wonders of the Western world.

In any case, if anyone plans on rounding folks up, they are in for some surprises.

Larison's pretty much a good guy, but the TAC folks are too tolerant of Buchananesque fascism for my taste.

Folks are drawing lines, y'all. Don't let it catch you napping.

You can always count on Texas.

Please incriminate yourselves in time for my national security meeting:


Hey, Biederman, you dog, you gonna shut down these very successful American mutual funds, which follow the investing principles of Sharia:


Putin's new White House press gaggle:


Europe, a sampling:




Time for the Jews to leave Europe because of radical Islamic terrorism aimed at them by a very small minority of Islamists among the Muslims who live there and/or a plurality of Europeans who are getting their Jew-hatred up:











Greenwald has a somewhat different view, but remember, as with Michelle Bachmann, et al, support for Israel in Poland is merely a cover for moving all Jews to one central location where all but the 144,000 will survive, after being risen from her God's prophesied Holocaust.


Polls in Poland show that 34% of the electorate support this right-wing government careening the government toward right-wing tyranny.

This shit can't be allowed to happen. We're not doing this again, world. These Beasts are gaining momentum in all of Europe and closer to home.

The other 66%, including Polish Jews, must rise up and kill, kill, kill, kill this threat from the 34%, as a template for resistance to the rise of the Other-hating fascism throughout the once. for an interval, civilized world.

Poland must not be permitted to be made "great" again in the eyes of right-wing murderers.

It will be interesting to observe how a Bannon-led Trump reacts to such an uprising and how their fascist blood bothers in Russia respond in turn, or in concert.

I wonder who will take whose side.

I just got around to reading through this thread, and Count, if you weren't leaving I'd be throwing you out. Your comment of 10:51 is IMHO a rape threat, and I won't be having with that. I'll wait another 1/2 hour, then delete unless wj or one of the other front-pagers talks me out of it.

Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

My missive to Dreher was far-right moderated into oblivion.

And to think, I kind of like the guy.

Par for the course.

Doc, I'm gone.

I love all of you. It's been a good run. My OBWI addiction is over.

Thanks for indulging me along the way.

I'll shut the door quietly behind me.

Bye, Count. We'll miss you.

A little goodbye tune:


A little goodbye tune:

Thank you, baby, thank you.

Doctor Science:

You have a nice blog here. It'd be a shame if people stopped commenting on it. Chill out before you end up banning everybody. Even God has a sense of humor, fer chrissake.


My missive to Dreher was far-right moderated into oblivion.

My days at RedState ended when I front-paged a post about racism.

Some folks are just way too sensitive.

Vaya con Dios Count. Shine on you crazy diamond. If they cut off your pension, there's always bank robbery!

We'll see you on the flipside.

The Count had announced his intention to leave, so I don't think that it was just Doctor Science, unless there was other stuff that I'm not aware of.

I'll miss him terribly though, because much as this blog is supposed to be "the Voice of Moderation", there is no such thing anymore. True gangsters, mobsters, villains are running the country now. Moderation is not going to solve this.

Because childhood Catholicism still haunts me, I won't say that I'm in despair. I'll fight it with anger. Love, hope and faith too. Faith that we can do this.

Doctor Science:

You have a nice blog here. It'd be a shame if people stopped commenting on it. Chill out before you end up banning everybody. Even God has a sense of humor, fer chrissake.


As a fringe member of the collective (or whatever it is) that attempts to moderate ObWi, I absolutely applaud Doc Science for her attempts to maintain at least a modicum of civility in here, attempts I am too late and too lazy to make.

If the cost of this is losing comments from those who think anyone with a "sense of humor" should enjoy rape threats - made in fun, you understand - I think I can live with it.

Fer chrissake.


I don't know how a modicum of civility can be maintained if sapient is allowed to label everybody to the left of the DNC enablers of fascism and generally insulting everyone who dissents. He/she is using Trump's win as an opportunity to impose his/her manichean worldview on this blog and to ignore the most basic rules of civil discourse without limitations.

Bye bye Count. Don't be a stranger forever...

Hi everyone (including yours truly),

Now may be a good time to reset the pieces on the gameboard and restart the clock. As I am confident that no one here is piloting or ordering drone attacks, and equally confident that no one here is refusing to pay for services rendered, bragging about grabbing people by their parts, it might be a good time to reset and start with a cleanish slate. I certainly will endeavour to and I hope all of you will as well. Your cooperation in this is greatly appreciated.

You know, it's funny, I fight constantly (and boringly) for civility, but I never took the Count's stuff for the opposite of that - of course, it was never as far as I recall aimed at people here. To me, it was like performance art, certainly not in any sense insincere, on the contrary obviously an expression of deep and sincerely held beliefs and opinions, most of which I share.

But talking of performance, I've just been watching pre-inauguration stuff on the Beeb, and watching tape of Trump and Melania going through the rituals of Lincoln Memorial etc, and I have the strongest feeling that to him it is just a performance, an empty show as if he was in a play. I've never thought that before, even with Baby Bush, who presumably had some feeling for the scope and significance of the whole thing because of his father. I'm certain that Trump has no concept of what is to come, or his responsibilities, or how (as they said in WWII) his loose talk can cost lives.

I'm going to be in and out today, and taping the whole thing to watch later. To anybody marching, or otherwise participating today or tomorrow, stay safe and well, and live to fight another day.

Happy trails, Count.

"You know, it's funny, I fight constantly (and boringly) for civility, but I never took the Count's stuff for the opposite of that"

I always took "the Count's stuff" for a determined, heroic, yet ultimately doomed, attempt to make the rest of us look sane by comparison.

Now may be a good time to reset the pieces on the gameboard and restart the clock.

Agreed. Including the "yours truly" part. Meaning me, not you.

Thanks LJ.

Ah, the Count, we knew him well. These long days of tortured wintry solitude, why? What, perforce, could make him adamant that we suffer without his heat or light? How shall we? Mayhap another fugue will drift him into our awareness. Another turn, another tide. Until such, I bid my own farewell, for here is not a place the same, without his presence to divine, for which I could abide. .

No Count? ObiWi will be much poorer without him.

The Count is full of rage and despair; I hope this place wasn't the only one he could let off some steam. Now I'm worried for him.

Be well, Count. Your savage, brilliant, take-no-prisoners wit has been something to savor and celebrate. Please be well, wherever you are.


Whoa, sorry, living and working in DC today has made me a little skittish.

Sorry to see you go JT, I hope you (and we all) make it through the coming darkness.

On my stupid phone, so cannot link properly, but I kept thinking how the Count reminded me of Swift's "saeva indignatio", so, with heartfelt thanks that the Count is still alive, here for anybody who doesn't know it, is Swift's epitaph, with original, from Wikipedia.

"Swift's Epitaph" is a translation by Irish poet William Butler Yeats of Jonathan Swift's epitaph, which Swift wrote for himself in Latin. Yeats' somewhat free translation appeared in his 1933 collection The Winding Stair and Other Poems.

Swift's Epitaph

Swift has sailed into his rest;
Savage indignation there
Cannot lacerate his Breast.
Imitate him if you dare,
World-Besotted Traveler; he
Served human liberty.

The original Latin version of Swift's epitaph Edit

Hic depositum est Corpus
Hujus Ecclesiæ Cathedralis
Ubi sæva Indignatio
Cor lacerare nequit,
Abi Viator
Et imitare, si poteris,
Strenuum pro virili
Libertatis Vindicatorem.

Obiit 19º Die Mensis Octobris
A.D. 1745 Anno Ætatis 78º.

Literal Translation Edit
Here is laid the Body
of Jonathan Swift, Doctor of Sacred Theology,
Dean of this Cathedral Church,

where fierce Indignation
can no longer
injure the Heart.
Go forth, Voyager,
and copy, if you can,
this vigorous (to the best of his ability)
Champion of Liberty.

He died on the 19th Day of the Month of October,
A.D. 1745, in the 78th Year of his Age.

Like soup and sandwich, the Count and over-the-top, occasionally unfiltered hyperbole go together. I caught the rape thing and thought it was problematic. The Doc has a point. That said, we all know the Count speaks figuratively, not literally. Still, the figurative can be too close to home sometimes.

Anyway, enough of that. My vote is to make the ban temporary--15 days.

If it's ok to commute Private Manning's sentence, surely the Count also merits clemency.

I will miss the count if he is permanently banned. I didn't see the rape threat. It might have been deleted, but truth is, I tend to skim the count's posts to see if he is writing one of his serious comments or performing, sort of the way I suspect Wj skims mine to see if it is about a certain country.

I also think his posts were performance art, but if someone knew came here they might take it literally. Rod Dreher, one of my windows into conservatism, would take it literally as a sign of incipient leftist genocide against Republicans. Dreher gets a lot of mileage out of looking for proof that liberals are worse than conservatives. He is still worth reading sometimes.

LJ, I agree we want smart selective leakers. Manning wasn't that. My point is that Manning got solitary confinement and seven years when other leakers like Petraeus and Cartwright got wrist slaps or pardons because Manning did it for reasons of conscience. And large numbers of people who are actual war criminals or allowed it to go unreported got off entirely. There is a logic behind this -- the rights of the government are more important than basic human rights. Personally I think Manning should have gotten a wrist slap and a medal. Petraeus and Cartwright should go to jail for a year or so. People that high up should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one. The other unspoken principle at work is that high ranking people are held to lower standards.

On Trump, I like Sanders's approach. He is pointing out that (apart from the nasty things Trump promised to do ) Trump made his followers all kinds of promises about jobs and a health care system that will be terrific. So hold him to what he told his working class supporters. Ask him how he will fix this --


"someone knew" should be someone new. I don't know if that was my fault or a renegade spellchecker.

Argh. He is still worth reading sometimes was a half slap half praise comment about Dreher, not the count.

Taking it outside is sometimes still needed, btw.

He's heeeeeeeeeeeere....

I don't think the Count was banned. He has been clear for some time that he was stepping back from online political conversation as of today.

The Doc said if he hadn't been going today she would have banned him forthwith. Just as well she wasn't around for Swift's "A Modest Proposal", she would have said he was actually advocating cannibalism.

Did the rabbi at the inauguration (who seems almost as incoherent as Trump himself) really just say "may Justice dwell in the wilderness"... ?

Surprisingly apposite.

I don't think the Count was banned. He has been clear for some time that he was stepping back from online political conversation as of today.

So.... he's really Obama ?

Someone caught by the microphone saying "good luck" in the background.

We'll need it.

... shot of the Bushes and Clintons mutually commiserating...

The count as Obama's sock puppet makes a lot of sense. Obama acts so cool in public and needs some place to vent. Some people here claim to know the count, but have they ever seen the count and Obama in the same room together? I am betting no.

And we love em both.

Shot of Ryan's wife (?) shaking her head...

From the twitter:

BREAKING: The Secret Service has shot and killed another time traveller, bringing today’s total to 873.

Obama acts so cool in public and needs some place to vent.

You're mistaking the Count for Luther.

Personally I think Manning should have gotten a wrist slap and a medal. Petraeus and Cartwright should go to jail for a year or so. People that high up should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one.

I quite agree actually. At least to the extent that a) those higher up should be held to a higher standard, and b) Petraeus and Cartwright got of far easier than they should have.

Meanwhile, in Virginia a Republican state legislative committee killed a "bathroom bill"** modeled on North Carolina's. The legislative committee, made up of 5 Republicans and 2 Democrats, tabled (decided not to approve) the bill.

The sponsor was furious at his fellow Republicans, saying that they "campaign one way and come down here and vote another." But apparently there are some who are capable of learning from the experience of others.

** He says he objects to the label. Because he's actually more concerned about public locker rooms than bathrooms.

Here is the conservative rhetoric on health care.


Interestingly a lot of the commenters are ripping it apart and at least one I know is a conservative, often very critical of liberals. After tearing into the ACA for years they better come up with something " terrific". If they fall flat on their faces maybe single payer will finally be allowed to come out of the policy closet.

From Donald's link:

Congress is working to create a lifeboat and a bridge with its repeal-and-replace agenda. The replacement measures will protect the people who are on Obamacare now so they don’t lose their coverage again, and they will build a bridge to new coverage that will protect others from the damage that the law has done to their pocketbooks and the quality of their medical coverage.
If (and I think it's a huge if) they can pull that off, without exploding budget deficits, they will deserve all the praise in the world.

Because he's actually more concerned about public locker rooms than bathrooms.

There's actually a stronger case for conservatives to make about locker rooms as compared to bathrooms. IMO, and FWIW.

Here is the conservative rhetoric on health care.

The bar to meet is that something approaching everyone should have access to necessary medical care without risking financial ruin. We don't have that now. We're closer to it than we were.

If the (R)'s have a good idea for that, great. We'd all love to see it.

There's a place for "consumer-based" decisions, I'm not sure medical care is the best example. For insurance products, maybe, for actual care, less so. IMO.

"Look, I got a slingshot here, and it will shoot a rock really REALLY far, so how hard can it be for NASA to launch space probes anyway? We just need a bigger slingshot!"

...if the GOP took the same approach to space exploration as they do to the ACA.

Good luck with that.

I quite agree actually. At least to the extent that a) those higher up should be held to a higher standard, and b) Petraeus and Cartwright got of far easier than they should have.

There is, alas, a stark disparity between the justice of the junior enlisted servicemember and that of their seniors, and it only grows starker as rank increases. You can find instances of flag officers found guilty of engaging in misconduct that would see enlisted personnel in Leavenworth for a decade or more, and getting forced retirement at one rank lower - with that being touted as harsh punishment since they'll lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement pay.

I usually try to read the whole thread before commenting, but I can't this time.

Re Manning. She was a whistleblower for the Collateral Murder airstrikes, the Guantanamo Bay files and Afghan war logs. All of those showed an enormous gap in what the government was saying and what it was doing while revealing many illegal acts.

She was well positioned to analyze the entire data dump, which should have been done better by the journalists who got the information. There were a number of diplomatic cables which were released which shouldn't have been. In my opinion they did very little REAL damage in the context of a world where the US was doing all sorts of other publicly terrible shit.

In an ideal world she would have controlled that better. Unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world so I'm comfortable with seeing her as a mixed bag who was attempting completely defensible whistleblowing. We live in a world where I don't give the government the benefit of the doubt for mixed bag whistleblowers. She didn't sell secrets to get rich, but to reveal illegal acts.

In the context of other whistleblowers (not to mention other bad actors like Patreus) she has been punished well in line with what even people who don't agree with my whistleblower analysis should expect.

I'm comfortable with seeing her as a mixed bag who was attempting completely defensible whistleblowing. We live in a world where I don't give the government the benefit of the doubt for mixed bag whistleblowers. She didn't sell secrets to get rich, but to reveal illegal acts.


Thanks Sebastian.

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