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January 27, 2017


This immigration order is horrific and I've seen a couple places where it's said it's plainly contrary to law. Of course, issued on a Friday maybe after the D.C. Federal Courts closed?

ISIS and al Qaeda were right! The United States really is engaged in a crusade against Islam! Thanks President Trump.

Jesus it applies to green card holders?

Awaiting any GOP reps and senators to object.

Can't judges be called in, even on the weekend, for emergency stay orders?

Probably but it's an extra step in the process and of course they won't be happy about it, although that can cut both ways.

From twitter: A very important question. There are active-duty US military personnel serving abroad who hold green cards. Are they denied homecoming?

I belong to a major international organization**, involving computer technical issues. They hold meetings around the world on a rotating schedule, with North America coming up every couple of years.

Now, we are looking at whether the next meeting scheduled in the US should be relocated (presumably to Canada). Because, after all, under the order some of our participants may be unable to get visas. Just one example of possible lost hotel and conference business (anybody remember the impact of North Carolina's bathroom bill?) from this stupid move. Not to mention the reduced participation of Americans in setting the standards by which the subject of this conference is run worldwide -- including in the US.

** In keeping with the paranoia of the day, I refrain from saying exactly who. At least until the organization decides if it is going to break all past precedent and take a stand on a political issue. Which is being seriously considered. We've managed to hold meetings in some otherwise dicey places. so long as attendee safety was adequate. But then, we've never seen a case where some people might be flat forbidden to attend.

I wonder if letting go the State Department management personnel was part of this. Break the system and fire the people who could most quickly put it back together.

CNN reporting Iran banning all US citizens from entering that country. Damn.

This likely includes nuclear inspectors. Trump will use as excuse to cancel Iran deal much to Netanyahu's delight, who tweeted today in favor of trumps EOs, out of the blue so there is speculation about a quid pro quo

Of course Serious Responsible Republican Paul Ryan is taking his usual Serious Responsible Position, which happens to be just the opposite of his previous Serious Responsible Position.


I wonder if this EO will be taken as applying to UN delegates. We managed, for decades, to put them in a special category. (Even when all relations with Cuba were shut down, the Cuban delegation to the UN was in New York.) And I believe we are bound by treaty to allow them all to come, which means that an EO wouldn't change things. At least, not in law.

But with this gang of lunatics, who knows.

Going in a different (but perhaps related) direction. Colbert King has an interesting column in the Washington Post:

The gist of it: if having guns makes everybody safer, to the extent that students having them in school might be a good idea, why not take it further? Remove all of the current restrictions on firearms on Capitol Hill and in Congressional Office buildings.

Currently, nobody except members of Congress (and Capitol police, of course) can carry guns . . . and members' guns have to be unloaded. Why not make our Congress safer by allowing everybody to carry guns there? Sounds at least as sensible as having guns in schools.

Iraqi parliament discussing banning all US citizens from visiting including contractors. Wonder if that includes military, likely not.

I realise this is an Open Thread, but still.

However, I am trying, in my technologically incompetent way, to set up a new computer. When I try to come to this site, I am told "This page is trying to load scripts from unauthorised sources", and when I open anyway, the https is struck through in red. As soon as I click on a specific post, in order to see comments or leave one, the problem appears to vanish. Has anybody else encountered this, or has any helpful tips?

Congressmen all out of town too.

GftNC - I'm not techie enough to help u but maybe someone else can. LJ perhaps when he's back up. Sorry!

Thanks, Ugh. Here's hoping.

Firefox 51 and Chrome 56 have started popping up additional warnings for potential security holes. One of the warnings is for old-style insecure HTTPS certificates, one of them is for pages with password fields delivered over HTTP rather than HTTPS. Defaults for same-source restrictions are also tighter than in the past.

Thanks Michael Cain. Would you recommend, in the case for example of ObWi, that I override and ignore?

Me, I'm paranoid as hell -- in a former life part of my job was finding small cracks through which I could push serious security attacks. A quick test shows that this form of the name


pops up the kind of error message you describe, at least when I have all of the security features turned on. Try using this form


and see if the problem goes away.

And I see that Bibi is encouraging Trump's "southern wall". No doubt based on Israel's experience with building walls.

But a "southern wall"?

Sure, just build it on the 1861 border between treasonous rebel states and the rest of the USA.

Michael Cain, that produced total success! Many thanks indeed.

Closest open thread we have. I was ver surprised by this article on life expectancy for women. I hadn't heard of this..


Donald, those two flat lines for women are shocking.

But the comments included on the link are simply depressing. I suppose that, if someone decides that they aren't interested in living long, that's their choice. But it's depressing nonetheless.

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