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November 07, 2016


Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you, the Trump Cabinet.

Marvel at its winning.

1. Obviously, there are no patriots any longer working for the IRS.

2. All recent immigrants, including those here illegally, must get armed to protect themselves against murderous Republicans, win or lose tomorrow.

3. Dick Cheney must be prosecuted and executed for the torture regime.

4. Black voters in North Carolina need to burn the Republican presence in their affairs to the ground.

5. No hope, either way. These people are murderers.

No opinion on the kudos question though?

Granola Bar Makers pretty much lie about the healthiness of their products.

Ugh, it's obvious that there was nothing even vaguely objectionable in Teh Donald's tax returns, or Obama would have had them mailed out to all registered voters. Nope, there's plainly nothing to see there but His weekly donations to Trump For Puppies For Orphaned Babies of Combat Vets For A Greater America...


You are of course correct that the IRS played by the rules and the FBI did not. The IRS Commissioner did not even confirm that his agency is auditing He, Trump.

But surely you don't imagine the irony-impaired, taxation-is-theft crowd will take a blind bit of notice, do you?


The fact that a couple of pages of the one of Trump's returns got out is taken as proof (proof!) that the IRS was leaking in support of Clinton.

Never mind that a serious IRS leak would have included complete returnset. Never mind that lots of easier sources for the information exist -- Trump's accountants being the most obvious.

Of course not. And by not disclosing the IRS was merely doing its job and as such it should not generally be remarkable, but it's not the times we're living in.


i wonder how many very stern reminders the IRS rank-n-file received about 'doing its job' during this campaign.

Don't buy the grifter's next grift. You can put swill elixirs in a bottle with a new label, but it won't increase the healing powers, or forgive the pickpockets you've circulated through the crowd of rubes these many years. Take your filthy lying carney act out of town, Beck.

Don't you have enough of the rubes' money?


There will be no redemption granted. I suggest you hide.

Following this:


Trump offers Latinos free birth control coverage, even after he tosses them over the Wall, and declares they will be exempt from his Supreme Court rulings rolling back Roe vrs Wade:


Very, very, very canny campaigner, I tell you.

Meanwhile the North Carolina GOP ....


.... invites savage violence against themselves and their families. You would think they would keep their necks under cover from the machetes that are going to find them.

An excellent piece on something very important, the press and the retreat from empiricism, and the effect it has had and is continuing to have on public life, particularly as exemplified by the Trump phenomenon:


Interesting link, GFTNC.

"Kudos" has surged back into common(ish) speech, because that's the term for the "like" button on The Archive of Our Own. Makes you sound hip, or at least like a fangirl.

Hip fangirl. That's me. :-)

My favourite take on the election so far:

Kudos.... do people say props anymore ?

(I talk to so few these days...)

Props was replaced with big ups, which has since been replaced with something else I don't know about, possibly several times over.

Fncking teenagers, how do they work?!!?

For the record: back in June, my dad predicted Hillary would win by 5%. He's stuck by that all along, it really reduced his stress levels, and frankly it's looking pretty damn accurate.

This is why Sam Wang of Princeton Election Consortium says the Presidential race has been notable for its *stability*, no matter how it feels.

I refuse to believe that big ups was ever a thing.

Next someone's going to tell me, "Way to go!" has been out of fashion for a while.

As long as you don't tell me that "attaboy!" is gone, I'm okay.

Roger that.

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