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October 28, 2016


Just early voted with my 5 & 7 year old boys. Of course this being the HQ of democratic based voter fraud in DC they asked if we needed three ballots.

Very good...you may have shamed me into doing something positive alos...Thanks

Happily, we seem to have a Plan B on offer:
Just in case things go south. Which, from somebody's perspective, they will.

Always good to have options.

But there are 'good news' from Ohio :-(

Fox News host Bill Hemmer called it “good news” that more whites were casting votes in Ohio while “the black share of the vote is down.”

On Tuesday, Hemmer found a silver lining for Republicans in the midst of national polls showing Donald Trump significantly behind Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I’m looking at early voting,” Hemmer told RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer. “You have good news in Ohio, white share of the vote is up 3 points from four years ago, black share of the vote is down 7.”

For his part, Spicer ignored the racial demographics and focused on the GOP’s lead in absentee ballots, which usually show an advantage for Republicans.

“Our people are coming out,” Spicer said.

My significant other, who has never worked for any candidate ever her 50+ years, started yesterday working for the Trump campaign as a get out the vote volunteer. In FL.

Strange times.


I would love to hear more about how that's going. I'm working on a post about how (& why) the GOP blew their GOTV advantage, which happened well before this election, but I'd like more of an idea what's actually going on w/ the Trump GOTV from someone who's actually doing it, instead of from articles like this one from US News or this personal report.

For instance, are there a lot of other volunteers? Is she making phone calls to voters, or to round up other volunteers? Is she going door-to-door? that sort of thing.

I have a satirical sketch in mind comparing Doctor Science's canvassing efforts for Clinton to Marty's significant other's canvassing operations on behalf of Trump in Florida, if she (or he) is the typical Trump supporter we've come to fear and avoid.

But never mind, since Doc's query is in good faith.

I was thinking about the differences between the style of the boots each are putting on the ground.

Maybe also the difference between Doc's probable politically correct (that's a good thing, until next Wednesday at 12:01 am) reference to Trump as (please don't vote for) Mr. Trump and the significant other's nomenclature when referring to Hillary Clinton.

Alas, I'm in the giving vein today.

Doc Sci, do you have any insight on ballot question #2 in NJ? I'm getting a lot of conflicting interpretations about what it ultimately means, even though the question, itself, seem fairly straightforward.

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