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August 18, 2016


I convess, the new team at the top of the Trump campaign had me simply at a loss for words. Just the latest in the on-going series of "If I told you, two weeks ago, that they would do this, would you have believed it for an instant? Or would you have been sure I was insane?"

It does make me wonder one thing. How will they contrive to outdo themselves, come the debates? I suspect that the Clinton Campaign, as they do their debate prep, are asking exactly that question. How do you help your candidate get beyond surprise, when a failure of imagination seems all too likely?


"If John Doe's head splits open and a UFO should fly out, I want you to have expected it."

Actually, it's quite remarkable how David Fincher was able to make a documentary about the Trump campaign 20 years before Donald announced his run for the 2016 GOP nomination.

and people are still falling for it.

the world confounds.

When I was a kid, really quite young, I had vivid nightmares, repeated quite often, of being chased and attacked by indomitable, inexorable foes, always human-seeming but not possessing human qualities.

For example, one of the usual ones was that our house was surrounded by SS Nazi troops and one time, still dreaming, I sleep-walked into my mother's bedroom and found her in her bathroom getting ready for bed (my Dad was out of town) and (my mother related this story to me, though I also remember every word I said to her) I spent the next ten minutes or so pleading with her desperately to wake the other kids and get out of the house and hide.

We must kill them before they kill us, I pled. My mother many years later told me that I was so persistent that for a moment or two, late at night with the house dark and my Dad not present, that a chill ran up her spine and just for a moment she thought about parting the curtains and taking a look outside to see if maybe I was on to something.

This is why the original "Invasion of The Body Snatchers" film struck such a note with me, to this day; it's one my central metaphors, one's humanity being stripped from one, usually while sleeping, and you would become empty consuming husks, the empathy glands switched off.

But the oddest, most horrifying part of these dreams was after awakening. Then reality, item, speech, actions, were acutely sped up, as in fast forward, hurtling toward some doom which I was unable to slow down, let alone process.

I would sit over my Rice Krispies at the kitchen table .... where Republicans, mistaking themselves for government, gather their families to decide whether or not to bomb the neighbors or stop payments for Sis's chemo and evict her because now that the neighbors are dead, we can't tax them anymore ... and I would try to contain this literally physical sensation of hurtling toward some unknown fate.

This is what reality feels like to me now. What is happening is a perfectly logical progression from the steady drumbeat of hate pounding like a metronome into America's consciousness from the usual not-quite-human suspects over the past 35 years toward the OTHER, toward government, toward every f*cking thing they find objectionable, toward everything but their own narrow self-interest.

Only, now it's sped up. It just keeps coming harder and faster like the birds hurtling against
Tippy Hedren's boarded up windows in the Hitchcock movie.

Meanwhile, vermin, subhuman, sadistic zombie alien murderer ... sorry, I misspoke, Governor Jan Brewer is what the bug that crawled up the ass of her formerly, now a husk, human self... Good grief! .... is having one of those strange Tourette episodes, happening more and more, daily ... numerous times, in quick time, among the shit for brains slithering, meat-eating reptile called the Republican Party.


Like I told me mother more nearly 60 years ago, we're going to have to kill them before they kill us.


Read "time".

Maybe Aetna is planning on getting into the organ-harvesting business after if recovers the corpses of its victims.


Send those kidneys to the mother-ship.

any minute now you're going to wake up, and find that you're a kid again.

In early 2009, after Dubya made the GOP massively unpopular, the "Teabaggers" started up, claiming that the were NOT Republicans. Yes, of course, they were. It was just a limited modified hangout, to get past a few years of really, really bad branding.

Expect something similar in early 2017. It might not catch on, it'll probably have a new name, they'll initially claim that they're NOT GOPers (in spite of all evidence to the contrary), and probably include a few members that *claim* to be former Dhimmicrats to add some bipartisan credibility.

Either that, or (as Count seems to be predicting) they'll go on a violent rampage, and have to be put down like rabid weasels.

No need to abandon the GOP banner since it will (again) be claimed that Trump was a Clinton plant (like Dubya was not 'really' a GOPster but a liberal in disguise).

My prediction: the GOP will lose the senate but not go below 40, so they can and will keep their policy of total blockade and the Dems will not effectively challenge them*. The House will stay in GOP hands and do the same. In the midterms, with even lower voter participation than usual, they will retake the senate with a fair chance of getting to 60. Then all bets are off.

*even where the filibuster got officially abandoned but definitely with SCOTUS nominees. Court unpacking will proceed as planned.

now that their 2020 nominee can campaign on a 0% top federal income tax rate, repealing social security and providing that US citizens to be deported for "extremist views" will receive some sort of due process before they are shipped overseas (to where?) will be declared a "serious policy wonk" by media acclimation.

How, outside the echo chamber, does writing like this expect to be taken seriously?

In the meantime and in the real world of ongoing double standards: what state is having its historically worst flooding ever while what president is off golfing?

The same president who was so decisive, etc, when Deepwater Horizon went south?

The same president who so roundly denounced GWB in the Katrina aftermath, perhaps?

Plenty of conservatives--PLENTY--have denounced Trump and have been doing so for months. It is bullshit to act otherwise.

HRC will win. In 2020, we will have 12 years of a Democrat in office. Who will own what then?

How, outside the echo chamber, does writing like this expect to be taken seriously?

You mean the flakka-infused face eating was just fine?

good thing there's no echo chamber on the right !

i'd hate to see what kind of bullshit false equivalence narrative such a machine could come up with given the two very different responses to the two very different LA floods.

Or who was in charge of FEMA during Katrina vs. the person in charge now.

what state is having its historically worst flooding ever while what president is off golfing?

Because disaster recovery efforts work just so much better when the President flies in and totally disrupts operations. Right.

Personally, I think the tradition of Presidents (or Governors) arriving to "show concern" in the midst of a disaster is a horrible one. And everybody, especially those directly impacted by the disaster, would be better off if they would stay far away.

Paul Ryan is in favor of tax cuts for high-income earners (and estate tax repeal) and cuts to social security benefits.

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