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August 25, 2016


The linked article says that the MNGOP got paperwork in today, but there was all kinds of not-following-their-own-rules shenanigans by the "RULE of LAW Party" to get the alternates, so there might be legal challenges.

Well there *ought* to be. The LP probably has the most to gain, so I just hope they step up to the plate.

A few years ago the Republican Party here in Colorado had a rash of problems with the state and county organizations failing to file routine paperwork on time.

I emailed the link to my cousin in MN. His response below.

"Two things: 1) I'm not surprised since MN Republicans caucused mostly for Rubio and are embarrassed by Trump; 2) Brodkorb himself has it in for the local party after he was found to have been shtupping his boss, the one-time Republican state senate majority leader, Amy Koch, who had to resign her seat."

Never fear for the Colorado Republican Party this time around. They've brought in the professionals:


If you need some bullying of delegates, best to get a 12-year schoolyard Republican bullying punk for the job.

Regarding all if this shtupping going on in the Republican Party and between Republicans, I have questions.

First, their Hobby Lobby ethics surely don't permit them to accept birth control from their employers, particularly, by God, the taxpayers of Minnesota. Planned Parenthood is off limits as well, so is all of this bareback unprotected sex?

Surely they don't resort to oral sex or that other thing that crinkles their noses in disgust when the Other does it as an ad hoc birth control method? I mean, it's against planks #41 thru #69 in their political platforms. Thou shalt not!

But what so they do if the woman shtupper (she might be the shtuppee instead, because if you've ever witnessed these female Republican political harridans shtuppping the poor and the uninsured and the Muslims and the promiscuous of a different color by other means, I'm pretty sure we know who is on top) gets pregnant?

No, please don't tell me what they resort to. Surely not.

But what really rankles me is that I left my nominal membership in the Republican Party long ago for the very reason that shtupping was verboten, at least the free love variety though I heard rumors that Ayn Rand did not mind paying for it.

Instead, I joined the Democratic Party where I was told, by Republicans come to think of it, that fun shtupping of every variety was an epidemic and ruining America and what young red blooded man or woman wouldn't want a piece of that action while the going was good, I ask you?

Now, it seems Republicans have pulled ahead, and one hopes out, in the sexual shtupping race and I feel a bit misled. True, Republicans still hold their million-furlong lead in the much more satisfying shtupping of the poor Other, but one wonders where they find the time for THAT with all of this other grim shtupping with each other they seem to be consumed with theseadays.

To chose a 12 year old may be among the wiser choices.
It comes close to entry #12 on the Evil Overlord List, although that one favors a 5 year old advisor for checking all plans for flaws.

But what so they do if the woman shtupper . . . gets pregnant?

But wouldn't that be just like, you know, "legitimate rape"? So she couldn't possibly get pregnant.... ;-)

and yet, he could win.

consider that.

At least it will not be by a 5:4 SCOTUS decision. ;-)

No, it will be a 4:4 SCOTUS non-decision, leaving in place a lower court decision. ;-)

And what that decision will be will depend enormously on which Circuit the case is brought in.

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