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July 31, 2016


Sad. Just really, really sad.

I suppose I can see why nearly all of the entries are from Rabid Puppies. If Stiles is the best that the rest of fandom can find, then there really isn't anything worth an award out there.

(Actually, Kukuruyo's execution isn't too bad. It's his topics that leave me cold. Even the ones which aren't, quite, soft porn seem to be in the "all guys care about are a pair of double Ds" tradition. If he could get past that, I think he might actually be able to do something passable. More-so than the others, anyway.)


The problem isn't actually that Stiles is the best of the rest. It's that web-based SFF art is so incredibly rich & diverse that nominators don't have short list of "big names" to choose from. Scroll through my fan artist tag to see what I mean.

I guess I'm just ignorant about the nomination process. It seems like, even (especially) when there are a lot of really good fan artists out there. And judging from your site, there are a lot of artists out there who are better than any of the nominees.

So why didn't any of them get nominated? I can see that not all of them, or even the best of them, might get nominated. But none of them? I must be missing something....

The legit nominations were divided between too many candidates, so none got enough individual votes in the nomination stage, whereas the Puppies chose a slate and organized behind it. There seems to be an opposition to slates in principle that prevents the non-Puppy fandom from working up a non-Puppy slate.

I have the feeling that I have done too much (non-governmental) political stuff -- in various groups. Because, after watching the Puppies last year, I'd have been inclined to get some of my fellow non-(anti-?)Puppy friends together. Hold a little separate ballot among ourselves ahead of time to decide who we were going to nominate. Think of it as a primary, albeit with multiple nominees coming out of it.

No pushing for any of the candidates we come up with in particular. Just making sure that there were some decent non-Puppy candidates available.

Perhaps after this year's Puppy-dom antics, the sane folks will decide it's worth the trouble to get themselves organized. Doesn't even have to be a single group, as long as the groups are big enough to get a nomination on the ballot.


Counter-slating is absolutely unacceptable. The *point*, for the Hugo-voting community (=Worldcon members) is to vote for one's PERSONAL choices, based on one's PERSONAL judgement.

It takes a lot of work and thinking to be a Hugo nominator, it's a project. Forming slates or parties would make the task easier and more efficient - but remove the point. Making the effort, doing the project, having the experience of considering all kinds of works - that's the important part, as far as the community is concerned.

What is it with God-fearing Republicans that they just can't keep their hands off their ugly selves:


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I think you put that comment in the wrong thread. Or something...

Counter-slating is absolutely unacceptable.

Dr S, I was absolutely not suggesting a counter-slate. All I was suggesting was group effort to nominate additional artists. No expectation of those involved doing block voting. Probably not even mentioning to the rest of the world that they had cooperated to get those nominations done. Just some additional artists among the choices for the balloting.

Would that still be unacceptable?

New nominating/voting rules are expected next year, correct?

So the point may be moot.

Ku Kuru Yo does some top notch SFF work; I can vouch for him.

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