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June 25, 2016


95-96 Bulls, still the best!

Most dominant player ever: Wilt Chamberlain.

Nobody before or since could single-handedly dominate a game like he could.

Great Lakes Brewing Co - Elliot Ness : yummy.

three juvenile skunks stuck in the window well. the obligatory board has been placed at a suitable angle to enable their escape, but they haven't yet grasped the fact that they can walk up it and leave. threw a handful of cherries down so they don't starve or dehydrate. they found this alarming, with predictable results.

I bear them no ill will, but I do wish they were smarter.

It was margaritas, chicken & summer squash fajitas, and Coen Bros. movies chez Science this evening. I had seen neither "Fargo" nor "The Hudsucker Proxy" before, and I find that I much prefer the former: better plot, more consistent scene-setting, and (in its own way) much more realistic characters. And Frances McDormand.

Hudsucker: meh. I'd rather watch Jimmy Stewart and/or Katherine Hepburn for reals, not knock-offs. And oy, the Magical Negro was too much.

Russel, you made me laiugh! The scariest thing that ever happened to me is when I felt something standing the foot of my sleeping bag, turned on teh flash light to see waht it was, adn saw a skunk.

Here, we spent the evening with The Intern. It's a pleasant little story. But I kept asking, "They're looking for a CEO. And they've got an intern with decades of executive experience. Who gets along with the staff and knows the company already. So why doesn't it occur to anyone to simply make him CEO? Or at least COO? It just seems like a no-brainer."

Guess I just don't get it when it comes to movie plots.

Wilt could dominate, yes. But could he win? Bill Russell suggests otherwise.

Even in basketball, with just 5 guys on the court, you have to have more than one guy who can play well in order to win. Russell had that kind of support; Wilt didn't.

We can't know what Wilt could have done if he'd had the likes of Bob Cousy to work with. But I'd guess he would have won as much as Russell.

Great Lakes Brewing Co - Elliot Ness : yummy.

I haven't had a bad beer from Great Lakes.

I went to a beer festival yesterday on the Battleship New Jersey, which I thought was going to be just like the one I went to on the ship last year. As it turned out, it was only New Jersey brewers this year. (I know Great Lakes was at last year's.)

Quality and variety were not as great, but I was surprised to find out how many breweries are now in New Jersey.

What, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor aren't enough?

HSH: did you check out the turrets? IIRC, one of the aiming telescopes is zoomed in on Ben Franklin bridge.

Gotta keep those Scrapple-eating hordes at bay.

I skipped the tour this year. We went through it last year about as fast as we could, and it ate way too into beer time. Scrapple-eaters are already on both sides of the bridge, anyway. ;^)

Conservative America is one sick puppy. Put it down. It has rabies.


Murder Inc. is big lucrative business in sicko bullshit America:


Shut down all of the U.S. gun manufacturers.

If they put up armed resistance, invoke the Bellmore rule, back over them with SUVs, poison them with Koch Brothers effluent, and my favorite, hack them to pieces with machetes.

I might have to buy this; looks fun -

Accompanying Wired article:

Can't imagine why visions of a semi utopian future might appeal right now...

Regarding the shootings in Texas, it's probably a good thing that they are all blondes. Otherwise speculation in some quarters about "honor killings" and sharia law would have already started.

This just in:
The Supreme Court just threw out Texas' law (replicated in several other states) requiring abortion clinic doctors to have admitting privledges in local hospitals.

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