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May 05, 2016


I started keeping better track of what I read so I'd stop checking out library books that sounded good... but I'd already read them. I throw them up on my blog, because they're too quickly lost of facebook and the like. (Though linking or C&P to facebook gets a lot more discussion.)

Most of what I read is SF&F, but a few more serious books slipped in this year. My book notes here.

Skimming quickly, I recently enjoyed A Darkling Sea by James L. Cambias and Windswept by Adam Rakunas on the science fiction side, and Hunter by Mercedes Lackey as a post-disaster fantasy.

If you haven't tried them, give 'em a glance.

I liked "A Darkling Sea" very much indeed, and also his second book (very different, not a series) "Corsair.

I'll definitely look for "Windswept", and send my local Lackey fan after "Hunter".

There is too much group think at File 770 for my tastes, but the host is quite a gentleman, and the book recs there are great.

I spent the time since the flare up last year on a grand final Wheel of Time reread. I am almost sorry it is over. I have a TBR pile to get through now; I will likely start by rereading the first two Ancillary novels, then finish off that trilogy.

"I've decided to try collecting my File770 book reports over the course of the week, and then posting them here.."

Does that mean a weekly book post ?
If so, cool.

Just reread (for the first time in over forty years) T H White's Mistress Masham's Repose. I remembered loving it as a kid, and the post WW2 tale of an orphan girl discovering a colony of Lilliputians in the grounds of her decaying stately home remains a delight. One of Terry Pratchett's favourites, apparently.

Just started Timothy Snyder's Black Earth. Disturbing and brilliant.

My wife's book, Enemy, is the Kindle First SF/F selection for the month. I need to reread it again. Haven't done so since the second revision.

Meanwhile, I'm seeing that Guy Gavriel Kay has a new novel out soon. Gotta add that to my list along with Kameron Hurley's Geek Feminist Revolutuion.


Congratulations to your spouse!

Clicking on "People also bought" links, I ended up on S.K. Dunstall's "Origin Series", including "The Atlantis Gene". Have any of you read it? Is it Stargate Atlantis fanfic with the serial numbers filed off, or is that just the way it sounds from the blurb?

Mistress Masham's Repose! I too read it about 40 years ago, and remember it very fondly indeed. You can't call it world-building of course, but I remember the very particular atmosphere really well. Thank you Nigel for reminding me of it.

Ms. Nous says thanks, Doc. Been interesting watching the whole publication and reception process from this side of things, especially the back-and-forth between those who love the novel and those who are put off by some aspect of the writing.

We'd wondered what it would be like when the reader reviews started going up, but she's now realized that it's largely the same as getting student evaluations, and she's had a decade of the latter to prepare her for this.

We just picked up Bacigalupi's The Water Knife on a friends recommendation. That's in the queue now as well.

GftNC, you're welcome.
Revisiting childhood experiences is often disappointing, but this was definitely an exception.

Anyhow, have added a couple of books to the reading list.

One good outcome from the SF Hugos "puppies" outbreak last year was to bring Scalzi to my attenion.

In particular, "Redshirts", if you're at all aware of Trek.

I liked "BOrderline", too. I have only a layperson's understanding of terms like " borderline personality", so could not judge the accuracy.

With regards to this year's Hugo awards, anybody who was annoyed with Vox Day's antics will LOVE the outcome of his attempts to get a piece of Chuck Tingle erotica on the ballot this year:


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