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April 01, 2016


You ruined it with the "Happy April 1st" line at the end!

oh crap. it's really 4/1. my least favorite day of the year!

I am hoping for a Trump-Cruz Unity Ticket.

I'll be voting the ticket.

For today only.

I would have liked an addition:

Trump campaign staffers confess that while the Trump platform has been strong on nationalism, it has been lacking some important planks. They expressed certainty that Sanders, as a socialist, would allow Trump to become a full-fledged national socialist.

You ruined it with the "Happy April 1st" line at the end!

Sorry, Dave. But the way this campaign season has gone, it would have been all too easy for someone to believe it. And I didn't want to deal with demands for a link to the transcript .... ;-)

It's a campaign which makes this seem downright plausible:

One of the big issues of the campaign will be thw Supreme Court. For those concerned about what difference it might make, consider this exceptionally narrow decision by the court today:

That's right. The decision, on the conservative challenge to the idea of counting those not eligible to vote (children, legal and illegal aliens, etc.) in drawing districts, was really close. In a Court split evenly between liberals and conservative, the decision was 8-0.

Maybe Thomas, Alito, etc. are closet liberals?

This looks moderately entertaining:


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