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June 14, 2015


Time is short, all electricity must go.

I always thought the Google search engine would turn into Skynet.

the comet is shaped like a duck?

I completely agree with Ugh. In fact, I used to say that 30 years from now, we'd say the first true AI has already been born, in Google's severs.

I now longer think Google is heading toward AI that quickly, because a true AI -- or at least a true Artificial Consciousness -- would involve creating virtual models of human behavior, and that doesn't seem to be the way Google is going.

You can't stop the signal, Mal

I think it actually looked like one of those cases (never found in stores, of course) where two potatoes have grown close enough together to partially fuse. Albeit with two distinct lobes.

Perhaps using the word, information, or even data, in the article would be more appropriate than knowledge.

Knowledge Doubling Every 12 Months, Soon to be Every 12 Hours

With that amount of knowledge gushing out of the firehose, I guess I'm going to have to make room by forgetting the theme song to the "The Flintstones" and Clete Boyer's fielding average.

the comet is shaped like a duck?

Looks to be the eroded remnant of the contact region where two snowballs kissed and froze together and fused.

No word description will do it justice.
Here are photos :

NOT Clete Boyers fielding average. Just forget Ted Williams lifetime batting average, someone will remind you of that once a year.


Williams 344 lifetime

Boyer 964 fielding but 242 hitting.


Boyer .967?

Looked it up -- 965

Can't remember the Flintstones theme either at the moment.

For some reason, The Patty Duke Show theme song is imprinted.

"but they're cousins, identical cousins all the way"

Never took thermodynamics in college either, though it seems to work fine without me.

Well, before the Messenger probe crashed into Mercury, its account tweeted a series of heartstring-tugging farewell tweets, including: "Well I guess it is time to say goodbye to all my friends, family, support team. I will be making my final impact very soon."

because a true AI -- or at least a true Artificial Consciousness -- would involve creating virtual models of human behavior

I'm not convinced of this. In fact, I'm fairly strongly convinced of the opposite. A decade and a half ago, I was convinced that AI would come from the rationalists, but I got to ride the periphery of the tail end of the statistical revolution in AI and I can no longer really buy into rule-based AI for the level of complexity to make "real" AI, in the artificial consciousness sense. Admittedly, what you mean by "consciousness" or even "models" could drastically change my answer, but for most conceptions of those, I can't see it being derived from a rationalist approach. It's too complex, and too much is emergent.

In short, to get a "real" AI, you will have to have a rule-based AI . . . which can self-program "enough" to build a seriously more complex model.

when you say consciousness do you mean self consciousness, i.e. self awareness?

I assumed that was what Dr. S meant, though that of course opens the extremely sticky can of worms that is the act of defining consciousness.

This piece, which popped up in my FB newsfeed, is somewhat apropos:


It's not "human consciousness", nor is it general purpose. But at the same time, it's eliding our reasoning methods to very successfully emulate their outcome, and it's far divorced from rationalist methods.

Having just popped over from Crooked Timber, I momentarily thought that Nombrilisme Vide's latest comment was directed not to our own Dr. Science (blessing be upon her) but to the late and much-lamented Dr. Seuss

Which would have been interesting . . .

IMHO, The artificial consciousness will not exhibit human like behavior. This is the biggest challenge for us in recognizing, and protecting ourselves from it.

It will likely be casually predatory and completely unempathetic.

This assumes only one, universal, consciousness which I think is unlikely. I am constantly asking my phone questions I pray it can't answer.

But then I did not take thermodynamics in college.

"It will likely be casually predatory and completely unempathetic."

Maybe it can make it among the top ten finalists in the Republican Presidential Primary Debates, given polling in Iowa.

I've also heard there are a few RINOs left in Congress for whom Grover Norquist and the Koch Brothers are seeking primary challengers.

Perhaps the GOP can lead the way in promoting AI rights.

After all, they're completely in the bag for other forms of "artificial persons".

"Corporations are people: my friends!"

Just what humanity needs: a casually predatory and completely unempathetic artificial consciousness to mimic the reptilian brainstem-dependent sociopaths/psychopaths crowding out the remaining decent human beings among us who haven't already been body-snatched.

I hope this new cyber-consciousness will be programmed to cry gigantic, wobbling, voluptuous, fake sentimental tears when it is confronted with its maneuvering indifference and oddly causeless but sadistic self-dealing, you know, just like what we have now, so WE feel badly and are left to be the ones to extend what's left of understanding.

I have a family member who will fit right in.

Kansas has a Governor with the same M.O.

Open the pod-bay doors, HAL.

I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

Will it be endowed with Second Amendment rights, too?

Will its money be considered speech, like the other artificial predatory and completely unempathetic entities we have endowed with human qualities?

I'd advise that this artificial consciousness be endowed with the voice of Helen Mirren rather than Dick Cheney, so that when it asks us to bend over, it will be easier to relax.


Kinda long, so skip it if you like.

I'd advise that this artificial consciousness be endowed with the voice of Helen Mirren


It should speak with the voice of Majel Barrett Rodenberry.

In perhaps related news, say it ain't so, Joe.

Among the blessings of technology: espionage or whatever kind has become remarkably easy.

OF whatever kind.

i cannot blame my mouse, it's my fingers that are disobedient.

So we have moved on from stealing signs to this....

Kids, today!

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