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June 30, 2015


I believe the vote deadline is July 31?

Yeah, I said This year's voting closes July 31 -- wasn't that clear? it seemed clear in my head ...

Plenty clear, Doc. I just missed it. :)

I approve of this post very much!

Also, looking ahead for next year, I would like people with lots more transformative fic clues than me to offer up recommendations - both works, and people who give good useful recommendations. I'd be really happy to see the field represented more in Hugo nominations.

Nemesis Games, Bruce. Just ask Dr S.

Yama, I'm just into book 4 of that, thanks to friends on G+ enthusing about it. :)

Also, you don't have to vote all at once - you can fill in your ballot as you go along, and update it when you are ready to vote in a new category (or if you change your mind). So far I've voted on novels, short stories, related works, and dramatic presentations (short and long form). I'll try to get through novellas and novelettes this month.
I don't have enough background knowledge to have an informed opinion in the remaining categories.

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