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May 27, 2015


And the king of corruption* himself walks free. Delicious indeed.

*as the saying goes: you only get the Blatter after buying everyone else first.

Don't say the US doesn't care about soccer!

Or whatever you foreigners call it! :-)

I have to wonder why the US is where these FIFA officials are being brought to trial.

Surely there are other countries which have anti-corruption laws -- that apply even to sports. Maybe even the Swiss. So why the US?

I have to wonder why the US is where these FIFA officials are being brought to trial.

According to NPR this morning, they used US banks to move corrupt money around. The swiss are also investigating.

typical America - policing the world.


Does anyone know if FIFA a government agency or some kind of quasi-governmental agency? Or is it wholly private?

The DOJ press release says they're being charged with racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracies but that seems a stretch.

Also bribery and, what seems more appropriate, fraud. But, who are they accused of defrauding? FIFA itself?

But, who are they accused of defrauding? FIFA itself?


the fraud charge, AFAICT, goes to Jack Warner, who apparently mislead FIFA's North American/Caribbean branch (CONCACAF) about the ownership of the land on which CONCACAF built a $25M "center of excellence". he owned the land. now he owns the building.

That makes some sense. Still a long way from giving the US jurisdiction it seems - which is based on the sale of US TV rights.

A lot of this seems like a case of "this stinks of corruption and fraud, find some" and then backfilling the legal basis for the charges. I'm still puzzled why the DOJ gives a sh1t, seems they should have more critical things to do with limited resources.

Because taking down Big Soccer is striking a blow for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Duh!

Why the U.S.

Because that's where (some of) the money is.
Individuals (including Chuck Blazer) have already pleaded guilty, and agreed to forfeit $150m...

The Telegraph, despite the hollowing out of its journalism in recent years, has done some pretty good investigative reporting on this.

CONCACAF HQ is in Miami Beach, Nigel's link includes photos of cops executing warrants there. Despite years of comments to the contrary by central and north Floridians, Miami is still part of the U.S.

Off topic, but it does require popcorn--


Nigel's link includes photos of cops executing ...

Great line break.

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