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May 07, 2015


Radley Balko seems to have gone quiet (the blog, not the guy, fortunately)

i don't think Greenwald posts at Salon anymore.

Radley Balko link replacement.

Matthew Yglesias link replacement.

You have a blogroll ?

...never looked down there.

Well, I mean, on a bittersweet note, there is a new-model Fafblog analogue being updated, but it's grimmer, angrier, and far, far less whimsical...

Pam's House Blend is defunct.

possible adders?

The Daily Sift
MaxSpeak! (yes, he's back)
Mike the Mad Biologist

Hope this is the right place for this.

yes it is! If there are any seconds, and if you can put the urls in the comments, that would be great.

My first read every day is ObWi.

My second is Charlie Pierce.


Edge of the American West first moved to Chronicle, the went defunct. Sadly.

Actually, I just went to Edge and it is re-funct. (there's a 4 May 2015 post there) I remember when they moved to the Chronicle and looking at the archive, it looks like they started up again this Jan.

Pandagon link is dead. is that even still around? seems like Klien and Taylor and Marcotte and everybody else from there have gone on to big things.

also... ok-cleek.com, if you're feeling generous.

just wanted to say that OK cleek is way more than ok. I second the add fwiw.

Thanks all, keep the recs coming! I just deleted all the blogs that had not been updated in the past 6 months, so if I deleted one that you think we should keep, let me know.

Can you get rid of that stupid Taking It Outside? Who runs that thing, anyway?

Marcotte is still writing as Pandagon at Raw Story.

TiO is keeping a candle lit for the return of that legion of lost commenters, DaveC, SteveOC, and countless others...

Jon Talton's Rogue Columnist blog is excellent

I always enjoy Down With Tyranny!, and mostly agree with the viewpoint of the liberal front-pagers.

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo is still with us after all these years

Gin and Tacos

Phoenix Woman is still updating Mercury Rising

Susan DuQuesnay Bankston snarks on the politics of her native Texas at Juanita Jean's World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon

Visited Juantiajean.

OK, so there's now six whole Texans I like, including Quanah Parker.

I'm going to try to be more business-like around here from now on:



JuanitaJean is a must-add.

yay! late to the party!

I would nominate Aziz Poonawalla's blog on Beliefnet, City Of Brass.

Aziz is a guy I know from Red State days. He's a Dawoodi Bohra Muslim (Isma'ili Shias in India), lives in WI, and posts thoughtful and well-written posts on a very wide range of topics, anything from Islam to American politics to sci-fi.

He's a guy worth checking out.

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