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January 13, 2015


You've already made it through the worst of it. Skip to season 2, episode 7. That's when things start getting better again.

You can just watch all of Season 3 and none of Season 2 except the two-parter in the middle.


So, just episodes 2.07 & 2.08?

Will things get much better in S3?

The last two seasons are pretty great and I heartily recommend them. I can't speak to the torture bit, as I haven't actually seen most of season 2. As for Bolin, he's portrayed as a big-hearted guy who falls in love at the drop of a hat. Fortunately this turns out okay for him in the end, but not before he has to learn the dangers trusting people unconditionally.

I hear that if you like Bolin, you should absolutely not watch Season 2 Episode 6.

As Farla put it, "The good: Uh. The film bits up to when Bolin decides sexual assault is a good idea is funny. But then, you know, there's the scene where Bolin decides sexual assault is a good idea. So."

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