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December 28, 2014


The UK equivalent of the ACLU is Liberty:
(Not to be confused with the department store, which is what Wikipedia might first direct you to.)

Speaking of which, Wikipedia.
It's not perfect, but as you say about the ACLU...

Thanks very much for posting this, I am finding it very useful.

I decided to give all my charity donations this year to organizations helping with the Ebola crisis, so I split it among Medicins sans Frontieres, Mercycorps, Africare, and International Medical Corps.

The last few years, all the adults in my family have taken to giving each other only a token present or two at Christmas, and making gifts in the way of donations to one another's preferred charity. I think all of us are happier doing this than trying to figure out yet another set of gifts for one another.


I'm glad it helps!


Yes, our gift to my mother was a donation to Africare; to my father, a donation to Scholarship America.

Why do you split your gift among those four charities? It's supposed to be easier on them (and thus more efficient) to concentrate on one, so all four don't have to keep track of you, ask you for more money, etc.


To be honest, I gave them a lot of money (at least from my perspective) this year, and it's a eggs-in-one-basket kind of discomfort thing. Also, I get at least 25-30 pieces of mail every month from charities requesting money at this point, so it hardly matters anymore if another one starts plaguing me and slaughtering trees.

I get at least 25-30 pieces of mail every month from charities requesting money at this point,

Not to mention political organizations, and emails and so on.

I'm reminded of a cartoon featuring a man sitting in an armchair reading a letter that apparently says, "Your contribution will enable us to send you more letters like this one."

I'd love it if I could get them to shut it down for a year in exchange for a contribution.

Yeah, I keep thinking it should be like the annoying violinist at italian restaurants where if you give them money they go away. Instead they bring their friends and play louder.

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