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November 17, 2014


At first I thought "What a wonderful world it would be if everybody read this infographic?", but if the Internet is to be believed that song didn't actually include philosophy.

I guess we will find out the age of our commenters by finding out who thinks that line (or at least, as Tom notes, the song into which that line would fit smoothly) is obscure. Personally, I had immediate thought of Wonderful World:
Don't know much about history,
Don't know much biology

But then, I grew up in high school with Sam Cooke singing it. Which made me exactly in the target audience.

i was thinking Wonderful World, too. but kept looking for something else, since that song seems like the opposite of obscure, to me.

Corey Hart "Lone Wolf" ?

That's certainly obscure.

Now my youth is obscure as well as gone.

Socrates was not a 6th Century BCE thinker. Did they mean Pythagoras?

Actually, I was thinking of the "NPhL Chinese, Curry and Caliphate division"

Actually, I was thinking of the "NPhL Chinese, Curry and Caliphate division"

Could you hum a few bars for us?


What else could it be but Wonderful World?

A few immediately found mistakes:

Kapila is the founder of Samkhya, not Mahavir. Adwaita is an orthodox vedic philosophy, not sure why they put it as a separate category.

Manichaeism was known to me only in its figurative sense until I read a book on the history of Iran recently - and I was surprised to find out that it was a massive movement on par with Christianity.

Great book btw, very readable - here's a short review: http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/books/book-review-iran-empire-of-the-mind-1-1301238

I wanted to put NPhL Eastern League, which would have been cute and kind of reminiscent of this video, but that was a bit obvious, then I remembered that back in the day, all of the NFL divisions began with a C (Capitol, Century, Coastal and Central). Hence the title.

Ah, now that's obscure!

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