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October 18, 2014


That's the funny one.

Here's the sincere one I think Limbaugh and the new House and Senate will have in mind come January, given the tenor of the Republican pig filth rhetoric this here election season.

OP's thesis is 180º out of phase with reality. The problem is subtractive femininity - the idea that men go off and create a bunch of things, and women then decide which ones are acceptable. Historically men have explored the dangerous periphery (either geographically or culturally) and brought back ideas and artefacts to win the favour and attention of women, who get to decide which ones are worthy of being integrated into mainstream society.

Anyone who has bothered to research the topic knows the GG lines are drawn not between male and female, but between the "art for art's sake" creators and the "art to promote social progress" critics. These however map very neatly onto the traditional gender roles in the first paragraph - so you end up with the spectacle of white male hipsters lecturing nerdy Asian girls about 'patriarchy' and 'structural inequality'.

These roles

to be honest, i'm not seeing that a correlation between race and intelligence has been established.

To be honest, I hadn't wanted to get into that conversation, because although there does seem to be a correlation, it's not at all clear to me that the analysis was done with sufficient rigor.

Also, intelligence is kind of a so-what metric for me, personally. We're all people, we're all (this is what Christianity is about, after all) children of God, so are we supposed to treat others as less than us because (stipulating, not agreeing to) they as a group fail to rise to some metric that our group has? Would it be ok with mighty whitey were whites to be treated as less than human by e.g. Ashkenazi Jews?

I would guess not.

I have met a LOT of people who would score lower than me on an intelligence test, and also a lot of people who are clearly of higher intelligence. All of these people have something to teach me. All of these people, I at least try to treat with respect and dignity.

I am even having a hard time being completely committed to a wish that mw be stabbed with a sh!t-smeared spear and left to die, because although he is an evil, evil person, not even evil people deserve that fate.

It was but a fleeting fantasy, soon stifled.

it's not at all clear to me that the analysis was done with sufficient rigor.

Not to press you into a conversation you don't want to have, and/or beat a dead horse, but what's really not clear to me is how any such analysis could be done with "sufficient rigor".

I'm not sure that it would be possible, in the current-day US, to isolate the effect of an "african" genetic heritage on anything. Or any other race or ethnicity, for that matter.

Not only are we all people, most of us here in the good old USA are, genetically, mutts.

That falls firmly into "insufficient rigor". Also poverty, which I think is correlated to both race and intelligence.

I am not unwilling to have such a conversation; I am simply ill-equipped in terms of information. Data, if you will.

Agreed, regarding the mutt thing. Nearly everyone excepting perhaps very recent immigrants are quite jumbled up, genetically.

Agreed, regarding the mutt thing. Nearly everyone excepting perhaps very recent immigrants are quite jumbled up, genetically.

I am America, and so can you!

Africa 10%

Cameroon/Congo 3% 0-7%
Mali 2% 0-9%
Senegal 2% 0-4%
Benin/Togo <1% 0-3%
Africa So-Cent HG <1% 0-2%
Africa SE Bantu <1% 0-3%
Nigeria 0% 0-2%
Ivory Coast/Ghana 0% 0-1%

America <1%

Native American <1% 0-2%

Asia 0%

Asia Central 0% 0-2%
Asia South 0% 0-<1%

Europe 89%

Italy/Greece 28% 19-36%
Europe West 24% 0-48%
Great Britain 17% 0-39%
Ireland 14% 0-28%
Europe East 3% 0-11%
Iberian Peninsula 2% 0-8%
European Jewish <1% 0-4%
Scandinavia 0% 0-2%

West Asia 0%

Middle East 0% 0-<1%

people get around

Perhaps more to the point, people screw around. Especially when they get around, so they have the opportunity.

"cleek, say what you will about Mr. Bellmore, but I don't think he'd come back under any name but his own."

Never left. Just found it more entertaining to watch the feces being flung around if they weren't hitting me. [Activates cloaking device again...]

Brett! Welcome back (or back to visibility, however fleetingly)!

The only people who really get nailed, here, are the people who say things to merit it. If you don't say contemptible things, you won't experience much in the way of contempt.

Ok, that may be overstating things some. But I have developed a thickish skin, over the years.

I thought Brett left because he thought cleek was Humpty Dumpty, not for any poo flinging?

Brett left because, while the poo flinging was tolerable as long as I thought I was having a conversation, once you realize you're not having a conversation, you might as well stand on the other side of the glass where the scat can't hit you, and just watch the antics. And you're not having a conversation if the guy on the other side won't let language function.

And, now I'm going away for a while, lest I get sucked back into said antics.

"'When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.'"

Not letting the language function.

yes, it's always hard when someone else won't agree that the manufactured ridiculous outrage du jour isn't actually the most obvious and pernicious instance of malfeasance to ever happen in the history of whenever you want history to start.

"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master—that's all."

well, whichever is to be master, it ain't gonna be the GOP outrage machine, that's for damned sure.

"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master—that's all."

and i assert that the GOP noise machine's manufactured outrage du jour will not be the master. no matter how badly Brett wants us to agree to it, 'tain't gonna happen. no matter how many absurd press releases Darryl Issa shits out and Brett presents as holy truth, the GOP noise machine is not going to be the master. no matter how many times he asserts that Lois Lerner is a time traveling demon of corruption and malice who worked her evil in the service of the most-law-breaking SOB who ever occupied the White House, it doesn't make him, nor Issa, Master.

and that still stings, apparently.

but, language boy, tell us all about the "violence" of government and the "slavery" and "theft" of taxation.

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