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October 20, 2014


In spite of the trouble caused by this incident, it still shows the superiority of a Parliamentary system.
We'd be long shut of the Teabaggers and possibly of the Republicans as a national force under a parliamentary system.

John, that's an interesting point that I wasn't really considering, though I'm wondering about it. Australia has still had problems with the far right (Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party) and in the UK, you have the rise of UKIP. If you go outside the Anglosphere, you have Le Pen in France and the Mussolini name still drawing votes in Italy. I realize that all of these have their own historical roots, so it is not fair to lump them all together, and you may be right (I'm thinking how California is now a one state party), but I'd be interested in hearing you fleshing out your thoughts a bit.

I'd have to say that the Liberal-National coalition appears to have absorbed One Nation, or at least veered considerably to the right since One Nation appeared (and then disappeared). Certainly they've veered a long way to the right since 1975, when Malcolm Fraser was the devil incarnate (well, for Labor voters at least), closely followed by Sir John Kerr. These days Malcolm Fraser is positively left wing - and probably not coincidentally has resigned from the Liberal Party.

I never know whether to believe the conspiracy theories or not to be honest - the CIA being involved is certainly more plausible than the Chinese submarine taking Harold Holt, but whether the CIA would have bothered... who knows.

Anyway. Vale Gough Whitlam. He changed Australia, and the impacts of those changes are still being felt and hopefully will still be felt for some time to come. If nothing else I hope his death gives the electorate pause to remember a time when positive change seemed and was possible, and to start electing people with vision.

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